Sunday, June 29, 2008

El Mega Weekend: 2 year y Houston!!!

Whoa. Really really reeeeeally... This weekend right here.... This one was on SMASH!! Two nights of back to back murder!! Fridays Anniversary party was the REAL DEAL. I stepped out of my house at like 9:30 and I could see the search light from Zubar like ten blocks away!! I was like YO!! That's OUR shit right there!! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. Yall came out looking HOT! It was such a lovely night. Your red carpet looks were sooo flllyyyy! We had Houston heads in the spot, Austin was in the building, and Dallas was DEFINITELY in the building!!!

Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and thanks for rocking with us these past 2 years. Dallas got it poppin!!! Gotta send an extra special thanks to Lesley, Hunter and Rob from The Quick, they really did us proper with the weekend cover shot and a full page story. That's an INSANE look. INSANE. Thank you. Definitely want to thank Krissi at the Observer for reaching out to us as well. We had fun talking slow jams with you!! Holla at Sober for that second instalment!!! Gotta thank Picnic for being the host with the most, Tyrone and Brent for nicing up that back room, and you know we gotta send a special thank you to our guy Chuck from Red Stripe who really made it happen for us on Friday, and all week for that matter, helping us get ready for this thing. We appreciate you man! Rita Miranda, RolanDro, Laura Leg, Rachael Davis, Carmina and Juan Pancho are making this city tick.

The Anniversary photos are up and running. G-Squared and Kiddrae got you looking real real Hollywood.
Check the flicks here..



Now... Houston... Houston tried to shake it to the ground FOR REAL on Saturday. I mean actually shake the second floor so it falls and lands on the first floor. Houston was all the way live!! Each party gets better and better and this one was no exception. I heard Johnny Moon nominated this one for "best The Party yet" and I think I'm gonna have to go with him on that. Boondocks was mega fucking poppin. Gotta say thanks to our 2 nights in a row crew, EV, Mel Boogie, Johnny Moon and Trent. They drove to Dallas to wild out on Friday at Zu and then turned around and made it back to H-Town for The Party at Boondocks. WE LOVE YOU. Shouts or our man Joe from Premium, gotta say what's up to Alia, Rachel, Gracie Chavez in the place to be and the one called Squincy Jones!!

We will have a Houston link up soon...


Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Party 2 year Anniversary: EXTRA FLY!!!

Believe it or not, it's been 2 years since The Party touched the road in Dallas. Take a good look at the "Fashion" sidebar on the right and you'll see just how many things have popped off since the first Zubar show in June of 2006. The numbers, I think there's about 80 events thrown, do alot of talking for themselves. It's been an intense ride.

If anything, the last two years have provided a constant string of pleasant surprises, from new music, to new venues, new friends and new ways of interacting with our respective cities. The Zubar monthly was, in many ways, the starting point for what has become something much larger. Amazing how things work out sometimes. Originally I was turned down by 4 or 5 venues when trying to find a home for The Party. If we weren't playing house or hip hop "nobody wanted it". I had to practically beg Zubar to let us try it. 2 years, 80 parties, and 3 cities later....

Soooooo. THIS FRIDAY, also know as TOMORROW, marks the 2 year Anniversary of The Party @ Zubar. I'm sure you've heard, but if for some reason you haven't... WE ARE PULLING ALL THE STOPS FOR THIS ONE!!! TOMORROW NIGHT WE ARE SHUTTING DOWN GREENVILLE AVE!!!! SHUTTING IT THE FUCK DOWN!!!

This is a FORMAL event, complete with the searchlight, red carpet walkway, Hollywood style red carpet photos provided by Kiddrae254. That means your photo looks are gonna be SPOT ON HOT. And you gotta know G-Squared's gonna be poppin off those CLASSIC party shots all night long so GET YOUR RED CARPET LOOK TOGETHER!!!!!!! We're asking everyone to come looking SHARP!! We know everyone will have their own individual style and twist to this theme, so I think it goes without saying that this is going to be a WILD ASS NIGHT!!!

I'm telling you right now, GET THERE EARLY. We even wrapped up a $2 REDSTRIPE special from 10-11pm that should help you start the night off right. After 11:30, you already know. Line out the door. For real.

