Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Reasons (Why Dallas is KILLING it right now) : Prince William

I'm sure you've seen dude around. He's gotta be like 6' 10", 230, fly gear, rican barber... Prince William kinda sets the room off when he comes through. Dude is repping Dtown crazy right now, recording and producing out of Oak Cliff, and stunting on the rest of these Houston sound alikes... He's already got some heat on him from Mad Decent, who bigged up his production with Dtown's Seeds of Concrete. Here's a sneak peak of the first single. It's proper.

Prince William and his production partner Diggs, are flipping tracks as a duo called Krispee Ones. After about of a year and a half of ground work, searching out mc's, and straight hustling, Krispee Ones are about to set it on Dallas and the rest of world in a big fucking way. Aside from the SOC production, they're producing the majority of Big Pharoah's LP, soon to be released on E-World, and knocking out a LP for singer Black Page. Dude's are focused right now.


Blogger stephen r. said...

Hell yeah, props to PW...this guy thows shit down. Freal....peeop out the bit I threw down on the 19th. http://finelinelive.com/2006/08/21/show-review-faux-fox-dj-prince-william-08-19-06/

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