Saturday, March 31, 2007

Real Talk!

Broadcasting live from the block, it's time for another edition of Real Talk!

UGK feat. Outkast - International Player's Anthem
HOT OFF THE PRESSES, Different Kitchen just dropped this track off the new UGK album. Soulful production with all 4 MC's going OFF. Andre killing it yet again by rapping about text messaging?! Bun even spells it out letter-for-letter in case you still don't know that this is the hottest shit on earth right now. So next time you see somebody who wasn't hollerin' "Free Pimp C!" for the past 3 years, remind 'em: "you ain't a pimp, you a fairy".

Rick Ross feat. Flo Rida - Birthday
Party. Anthem. Ross flips some weak shit but that doesn't mean he still can't wreck the track on occasion. The chorus does it, guaranteed crowd pleaser. Production by Florida's own The Runners (Jeezy's "Go Getta"), nice and loud.

Rich Boyz - Fitted Cap
So if "Birthday" is the crowd pleaser, this joint's the crowd killer. Not gonna lie, I found this on accident while searching for some Rich Boy tracks and it's nuts, sets it off for everybody rocking a fitted in the club and lets you get a laugh off all those kids who bought the all-over print Circa outfits with matching New Era last weekend.

Wale feat. TCB - Ice Cream Girl
This is my feel good party jam right now. Production is crazy good, some boom boom clap with that xylophone just gets me every time. Some killer lines about girls and ice cream never hurt either. Washington DC is blowin' up the game right now, be on the lookout for this dude...

Justin Timberlake feat. Chamillionaire - My Love (Remix)
I know I know, you're probably on some serious "WTF?! My Love is sooo over by now...", but believe me I wouldn't be posting this up if I didn't back it up 100%. Not sure who produced it (can't make out the vocal drop) but the tune flips HARD. Cham totally runs it over a chopped up version of the original, with the original chorus dropping back in to hold it down. Vicious.



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