So look. It's Friday. It's The Party. Nature, Select, and Sober. It's hosted by Picnic. G-Squared on the photos. Kiddrae on the photos. We got the red carpet. We doing it very fucking Hollywood. It's The fucking Party.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hands Up :: Proofs Here

Yo! Hands up was hot to death last night! Our girl Gracie Chavez came through and put it on 'em! If you were there you witnessed her skills first hand. I want to thank everyone that came through and let loose. Big up Kiddrae (always coming with that freshness), Krunk Crew, SB's, Sour Grapes, CF, Scion and last but not least...the crew that some how lost their tops on the dance floor!

Dallas, dust off your formal digs. We are doing it up real Hollywood this Friday at Zubar. Friday is the 2 year celebration of The Party as you know it. Come wild out with us...this one is going down in the books! Best Believe!




Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gracie Chavez: Muy Mami

This weekend Dallas is gonna get that "trato especial" for real as Hands Up hosts Htown's finest Gracie Chavez this Saturday @ The Loft.

We were lucky enough to meet Gracie a few months back as The Party started picking up steam in Houston, but the word had been out on this girl WAY before we ever started at Boondocks. With 10 years behind the decks, fresh off the RockBox gig and already mixing it up with her Ruff Cut monthly, this girl is obviously a seasoned OG!! The YO! Mami mix that scored 10,000 downloads in a day kinda spoke for itself alittle something too... Gracie's got the city hot!

We got together earlier this week for a little back and forth. Here's what she had to say about Rock Box, Htown, being a mom, and whatever else came to mind...

So we're all very excited to have you playing with us at Hands Up.  Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live now, where you grew up, what crews or affiliates you are part of?
Gracie Chavez: I've been DJing for almost 10 years now, representin' Hustletown to the fullest. I grew up in the 5th Ward area in Northside Houston so I guess I've got a little bit of that 'round the way girl in me.

We know you've been doing your thing behind the tables for sometime, abit of a Houston legend so to speak.  How did you get started in the DJ game?  Who were you're "hometown heros" or influences?
GC: I've been a music writer covering shows and reviewing music for URB magazine, XLR8R, Mixer, Feedback and Tha Pride drum & bass zine at the time. I guess I was around DJing enoughback in the day, it seemed only inevitable that I'd pick up some skills.

My now hubby DJ G.Wizz and friend DZ were d&b DJs and are my DJ foundation. I learned a lot from them--and still do--but I went on to play house. Sista Stroke ushered me thru that era with lots of love for a girl.
But most recently, after I made the switch from strictly vinyl to Serato and the opportunity to play a wider range of music opened up, Witnes brought me on to his wildly successful Rock Box nights. We'd been working here and there since the Reprogram hip hop days and finally we reconnected. He, too, has been super supportive.

And as far as influences, I gotta give it up to my DIRB! boys. In fact we're trying to jump in Squincy Jones at the moment!

The Yo Mami mix is pretty bangin!!  Great song selection, crazy drops.  How has Houston reacted to it?
GC: Ah, yeah, thanks! It really wouldn't have happened without Squincy spranklin his gold dust on it! It took forever it seems to finish, but I'm so happy with the results. It's a lot of my classic mixes with a lil' bit of some woo-woo-wop. The first day I uploaded it I got over 9500 hits--I was fokin' amazed!

We know that you we're a big part of Houston's Rock Box weekly with Witnes and Dayta.  And a intregal part of Les Femmes in the mid 2000s.  Can you tell us abit about those nights, what made them special, what types of things you were adding to those nights?
Rock Box helped me come into my own, seria! I'd been doin house and got to a point where I wasn't feelin' it; honestly, I longed to get back to some break beats. Rock Box was a tough crowd, I ain't gonna lie. But I stuck with it and it helped me be a better DJ, IMO. After taggin' with Tonio for a spell, he split to Seattle, so I was armed with my laptop and library of tunes to play--old school, new school, up/down tempo, rap, big beats, electro, house, but B-more and Baile really told my story the best. I finally feel like I can play how I feel and you know exactly what I'm all about. This catharsis is what I found so special...OH, and did I mention it was just a blast to play with the boys!
Les Femmes ("Ladies of the Night") I co-founded a few years ago after realizing that there weren't that many lady DJs around. Stroke just left for Chicago and I knew there were more girls with skills out no place to play. Vocalist Karina Nistal and I started booking female talent on a montly basis from all over Texas, no matter what they played, and the response was incredible. We wrapped up Les Femmes last month, which was bitter sweet. By now around these parts you've heard of Jessica Lozano, Jessica Partin, Candice Elliot and Amanda Robinson. Our job was done. My only request is that these girls get Les Femmes events going again if lady DJs become scarce again!

