Thursday, January 04, 2007

Goodbye Horses

4duos started the new year of proper with a new montage of pure texas rippage from these dudes...

Trace Saylor, Michael Mckeown, Dakota Roberson, Zach Imondi, Roger Mackey, Tyler Riceo, Tyler Suplu, Ivan Lavigne, Evan Smith, Sean Conover, Erik Ostos, Jonathan Lopez, JD Clark, Grant Jensen, John Roddenbocker, Trey Justice, Flint Brewer, Elemer Bas Rosado, Dolen Smith, Derek Simon, Charlie Hodge, Corey Denomy, Whitney Collins, David Langston, Jeremy Holmes, Eric Croft, Chris Goulet, Cody McEntire, Jake Nunn, Ryan Holloway, Phillip Wagstaff

You can also cruise over to the 4duos site and cop one of their new t-shirts. Shirt + socks $ 16.95= unheard of!


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