Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Recap (214)

This past weekend was really crazy for Dallas. "We fly high no lie….baaawwwllliiiinnnnnn" First we started out by rocking the Index (best skateshop in DFW area) meet and greet with Jeremy Fish and Michael Sieben, make sure you stop by and pick up one of their decks. The instore was a huge success with locals, moms and kids meeting some of the most talented artist out. It's always good to see a mom bringing their kids out to support skateboarding/ art and not sitting around playing video games on a Friday night...pick up a skateboard and go skate. Nature, Sober, and myself tag teamed a 3 hour in store set, while the artist chopped it up with fans and local skaters.

Later that night was our monthly at Zubar, the usual crews showed up and The Party was stupid nice! Dallas was a little cold that night…considering and still a lot of kids came out to support and dance their tuff asses off. The lineup was Sober, Nature and yours truly. Next month Klassen will be getting down with us, we will be celebrating my sweet 16…so bring your party hats and come move somethin'!

Saturday night was the art prostitute show "Low Tech High Life" featuring work by Jeremy Fish, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard and Michael Sieben. The turnout was bananas, the crowd was thick, alot of people came through to check out one of the best A.P. shows to date. Sober and I wrecked the noise for the night. Dallas be ready for the next Art Prostitute show, don't complain about having nothing to do on the weekends…support great artist and support great galleries!

Got to show love to all the homies that made this weekend possible…Dameon at Index, Jonathan, Matt Hawthorne, all the artist involved and of course (The Prosse) Brian Gibb, mark Searcy, Gail Gonzales, and Jeremy Kove.

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