Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Recap (ATX)

Alright guys, thank you for coming out to the beauty bar and whisky bar this weekend...

Friday at the beauty bar turned out to be pretty bananas once again and this coming friday will be absolutely bonkers with my homegirl Roxy Cottontail (NYC, aNYthing), you need to come out and see what this girl is all about. My man ian orth of learning secrets was coming nice with the disco heat early on, big ups to him for giving praise. Be sure to make it out early for the give aways courtesy of decade and rocksmith.

PRPL DRNK! is my monthly party with witnes and dayta from rock box (houston) on four turntables. it was a slow start, but when the heat dropped so did the asses. peep the photos. every first saturday of the month with free purple drink all night! get throwed, drop low!

weekly shouts: will (decade clothing), cessie, roxy cottontail, uv vodka, paul @ apple, wit and dayta (them two), krew.
by the way, omarion is the new old justin timberlake. get out and buy that shit, dont download.

this weeks events:

wednesday dec 13th @ mohawk
GUNS AND BOMBS (kitsune records, france)
young professionals

friday dec 15th @ beauty bar
prince klassen
ian orth

-Prince Klassen
83tilinfinity blog


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