Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Photos & Such

The Collective one year Birthday bash on friday was a blast! Andy was back in full effect. If you don't know Andy, I'm sure you encountered him at some point during the evening. Collective came through with their posse and gave away a lot of gear through out the night. Thanks again to Chris, Andy, Mark and the whole crew for hooking up the sponsorships and making it an extra special Party.

Houston. Insanity! 617 people through the door!! Everyone was tired of sitting around the house and I think they all picked Saturday to let loose and get out. As always, thanks to the homie Dayta for rocking with us and keeping the crowd hyphy. Big ups to Hater Magazine for swinging through, Birthday shout to K. Rose and congrats to Boondocks on getting "Best New Club Of The Year" good job guys! Photos are posted below.




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