Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We have finally managed to reschedule the dudes from the Baltimore/ DC area. We have them on Halloween night and you know something is going to pop off, no question about it.

If you send an RSVP email to BEAUTYBARAUSTINRSVP@GMAIL.COM with HALLOWEEN in the subject line and your name in the body, you will get discounted admission and some other goodies.

- prince klassen

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lesley XXX: La Trientañera Party

Our local sweet heart Lesley Tellez will be celebrating a sort of Birthday / Going Away Party this weekend as she says hello to 30 years on earth, goodbye to Dallas TX, and hello to her new life in Mexico mutherfuckin City!!! Soooo bossy, if we do say so ourselves.

Well in honor or our girl's 30th, and her new diggs in D.F. we figured we would throw her a little "2nd Quinceñera" just to show her how much we care, and that we still think of her as blossoming and "like" a virgin, yet "balleresque" at the same time...

This may be her 2nd Quince, but it's our first, so we want to do right. That means we got our balloons, steamers, regalitos, refreshments, PLENTY of cumbias, thank you cards, center pieces, backdrops, and at some point we will be coupling up for that special slow dance. Dios mio!

The colors are Pink and Silver, you might want to get your vest and bow tie game together. It's gonna be real.

The Party: La Trientañera
This Friday @ Zubar


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brent Ozaeta Reception :: This Friday

About the Artist
b. 1985, Dallas, Texas. Ozaeta graduated in 2007 with a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas. That same year he received an award from the Dallas Museum of Art's Degoyler Fund, which recognizes the talent and potential of young visual artists. Ozaeta will also be featured in the upcoming edition of New American Paintings. Brent Ozaeta lives and works in Dallas, and is represented by The Public Trust.

About the Exhibition
Ozaeta's work focuses on the consumption of information and the insertion of ideas through visual relationships. The work maintains a juxtaposition of seemingly arbitrary imagery caused by the everyday bombardment of visual media via the Internet. The images presented include subjects like Japanese pop culture icons, variety T.V. shows, videogames, and comic books.

These images are produced as silkscreen prints then transferred onto canvas. The collages, which are stitched together from a library of images, are composed beforehand on drafting vellum. There is often an additional layer added to the pieces utilizing different media such as pencil or gouache.

This solo exhibition will be the artist's first with The Public Trust. Opening Reception: Fri. 10.24.08 (6-9PM)
Exhibition runs through November.

above image:
Untitled (daydream), 2008, mixed media on canvas, 60x46 in.

The Public Trust
2919-C Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yo! Whats up world NYC HAS BEEEEEEEN BANANANANANANANANAAAS! I will get a recap together when I return to TX this week. Shout outs to all my crews!!!!!!! Tonight our dude 77 KLASH is having a release party in Brooklyn @ Frank White 936 Atlantic Ave. @ St. James. With music by DJ GRAVY of Rice and Peas. Come out!!!

Then we are heading over to Arlo and Esme where I will be playing with Project Matt and Dj Morsy!!!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Designer Drugs

Check it out. Designer Drugs hits Texas this week, starting the trip with Dallas! Designer Drugs will be joing us this Thursday the 16th at The Loft. Michael Patrick was kind enough to take time out of his busy work (party) day and answer a few questions and drop some knowledge on us. Be sure and grab the newest Designer Drugs remix below and if you don't already have the Mariah Carey joint, that one is a few posts down. FIRE! Thursday is bound to be nuts!

Tell the people who you are and what you do.
My name is Michael Patrick and I get paid to party (as long as I play music while I party) and I produce music with Theodore Nelson (Greek Translation: Gift of the Gods) who is currently studying hard in college, hence why I do most of the parting(DJing) on my own.

How did Designer Drugs form? Are you both from Philly?
We both met in High School and grew up outside of Philly where we went clubbing as teenagers.

Do both of you produce and DJ, or do each of you have your own area of expertise?
We both write the tracks. Sometimes it's one or the other writing and sometimes we work together. It's pretty much a 50/50 split. I write all the good tracks though. Theo's write the tracks with the banjos and kazoo solos.

I have been seeing quite a few (quality) remixes pop up on the blog circuit over the last month. Are you currently working on a remix album? What projects do you have in the works right now?
Oh geez, Umm, We are trying to work on more original material but the demand for remixes are high at the moment and since we are slaves to the economy we have no choice but to make billions of dollars doing remixes. We are releasing our first single on Iheartcomix, October 28th and we're pretty confident it's going platinum or double platinum on the first day. We are really hoping it will bring the stock market back up a couple hundred points. They haven't mentioned it in the WSJ yet but they did mention us in New York Magazine Plus we have a ton of other remixes and apparel going on that you can peep on our Myspace.

