Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ThePartyMonthly Round 3 "The Dallas AA Scene"

Thanks to everyone who came out to Zu last week. We put Dallas on blast again!!!!! Lot's of new faces, ton's of people that apparently were there all night but I didn't see till I stepped out front at the end of the night, the usual make out session/RFTW soundtrack at 2am.... Fun shit. Alot of our normal crew was out of town for ACL, and there was like 8 million things poppin in Dtown that night, but truth be told, WE STILL KILLED IT!!!!! Love to see things jumping in Dallas, it's been a long time coming. Check out the rest of the pics HERE... And thanks again to everyone that came thru and got down with us. As always, INDEX, ADIKT, CULTURA FINA, AP, UNIT ONE, DECADE, CENTRALBOOKING, ALLDAY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

Here's a quick playlist if you had any questions....

Sober was dropping...The Federation "Stunner Shades", 2XL "The Kitty Kat Song", Kraftwerk "Boing Boom Tschak", Young Leek "Shake It & Jiggle It"

Nature dropping... Bascom X "Eyes On The Prize", Tigarah "Girl Fight", Keith Sweat feat. Silk "Lick You Up And Down", Gyptian "Serious Times"

Select dropping... The Pack "Ice Cream Song", Lily Alan "Nan You're a Window Shopper", Lil Keke "The Southside"...

Next Zubar Date is Friday, October 13th... Bring Fire Arms.

these are true stories....


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