Got any crazy stories from either of those nights?  Celeb appearences, shootings, stabbings, uprooting baby trees?
GC: Well, our Faux Femmes night was always crazy. For one night, we somehow got guys to dress in drag and DJ! You should see the photos! LOL. Enough said!!
As far as celebs, I just had Sean Penn saunter into one of my gigs and when it was All-Star weekend, Snoop also dipped thru.
Rock Box was always a free-for-all fun time...shit, girls fighting, 40s flyin' and the occasional hometown rapper done good comin' thru! Don't get me reminiscin'!

I see you repping Ruff Cutt.  That's a label?  Crew?
RUFF CUTT is every 2nd SAT at Dean's (Downtown Houston) and we've got big talent and up-and-commers cued up to heat up your summer. I also guest DJ at The Flat for Jukebot the last SAT of each month. Check the DustyCrates blog or my myspace page for more info and dates.

How has your experience been being a mother and being an active part of Houston's nightlife scene?
GC: I feel like I go hard all day, e'ry day. But my girls (Jazmin & Cassie) and Chris inspire me to live--and love--life. When you find something you love doing, you put the work into it, no joke. There's no time for bullshit, right?
I'm happy that I'm being tapped to do more high-profile gigs at museums, fashion shows and events like that. I want my girls to grow up knowing that if you work hard you can do what you love. Hey, my Mami, did it, I can too.

How about a little Gracie Chavez "current top 5".  We know you got tunes!!!

GC: All right, then, here goes:
1. "Bigger Than Hip Hop Ghetto House Refix" - Flufftronix
2. "Day N NIght" (Crookers First Remix) - Kid Cudi
3. "Control" (LA Riots) - Kid Sister
4. "Poison" - Tittsworth remix
5. "Phat Bottom Girls" - Dave Nada [I'm a huge Queen fan, can you tell?!]

OH, and how about a "top five house tracks that i wish i would hear, but nobody plays when i go out...."

GC: It's very rare that I hear these out...but big ups to those that have these on VINYL!
1. "French Kiss" - Lil Louis [can we ever really get enough?]
2. "Pump Up the Volume" - M/A/R/R/S
3. "I Sit on Acid" - Lords of Acid
4. "The Funk Phenomena" - Armand Van Helden
5. "Gypsy Woman" - Crystal Waters

Anything you want to say before we dip out, shout outs, warnings?
GC: Check out my YO! Mami mixtape. You can download it off I'm on award-tour now, Papi! Lots a love to Chris Cardenas, Jazmin & Cassia, Squincy Jones, Witnes, my DIRB! possy, Les Femmes, Dayta and all my backup dancers on the floor! 

Gracie will be making shit pop at Hands Up this Saturday at the Loft. Hay que estar alli!!!! Check her Htown sound in the new Yo! Mami Mixtape right here...

Gracie Chavez - Yo Mami! Mix

You can cop the tracklisting and art work here...

Hands Up!!!
Saturday June 21st
@ The Loft
Gracie Chavez
w/ The Party


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Capital City :: Snap Shots

This past weekend was a bit crazy. Nature is in P.R. again, Sober was in Fort Worth djing the Red Bull X-Fighters event (I'm sure you saw the billboards around town). Select and Klassen held down the ATX monthly with a slammin' guest set from the homie Keith P. Below are some photos from Annie Ray's photo booth on Saturday at Mohawk.

Remember we have Hands Up this Saturday the 21st here in Dallas with guest Dj Gracie Chavez (interview up soon).

On the Austin side of things :: Gangster Royalty Friday the 20th with guest Dj King Louie and Re Bar on Saturday with guest Dj Gibb.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sega :: Live And Direct From Philly

Whats good people? Things have been really hectic as of late but its all for the good! As you know the roller skating party went off, Smalltown Djs killed it at Beauty Bar, and The Party is going stronger than ever. This week we have an interview with none other than the kid sensation himself, Sega, coming all the way live from Philly. Dude has been making loads of noise over the last year on the internet and on actual wax (how many people can say that these days?). Luckily we worked it out to bring my man down and do his thing. I strongly suggest going out and buy his split release he did with our dude Blaqstarr a few months back, Hollertronix Vol. 8, as well as get to the Beauty Bar (ATX) this Friday cause my man is going to bring the heavy heavy heat!