I heard that you are fond of Texas. Tell us a bit about that one.
Oh man, too fond. I love rodeo, cacti, tacos, caliente chiquitas, tacos and caliente chiquitas.

How about giving us 5 tracks you are feeling right now. Old, current, whatever.
How about 5 artists? Foamo, Herve, Sinden, Nadastrom, Crookers/Beetroots (tie)

Any shout outs, smack talk, hidden talents or secrets you would like to share?
Shout out's to Central Booking WHAT WHAT! Elle Rex, Mi familia, Franki Chan and everyone at/on Iheartcomix, The whole f'n RUFF CLUB crew, NROTB, B Rich, Le Castle Vania, Treasure Fingers, Computer Club, Fernando in Austin, Shawn in Houston, my homies in North Carolina, David Foster Wallace RIP, Biggie Smalls RIP all my top friends on myspaze and all the promoters who party with me all the time and all the citizens of New York.

As for secrets we are not from Philly we are from outerspace and we were sent here to become body builders but it never really panned out.



Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (prince klassen young professional edit)

I have been feeling icky for the last few days and had to pull a stay at home day, so I decided to work on this edit. After going to the doctor for my illness and paying him 86 dollars for about 6 minutes of his time, I rushed home and cranked this out. For all the non believers out there, this is on some blacklist shit.

Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (prince klassen young professional edit)

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I will be playing @ Happy Ending tonight in New York. If you are in the area stop threw. I will be playing with the 1 and only REVEREND MCFLY of NINJASONIK. This past Monday the 1992 party was bananas over @ Happy Ending... That's all I got to say about that!

peep them here...



Featuring: Nick Graciana, Dharam Khalsa, Chris Luhring, Corey Denomy, Michael Tang, Vinnie Thomas, Rob Wilcox, Ronnie Travis, Kyle Stone, Stephen Stone, Daniel Stone, Chris Osborne, Derek Simon, Orion Foster, Jeremy Holmes, Holland Austin, Cody McEntire, Jeff Gonzales, Jason Koen, Nathan Hammond, Justin Norrid, Ryan Strader, Kechaud Johnson. Edited By Adrian Hodge.


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Scion presents: Fools Gold Remixed

So my dude Catchdini sent over the new promo today for the about to be released Scion compilation of Fools Gold remixed jawns. Since the cd will be given out at every bathroom stall on the continent, it is a-ok to post them up for you to scrounge and have your way with.

pw = sav

Be sure to RSVP if you are in Miami, Atlanta, Philly or Baltimore this month for the Fools Gold Remixed Tour.


-prince klassen

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Designer Drugs In Dallas

This just in, we confirmed Designer Drugs for October 16th. They will be joining us at the Loft for an All Ages throwdown! These guys have been killing it on the remix tip lately, check the Mariah Carey tune below. If you like what you here, look for the Little Boots "Meddle" remix as well. We will have the flyer and all of the info up real soon. Keep an eye out.

MARIAH CAREY :: I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (Designer Drugs Remix)


Friday, October 03, 2008

Saturday Breast Cancer Event

Join Custo as they premiere an exclusive, extremely limited top made specifically to help raise funds and awareness for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Only 48 are available and 100% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated. Complimentary food and drinks will be served from 2-5pm and Prince William will be providing the tunes!


Tomorrow night in Houston, Prince Klassen and Hot Boy Orion will be throwing down on four turntables with our Houston dude Dayta at Boondocks. Como que Fresa?! Bring the troops out and keep those umbrellas handy, cause we might make it rain.

- the ambassador

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

ATX :: We Back!

Austin, The Party is back in town this Saturday Oct. 4th @ red 7. The spot is All Ages, easy to find and I heard they spent a grip on a brand new sound system, so you know it will be bumpin'. We will have special guest King Louie joining us for the evening and you already know how he gets down. I am really looking forward to jamming out with this dude. Round up the troops and prepare to get rowdy!

Below is King Louie's latest mix "Espadazilla" grab it!



Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Photos & Such

The Collective one year Birthday bash on friday was a blast! Andy was back in full effect. If you don't know Andy, I'm sure you encountered him at some point during the evening. Collective came through with their posse and gave away a lot of gear through out the night. Thanks again to Chris, Andy, Mark and the whole crew for hooking up the sponsorships and making it an extra special Party.

Houston. Insanity! 617 people through the door!! Everyone was tired of sitting around the house and I think they all picked Saturday to let loose and get out. As always, thanks to the homie Dayta for rocking with us and keeping the crowd hyphy. Big ups to Hater Magazine for swinging through, Birthday shout to K. Rose and congrats to Boondocks on getting "Best New Club Of The Year" good job guys! Photos are posted below.