Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dipset Night Riders..Ya Dig!

From S550's to $50 mountain bikes, this is the new "look" from the dipset camp. Clicking around I found this YouTube gem of Cam'ron and crew rolling (ma' literally) through Harlem. You've got to watch this video ..Cam's homie hollas "this is the new look" only to be interupted by Cam'ron "I am a look". I think I'm with Cam'ron...A dude that rocks a Pink Range and has got the streets behind him, Cam has switched up the game on dudes. No Homo -$ELECT


Blogger InkoziYmaKhosi said...

Yo these cats is lame, Cam ridin them damn bikes cause Killa Season went triple WOOD! ........and where the rest of the dips @, last I seen Jim @ Zeeky was buyin matchin S550's, damn Cam ur hype man shinnin' harder than you now. SNITCH SET IS OVER!!!

11:31 AM  

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