Who are you? tell us your dj name and what you do.
I go by many names that were given to me...Some people call me "The Black Knight" But most call me "DJ Sega".

Where do you reside?
I'm from Philly. Home of all underdogs in the industry. It seems like Philly is overlooked as far as talent is concerned. But we have madd talent here in Philly. We have some of the best rap, hip hop, soul, and r&b artists that could ever be on a mic. But most of them are underground. You've got to come to Philly and grab some mixtapes.

Tell us how you got started and who you roll with. How did you get involved with Diplo and Mad Decent?
I was always kind of a collector of music my whole life because my dad's a DJ. He's the type of DJ that plays classical soul, old school rap, funk, etc. So, I have an older mindset for the music I listened to. My mom's also a music lover. She spoiled me with Teddy Riley produced tracks, maxi-singles of borderline hip hop/house and Classical Soul music. Eventually I grew up and heard DJs producing what I remember as "Megamix" songs, i.e. Fatman Scoop, DJ Kool, Crooklyn Clan, and the Baltimore Club Kingz. This all inspired me to make music of my own to listen to. It was a hobby. It felt therapeutic. But then my friends would listen to my tracks and start pushing me to do more. I started rolling with a close friend, who did most of the pushing, Angel aka Captain Dirt Dirt. Eventually I linked up with DJ Dee Square who had me producing tracks and mixtapes that had all the kids going crazy. I kept on networking until I found my Manager, Dirty South Joe. He was always helping Diplo out on little ideas. All of us linking up was obviously a REAL GOOD idea. I now do production with Diplo under Mad Decent, as well as from my label through Mad Decent "Ol' Head Records"

What is the difference between Philly Club and Baltimore Club?
Baltimore Club is club music made strictly for the club...some horns, breaks, and more of the recent ones contain a lot of lil john samples. Philly Club, while greatly inspired by Baltimore Club, has a different groove to the music. Philly Club is like the type of remixes that could appear on a maxi-single. It has no limits to genre. I've done remixes of some rock music to show anybody who likes Da Shop Boyz "Party Like A Rockstar" how to REALLY party like a ROCKSTAR!!! Check out my snocap on the myspace page.

What are working on at the moment?
I'm doing official remixes through Mad Decent. I can't really say much, but I'm working with "Truth AD" on a remix for one of their commercials. Be on the look out for that. I'm working with a few artists: Mz. Streamz, Rye Rye, Blaqstarr, It's definitely goin down!!!
I have some plans already as far as my own releases. I have some of my music untagged and unmixed available through Snocap. I've released my "Rockstars VS Clubheadz" mixtape through Flaming Hots and Hollertronix 8 is an collabo release with Blaqstarr through Diplo.I already have an idea for some future EP and CD releases.

Tell us a little about Philly and scene there.
Like I said, there is a lot of talent here. We have a lot of rappers who are quick with metaphors and punchlines. I know of one for sure that's a ghostwriter for industry rappers. He knows he's the king of Philly because the streets call him the king of Philly. That's like the DJs in Philly too. There's a lotta DJs claiming there number one in whatever they play, whether it be hip hop, reggae or what they call club music here in philly, "Party Music" but at the end of the day it's the streets that call you what you are seen as. So everybody's battling everybody else. I never had to battle because I have nothing to prove. I do what I do, it's just so happens people like it.

I couldnt help but notice the interesting samples you chose on the Hollertronix vol 8 joint, mostly the Papa Roach sample. Are you influenced by rock music or was that something you did special for the release?
Well like I said, that was around the time everybody wanted to be on some rockstar shit. I used to listen to everything growing up, including all kinds of rock music. When I was in middle and some high school, I used to vent by listening to some heavy metal. About 6 years later the "rockstar" image came back in style. Everybody wanted to either dress like nerds or rockstarz. I kinda felt insulted...half these people aren't nerds and don't party like "rockstarz". The "rockstar" style is not just about the clothes you wear. It's a mindset thing. It's about the energy you have to give to others. I wanted my music to hit real people with the rockstar mindset. It's kind of a way to expose the fools, fakes, and the real people on some real rockstar shit.

