Monday, December 04, 2006

Serious Times: XL Reggae Comp / Playboy / We Major

I've had quite a few people ask me about this lately so here's the quick once over.

The XL Records Reggae Compilation "Serious Times" has been in the street for a few weeks now. It features remixes by CentralBooking/TheParty's own DJ Nature. Nature and our boy No2Self contributed 2 remixes of Turbulence's break out track "Notorious" to the GhettoArc/XL comp that features new Jamaican sounds from Turbulence, Iwayne, Gyptian, Sizzla and a hand picked group of Culture Reggae Artists. You can read the Pitchfork Review HERE. However the one in Playboy reads abit better....

To give you an idea of how much leg work this record took, Nature and No2Self (remixing under the name The Socios) got the call for the work last December. The tunes hit the street proper 3 weeks ago... The Jamiacan legal tape is sticky as hell... Notorious is a record that The Party has been rocking for some time now, and we still get requests for it where ever we play out. The tune is a proper fucking banger.

The Nature/No2Self mixes, along with the original version make up the 1st 12" single off the XL Comp. You can hear and buy at And if vinyl's not your flavor, you can go straight to Ipod at eMusic. Or you can just walk into any record store and buy it... We Major...-CB


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