Monday, January 22, 2007

She did just that...

Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend a success...PEG, Art Prostitute, Roxy, New Balance, Hot Flash, Cultura Fina, Sour Grapes, Krispee Ones, Unit One, Flo$$y, Urban Outfitters crew, Adidas, Red Bull, Zubar, Metro Park People, Index crew, Party Ends, GvB, WSJR and the rest of the know who you are! This weekend was bananas! Our girl ROXY rocked Austin friday night and the came through and did Dallas up proper. You best beleive the bunny trail will head south again, next time there could be a mic. involved. There are some flicks up from Saturday in our fashion section, down and to the right ----->. We will be adding more pictures from Saturday and from The Party last Friday. Stay tuned! -CB


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