Tuesday, January 09, 2007

En La Calle 14: Swass Like Me

Once again, the "En La Calle" tracks are only up for a week so....
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JR Writer - "Get Em".
JR is my fucking dude. When he said "with a gun that'll hit from far as hell.... ", back on the first Santana record, the game like updateditself. With this track, it's like 2007.4 Tiger. He's been dropping tracks like every other day so you gotta kinda pick and choose. THIS one is gonna smoke in the club though... Promise you.
JR Writer,Dipset, let's go.

Lily Allen - "LDN Switch REMIX (Crack Whore Riddum)"
South RRRRaaakkkas!!! Probably not so bad that you cant understand
a fucking word that Lilly Alan say's on this remix till the end. More
of a mash up I think, than a proper remix. Either way, this stinks of
SR crew, and I've been flying that flag for a min ( see It's a Pity,
Chinkuzi, Goodas, etc). This is just more fire. Love backwords
vocals and the throw back Eric B steez. Go's well with Santana's OK.
(Crack Theme Mega Mix)

The AZ's - "Yadadamean".
On some bay area slang for sure, this joint has been creeping around under the radar in Texas and everywhere else for that matter. Have yet to here anyone else play this out, which sort of amazes me.

Sir Mix a Lot- "SWASS".
This is a classic joint that for some reason or another doesn't get the play it deserves. Listen to the hook t see what fave pop tune you may have heard it on. I have come to realize that Sir-Mix-A-Lot is more of a genius than the one hit wonder that most people have credited him to be, with songs like these he was definitely on the level of electro rap pioneers such as Egyptian Lover and Whiz Kid.

Plus Device - "Sexual Harrassment".
This is a ghetto tech based track straight from Detroit "wonder boy" Jimmy Edgar and secret partner. If you have not heard Jimmy's "Colorstrip" or Egyptian Lovers first record, then you have not lived. I can nerd out all day on production, but just give this a listen and see what your hips start doing.

Jibbs - "King Kong".
One anthem after another from Jibbs "You can hear before you see me I got King Kong in the trunk" This one goes hard in the paint. You can bet my money you're gonna hear this one bumping out of Caprices and Crown Vics swervin' lanes with that candy paint.

Stephen Marley - "The Traffic Jam feat. Damian Jr. Gong Marley".
Stephen and brother Damian double up to murder over this stripped down beat box w/retarded bassline. I'm already rocking this cut on doubles mode..straight fire from the Marley camp!

Chk Chk Chk - "Break In Case Of Anything".
These indie rock dance dudes are coming threw with some new heat. This track makes me want to shrink my jeans and let my hair flow over my eyes....and do this dance that looks like i'm stiff. Go ahead listen to this track.. when the album comes out don't get rid of your LRG. For real, this is a solid track from these guys.

Purple Crush - "2 Many Hypebeasts".
Speaking of gear and what to wear, this is a funny song about being a "Hypebeaster". Don't get me wrong..streetwear has always been about being fresh and original, but letting one web page predict your wardrobe is a little lame. These 2 kids are killing it with the video and songs..Peep the video below its stupid nice. Enjoy this track and rock a hypercolor shirt with zubaz pants while doing so.


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hahahaha, these people look like bums

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i like to leave comments as well.

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