Where does the name Sega come from? Where you a huge Sonic fan back in the day?
I was a huge fan of video games, not just Sega games. Shit, I love playing mario 3. My godbrother actually started calling me that, once in a blue because I always wanted the cheat codes to the original Mortal Kombat on Genesis. It kinda stuck with me.

Speaking of games, I just got the old school Double Dribble for my Nintendo. We should have a one on one game and post a video about that shit.
I remember that game, but it doesn't compare to NBA JAM. Grab that, then holla at me. Oh yea, I'm not a very bug fan of regulation video games; i.e. madden, live. If I'm playing a video game I wanna see some outrageous shit that people can't really do, like a triple alley oop with crazy flips or some shit. NBA JAM that's my shit!!!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smalltown Sweatbox

Beauty Bar was a hot mess on Friday. Smalltown Djs came through and wrecked it! These dudes work extremely well as a DJ duo...two of the nicest guys on and off the tables. Alot of heads came through to support and get drenched with us (it was F'ing hot!) Big shouts to Ceeplus, Kim C, Adam Bauer, Richard Henry, Prince Will, Lydia Reynolds, Katrina and everyone else that was in the spot. Above are a few flicks that I shot. Be sure to peep Annie Ray's photos linked below...amazing as always.

Also, as an added bonus, Small Town slid us a track just for you guys.
Take that, take that, take that.




Monday, June 09, 2008

Razor Sharp

PLEASE watch the video, if you had ANY DOUBT in your mind as to whether The RZA is or isn't that number one dude!!! The guy put the Wu Tang Clan together, then produced the first ODB, Method Man, Ghostface, Raekwon, and GZA records. Add 2 Kill Bill Soundtracks, acting cred and a mile high list of production credits, and BOOM! You're looking at a bonafide modern day GIANT. Gotta know that.

The RZA preforms this Thursday @ The Loft. We've got 2 pairs of tickets to give away for this show. If you want em, hit us up at and put the words RZA tickets in the subject.


Wu Tang Clan w/ Erykah Badu "The Heart Gently Weeps".

Friday, June 06, 2008

Block Party this Saturday!!! Bring Booze.

East Dallas got it on lock this Saturday!!! My up the street neighbors are throwing a little block party on Saturday, complete with bands, BBQ, and apparently some sort of wet T-Shirt contest... It's free, it starts at 6 and goes till people start getting arrested. Come out and get your summertime on!!! They're supposed to be blocking off the street and the whole thing. Sounds kinda "anything goes..." Bring some loot to throw in on the keg. And tip the DJ (generously).

The La Vista Ct Block Party
Saturday June 7th 6pm till ...
5805 La Vista Ct. (Corner of La Vista Ct. & Matilda)
Dallas TX


Scarves and Bowties
Fancy Fist
Nouns Group
Sarah Jaffe
DJ Nature
Jive Turkeys


Born In A Small Town

I met Pete about two years ago when he was down for the uber white fest we like to call, Austin City Limits festival. Our good friend, Dj Mel, had booked him for an after party that I was supposed to play at as well and well I didn't make it cause of... lets say "stomach cramps". We stayed in touch ever since and now I can call dude a really good friend and homie. If you have ever been able to catch a Smalltown set, I highly recommend it. I have never seen a dj duo play off of each other so well! Both Mikey and Pete share an amazing taste in music and are the downright funniest guys to hang out with. I challenged them to a game of Double Dribble, so stay tuned for the Youtube video. I can also happily say that Smalltown had a major part in connecting me and my special someone. If there is ever a wedding, you know who the djs will be!!!

If you didn't know already, the homies Smalltown Djs are joining us at Beauty Bar this evening. Sooo, if you live in Austin and you like to dance...there is no excuse to miss this one. Sober's driving down and we will be warming it up on 4 tables before our dudes Pete & Mike go on and straight murder it! If you have seen these guys do their thing before, you know they don't disapoint, if you haven't get ready to become a believer. Austin, Beauty Bar...

It goes down!

