Wednesday, December 13, 2006

En La Calle 13 : Nice and Slow

En La Calle gets the slow dance look this week. This's that prom picture shit, teddybears, up dos, wingtips, and hotel after parties. Don't really have to tell you the magic that these tracks can work in the right setting. Tall T's or Small T's, it really doesn't matter. Got a kranky indie rock bitch, hood chick trying to holla? Take em out for Mickey D's and then shut em down at the crib with these joints. If you've been to The Party then you've probably seen it happen already. Silk makes even the saltiest chicks break down on the dance floor. "Oh shit, this is gonna be eaiser then I thought", or "Ma, I can't make out with you right now, I'm djing... Seriously..." Heartless, cold, stick-in-the mud chicks you N-E-V-E-R thought you'd see in an RnB sing-a-long are pulling B teamers off the wall for the last dance.

All the usual suspects in here, Joe, Keith, Jodeci, RKells, Ginuwine, Silk, Usher...
Already had a couple birds comment on the track selection. Get it poppin...

Tracks are on the ------------->

you look like a lady lover....-CB


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