Monday, March 26, 2007

En La Calle 15: March Madness...

It's warming up folks, so you better have the playlist to suit the forecast. Without further haste, we present:


Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone
Fujiya & Miyagi have been the talk of the town at waterloo for some
time now and I can see why they were on the tops of lists of must see
shows at last weeks SXSW. I like the album, but there are definite
jams on it, such as this one. I like that it sounds like a deleted
track from the first !!! record, but adds some freshness to it. Even
music nerds like to dance, and this is their track. Peep the limited
remix 12 inch too.

Natasha - Hey Hey Hey
I was introduced to Natasha a few months ago via a video broadcastingin a local sneaker shop and thought that the beat was ridiculous, plusshe was hot even though she was like 12 or something...anyway (toomuch info), This is going to be the new single off her record according to my guy at jive. It's got this outkast meets classic carmusic feel (what up sober)

Eric B & Rakim - I know you got soul (Smalltown Remix)
So these are my dudes! Hands down, they got the DJing, production, andfashion on lock. You know the track (if you don't, you're soft), justgrab it now and act like you've known about it forever...just like you have collected sneakers your whole life (sure).


Skepta, Wiley, JME, Jammer, Bearman, Footsie and Trim - Duppy
Now I'm willing to bet you don't know who the Roll Deep Crew is, but they gave us Dizzee Rascal (yeah you've heard of him, huh?) and are headed by the almighty (albiet semi-retired) Wiley, who is the kinda Jay-Z of grime. Sort of. Get me? Anyway the tune. Comes at you quick with a rowdy chorus, then slows it down a bit letting the MC's take the spotlight. Personal favorite is Bearman's verse, dude always comes correct and has a nice flow. YouTube jumpoff is also nuts, check it here 'cause you won't find it on MTV. Big up LDN!

S.Angello, S.Ingrosso, Axwell & Laidback Luke - Get Dumb
Crew tracks are the new thing. Not sure what the story is on these four, but the track is some killer electro, rave is back blah blah blah, you get it by now. Roaring synths and a funky drumline only accent the vocal samples. Do like it says.

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (DJ Assault Remix)
This 12" from Claude VonStroke just dropped with remixes by Diplo, DJ Assault, Jesse Rose, and I think one more. If you haven't caught wind of CVS, he's destroying the dancefloor with everything he touches these days, and DJ Assault should need NO introduction. Straight up Detroit, booty bass and hats tailor-made for you ladies, so start shaking the minute it drops. The title sample sorta makes you wish you'd learned to whistle too.


Ultramagnetic MC's - One, Two, One, Two
A classic track from Ultramagnetic's under rated "Four Horseman" LP, 1993. Kool Keith kills it solo on this one, futuristic echo steez from dude in his prime. "Eat your crew like a snack pack...", spoken like only Black Elvis could.

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
This is the first track from the new album that I stopped at and put in rotation immediately. This one just stuck out.. a perfect electro pop track good for that morning drive to work, if you are willing to give that Geto Boys album a rest. Just for one morning, trust me.

Young Buck, Game & Ludacris - Stomp (Ratatat Remix)
Ratatat. First of all, I am a fan of these dudes' music period. Take one of their well constructed tracks and add a little flavor from the dirty dirty and there you have it, even better than before. This is only the second track I have heard from the new remix album. So far so good.


Heavy D feat. Robin Thicke - Lost Without You
I’m on that pretty boy shit with this track. Polo shirt, fresh kicks, and some plaid shorts. This track is hot butta on bread….for real if this doesn’t get the panties off??? Come on??? I’m a fan of Thicke...I don’t care what you got to say. He’s got a good voice and the girls love the man. Doing a track with Robin Thicke can definately bring back your career if you ask me. Jam this with your girl in the car or at the spot with a bottle of wine.

Eazy E - Boyz In Tha Hood Remix
Eazy mother fuckin E. West coast crip walking and all that lowrider shit. Many have imitated this originator but none have done like tha' kid did. Just a classic brought to my attention...for new jacks, don’t forget the classics.

Mike Jones, Bun B, Snoop Dogg - My 6-4
You already know who it is. Mike Jones is taking the rap game by storm again. Then you team up with someone we worship in the south and Snoop!!????? Come on your killing me literally...this record is sure to blow down some buildings when played. I can’t get enough of this record especially with the flip up over the O.G. sample. Throw on ya locs and some Ben Davis gear.



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