Tell us who you are. Names, where you from, background stuff.
Pete Emes & Mike Grimes - both from Calgary, Canada

How long have you two been working under the name Smalltown Djs? Where did that come from?
Smalltown started in 2000 - when we did our first mixtape. It was called Emes & Grimes are Smalltown DJs. It's a reference to the fact that despite being a city of over a million - our scene was still real small town back then. As well as the fact that compared to the real big cities of the world - Calgary was and still is a small town.

I know whenever we get to kick it, you guys seem to be really close friends. Do you guys have any funny stories or fights that you can tell us about?
We have too many stories - one of my favorites is when Grimes had to come out from behind the decks to bounce two unruly dudes at once. He had them both by the scruff of the neck at the same time! They were terrified. But we're just out to consistently have the best time possible.

Tell us about Canada and how things are going for you guys.
Canada is great! We have alot going on right now. We have a bunch of fun festival gigs this summer. And we're throwing a bunch of parties that we are really excited about, as well as some fun sudio projects. This fall we are doing a European tour. So that should be outrageous. We just wrapped up our Vegas residency - we were there every Friday for 9 months, and that took alot out of us so we're stoked to be back to reality.

Are you working on any new projects right now?
Yeah we have some production stuff under way with Wax Romeo (called Smalltown Romeo) - and a new CD called "Th Road Trip Mix" which we just finishing.

I know you have released vinyl in the past. I was wondering if you were plan on doing anything like that again. Do you think that vinyl is a dying format thanks to digital releases and heavy internet influence?
Our first vinyl record came out in 2003 - and we are still doing it. Although I think that the role of vinyl has changed. It used to be the best way to get your music into the clubs. Now that is not the case. So you just have to adapt. And vinyl has become more of a novelty to be honest. I think labels like Ed Banger have the right idea when promoting their records - with picture sleeves of So-Me's artwork etc. Although I still have my record collection, and can't see myself selling it - vinyl sales are definitely not what they once were.

What are some influences that got you where you are?
Well my dad was always a huge music fan - so it's in my blood. As far as artists go early on for me it was Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane and the Beastie Boys. The Beasties hit home because as a white kid from Canada I would never have thought I could be a dj until they came along. But we are both so heavily into music that we find new influences every day - and that's what inspires you to create.

Top five tracks right now?
in no particular order...

Blind - Hercules & Love Affair
Don't Touch Me - Busta Rhymes
Mars - Fake Blood
Les Artistes (XXXchange Mix) - Santogold
Hi Hater - Maino

Last, feel free to talk any shit or send shout outs or whatever.
Thanks so much for having us on here!

Oh yeah, I challenged Dj Sega to a game of Double Dribble on my old Nintendo. I am sending the invitation to you both. BRING IT!

You're dead. But can we play Blades of Steel?


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

4duos Notice

It's that time again. As a tribute to one of the best videos to come out of DFW, 4duos are releasing Notice to the web and via podcast over the next two months. Featuring: Jeremy Holmes, Mark Desouza, Guru Khalsa, Franky Machuca, Chris Goulet, Sean Reyna and more...

Texas skateboarding at it's finest!


Monday, June 02, 2008


After a long weekend (parties back to back) we are finally getting all of our photos uploaded and ready to peep. Houston photos are located right HERE.

So look, we've said it before, and apparently we just have to say it again... Houston knows how to fucking get down!!! Boondocks was pa pa pa packed!! Upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, patio, frontbar, backbar... You name it. Packed and ROWDY. Thanks to each and everyone that came out and shook it off with us. We had a blast. Gotta give an extra special "family style" thanks to: Annie Ray (amazing work as always), Houston Sneaker Summit (Thanks for the blasts), Scion, Abby, Beat Tour, Shawn, Premium, Dayta, EV, Johnny, Katrina, Mel Boogie, A Front, and Gracie Chavez...

We'll be burning down the 1400 block of Westheimer on the last Saturday of every month. TRUST. -CB


And for all those wondering who the girl on the patio with all the camera gear was... You can check for your exclusive Annie Ray look here....


Knock 'Em Out The Box

The flicks are up from The Party at Zubar on Friday night. If you have not already dipped into our Flickr and copped that default pic. you can check them out HERE. Big ups to Scion and Beat Tour, thanks to CF for always keeping that back room at sweat box capacity and thanks to Sally Glass for coming through and doing her thing!