Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dummy Out Dummy Out...

So Select is determined to ghost ride the lancer to Dallas stardom this fall. It's scary and it's true. This is pretty much the new "chicken noodle soup" of the youtube game right now. Yes that means Iowa is posting (god bless the internet). My man sent me a bunch of hyphy joints for this weeks EN LA CALLE section but I figured they might warrant more of a visual explanation... Yes, it's real. Your gonna see this on Greenville sooner than you want to. Or not soon enough???

1. Tell Me When To Go (Catchdubs and Ayers REMIX)
Here's the joint that started it all. This is the Catchdubs/Ayers REMIX, cause you're probably sick of the other shit...

2. The Federation feat E-40 "I Wear My Stunna Shades At Night"
No real excuse for this one. Corey Hart rework hyphy style. It's why and why not at the same time...Put ya stunna shades on, take em off, put em back on.

3. Keak Da Sneak "Super Hyphy (That's my Word)"
Keak is kinda my favorite cat coming out of the bay right now. Dude always sounds like he's gnawing on a bone while rhymes. Beat is also fire. Can't be mad at this.


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