Monday, April 09, 2007

En La Calle 16: April Showers...

The weekly drop as only CB can bring it to you. Here are a few numbers to get you through this crazy weather before summer prevails.


Dan The Automator - My Guru
This track is off of Automator's 1998 Bollywood remix joint "Bombay
the Hard Way - Guns, Cars & Sitars". Think the latter half of that
title says it all. I bought this on vinyl when it dropped and
this track always stood out. Take a random Bollywood player talking
some smack over a good sitar riff, add some raw drums to the equation and the ladies start to belly dance. Break out the finger cymbals!

Gorilla Zoe- "Hood N#*!@"
I first heard this track about 3 months back on a "Bomb" mix cd
straight out of the Big T. I liked dudes voice from the get
go, Gorilla sounds like a modern day Southern Tone Loc. Plus every
beat he gets he murks. Anyone who cameos in 8 Ball & MJG videos has to be the truth...see "Relax & Take Notes".

Slim Thug - "Problem Wit Dat"
The Boss Hogg himself is back and killing it over the J.J. Johnson
"Parade Strutt" sample. Check Wu-Tang's UZI "Pinky Ring" track from
their Iron Flag album. Good to see Dirty South cats flip up some
samples from time to time. Can't wait to see what else Thugga has
in store for us.


Bunny Rabbit - Saddle Up
One of the up and coming female emcees not so much in the spotlight just yet that has some crazy gothness to her rhymes. this is for all the girls that used to be goths turned ravers and now are into baltimore club and irony. It only makes sense that stuff like this exists,and that is why I love it.

Outkast - Gangsta Shit
This is old, but I just want to show everyone that outkast is still on point. This was from stankonia, but what I am saying is that even if outkast were to release five more idlewild soundtracks, this would still be ten years ahead of its time. I remember one time I was listening to this and straight up did a drive lies.

Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - I Wanna Hook Up With You
this is my shit! not out yet, but thanks to my man scotty at ubiquity (what up!) I am gracing you with this diamond. This is from the new album that will be on the shelves soon and its well worth the wait. On some latin afro egyptian lover type steez. I mean this is for the grown up that knows what they want out of a relationship. Gets the dancefloor moving and the breathing heavy. I didnt get your name!


Cool Kids - One Two
With a name like the Cool Kids you better come correct with some fresh rhymes, and they better not be from a nursery. But the kids come correct for sure, flipping the nursery angle on the footwear game over a minimal beat that's just nasty. "New black version of the Beastie Boys"? "Vans" set it off last summer, get ready for a repeat.

Twista, Speednot Mobstaz & R. Kelly - This Is Why I'm Cold (Remix)
Just when you though this track had gone cold. Guess what? It did. Mista Tongue Twista himself jumps on the track, takes it North, South, East, and West, before twisting it up like a wet t-shirt. The Mobstaz are some new cats on the scene, Chi-town supposedly, Mid-west drawl in full effect. Kells jumps on it too and reminds you why he's the King of R&B. Official.


Amanda Blank & XXXchange - Get It Now
A dynamic duo if ever there was one, there should be an episode of Future Weapons on these two, it's that serious. Amanda rains fire down (CRIMSON JIHAD!), with XXXchange dropping the Heart sample on you just to prove your wanna-be Atmosphere white-boy rap group is still stuck in 2005. Knowledge.

Swizz Beatz feat. Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly & Jadakiss - It's Me Bitches (Remix)
You heard this tune but I'ma drop the remix on ya'll right quick (all apologies for exposing ya'll to more Kells, wouldn't do it if I didn't have to) but this summer belongs to WAYNE. "Listen to the anthem!" PLEASE. "So I let her lick the rapper!" DON'T. "Chevy grill lookin' like a set a' new braces!" HURT 'EM. I'm 'bout to drop some new joints off "Da Drought 3" mixtape soon but you don't need anything else. Now can you tell me how good my French is?



Blogger Keith said...

Good look with the Sinden Jawn Ben.

9:36 PM  
Blogger starkey said...

"My Guru" is pure classic.

10:18 PM  

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