Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Premium Goods / Houston road trip...

So me and Select jumped out to Houston this past weekend to play some spots for Ecko Unlimited. Probably the highlight of the whole thing was the girls at Premium Goods. If you're in Houston you HAVE to hit this place. First of all these women, besides being fly, may be the coolest people on the planet. They had us up in the spot mooching off their wireless internet, cracked the fridge open for your boys, beers, coffee (for yours truly), let us mash up their lazyboys. It was all love. We hung out at Premium for the better part of 3 hours, chatting with these dimes and getting up on our old school Eddie Murphy BOOMERANG. Amazing. If the customer service was any better they'd have happy endings in the back. Check for them.

Hooked up with long time Houston DJ Cee Plus on Friday night. Dude showed mad love and put down some great music at The Grab Bar. Whooped some corny college kids off the pool table and then our guy Neil Nice mashed up some chicks pool game in front of her "man". Why do they wanna test???? Bar owner was super cool, free drinks all night, after hours boozing, hot shit. Much thanks to Cee Plus, and the folks at The Grab Bar. H town awaits us....

giant blinged out armadillo.... Random.

this is sort of beyond explanation... Houston.


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