Wednesday, November 29, 2006

En La Calle 12: ri di di diculous

As usual, ton's of pot's cooking right now... Select just got back to Dallas from his Baltimore trip so he's loaded up with new tunes, he will be playing with Prince Klassen at the Whiskey Bar in Austin this Saturday. That same night I'll be holding Dallas down with Killa Klever at Zubar. This weekend's gonna pop off nice....

Next week look out for a NEW NEW NEW TheParty REMIX... Ill shit my friends, Fire shit. Plus, a Centralbooking collabo shirt w/ Decade (just in time for the christmas chopping season), AP event, Index Instore, AND the TheParty Monthly @Zu... Hate if you want to...

Getting down to bizness, EN LA CALLE is up and running. For those who are new to the game, ENLACALLE is a quick run down on some of the music we're currently fucking with at Centralbooking. These are usually unreleased or under appreciated tracks that we're putting into rotation via The Party. All of these songs are downloadable on CB for a week and then we flip to some other shit... This weeks joints look like this...----->

Sober gets the cover look this week by coming thru w/ this Monica joint. Not super new, or unknown (it's all over the radio right now), but tune meets the ELC criteria by being TOO FUCKING NICE. Look out for the CB remix that is sure to come. Monica kills it on the hook, and really brings out the hater in all of us. Great tune to email out to your scandalous so called friends.

Prince Klassen passed me these next three tunes. The Feist joint is retarded. Haven't heard much from her in awhile and the team up with Jose Gonzales is almost unfair. Lovertits is a Peaches cover (cringing), but Feist and Gonzales put it on the strip, and it's money...

Robin Thicke tune is Neptunes/StarTrack material (of course Pharell on the track), Wanna Love You Girl is some pop shit that's not so over the top. Reminds me a bit of the Provider/Cherrywine stuff. Which is good.

CCS track??? Probably don't need any more convincing on these cats but, tune sounds kinda nice right now... It's that simple.

Give It To Me.... This is the tune that I should probably write a small term paper on. NOT a good copy of this but, who cares. It plays. In itunes. Nelly Furtado is beyond sexy on this. So strong. Already had somebody try and hate on this tune and that's just totally insane. Drums just creep in on you, mami is murder on this, Timbo chops the shit out of the vocals (fly), JT doesn't fuck the track up, and the hook is straight fire. Over, and over, and over, and over.

M.I.M.S joint is something I've been meaning to post for the last couple weeks. Why I'm Hot shuts down the fucking party.... JR Reid kills this. The original was kinda bubbling, catching some shine here and there. The REMIX??? Stupid. Yeah, TheParty is gonna flip a proper version of this too... It's real.

So we're unrepenting Dipset fans and we've made that clear from day one. And obviously we're feeling pretty good about the whole Jim Jones King of NY thing. The dips are flossin harder than ever right now and that makes us sleep easier at night. The NY Jets just cristened We Fly High as the Official Theme song of the team (aaaaa holy shit....) This means that monday night, not only is Harlem flyin high but 250lb white guys from Queens are BAALLLLINNNNN right out of lazy boys. Yeah. So with that being said, we are certainly not mad about the new Jim Jones X-Mas record. That's right, St Nick and Dips are teaming up this winter. First single is on the ---->
The hook is "Living fast and balling at Christmas time". WOW... "It's gonna be a good christmas".

We posted a Curtis Vodka remix of this last tune a few months back. "Hey Girl" is probably the definitive Curtis Vodka track, guaranteed to have me on bounce in the booth and the mini skirt scene on wind. Kinda wanted to come back to the Chris Brown original. Mexican bird put me back on track with this one. It's magic. -Nate


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that robin thicke beat is bananas. love those synths.

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