Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Klever "I see you ATL"

So I first met Klever back in early 03' at the Root Down in LA. I had no idea he was on the bill that night but he showed up and ripped it. After his set we were chopping it up and I realized my guy Remode previously broke him off with some copies of his record "Lone Star Breaks". Klever was feeling the Remode record, and the hand drawn cover art style (laced by yours truely), so we stayed in contact for a while via phone/ mail on some art/ fashion tip...I sent Klev some of the early Decade stuff to rep in the ATL. Somehow we lost contact and later reconnected on Myspace..not long after the reconnect, I brought Klev through Dallas (Zubar) and he killed it ...insane night. So for all of you that already know what it is, Klever will be back in the Big D on Dec. 2nd holding it down with our boy Nature. I highly suggest that if you are in the Dallas area on that date..GO TO ZUBAR! -SOBER

What projects are you currently working on?
I'm really gearing up and focusing on this early 07' tour with Buff Monster "Sloppy Seconds". I have an EP in the works, consisting of up tempo club bangers and remix tracks. I will also have a new mix cd out early 07' the title is pending but it's going to have alot of exclusive remixes, cunk, punk, club...I'm really just trying to break it all up.

What is the home town scene like in ATL?
It's on fire right now! Our monthly is off the map, on any given night you might see Kenny Burns coming through, you might see this group Cartel in the mix. Everyone shows up grilled out with slick shoes on, it's on some sexy fly shit. Also if you are in the area check out my man caleb's weekly "so cool super club" it's poppin every week, the vibe is on some electro/ indie underground steez.

What are five records you are feeling right now?
Steed Lord "Who you wit"
Caz Clay "Hey Dj"
Eagles (Klever ATL Bounce Remixxx) "One of these nights"
Nelly Furtado "Man eater"
Kid Sister "Damn girl"

Last but not least, I know your a sneaker guy, so what are your choice kicks at the moment?
Snakeskin adidas americanas (limited joints) and these gold PUMA Match lows, straight butter!

"Have the Highs in your eyes and the bass in your face" -Klever

Steed Lord "You" (Klever Remixxx)


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