Friday, September 29, 2006

Drop The Lime and ting....

Our guy's Tiny and Keith P are bringing Drop The Lime to Sons of Herman Hall tonight. We're basically expecting dude to burn the house down. As is usually the case with Unit One, this is some shit that Dallas isn't quite up on. Shit, I wasn't really up on dude until they put me down.

Here's a link to one of Drop The Lime's current mixtapes. Sounds pretty fucking heavy. This should make for a nice start for another fly ass weekend. One of my old friends Jason Mundo will be nicing up the party along with Keith P and our guy Schwa. Bring firearms. -CB

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Select's Mix CD FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!! ma, really...

Select's Mix CD, "She's A Receiver" has been running the streets for about 2 months now... You can download for free HERE.
Ton's of mega hard joints on there, Ratatat, Rod Lee, LowB, JR Writer, Peaches, The Pack, Lily Allen... Click here for a full track listing... We also added a little side bar on the right for Mixtape Downloads... CB all day.

Ratatat Tonight... TheAfterParty @ The Cavern

So XL's RATATAT is playing tonight at the Gypsy Tea Room. Should be a dope show. These cat's have been remixing everything under the sun and most of it has been flavor.

Check their Ghostface RUN REMIX for starters... INSANE!!!!!!!

Select and Sober will be hosting the TheAfterParty @ The Cavern with Chris from Gorilla VS Bear. They'll be laying it down from from like 11 to 12:30 and then cat's from Ratatat are gonna close out the night with their own dj set. Crazed.

TheParty vs Ratatat vs GVB... Take your panties off.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

En La Calle 5: Vybz Kartel and ting

So I'm not gonna get too deep on you this week, cause there's plenty of other shit poppin. These are the new joints for the taking. For those that just tuned in, En La Calle songs (look to the right of this post for the links..) are up for a week and then they're gone, only to be replaced by newer, faster, stronger tunes. But for now, we're co-signing on these joints...

Somehow Vybz Kartel ended up with 2 tunes on the scoreboard. Vybz is usually more hit than miss and both of these joints are straight bangers!!! The Redbull & Guiness Riddim is on blaze in the street right now, check out Select's Mixtape The Party Vol 4 "She's A Receiver" for the Movado tune on this riddim. He has it titled "The Party" on his profile. This riddim is sooo killing right now. Other Vybz is a flip on the Justin Timberlake tune "My Love", which I... can't get sick of??? Sorry yall, the synth is nutball, drums are out of control, and I'm not even mad at JT on this. Chair goes up, chair goes down, all day.

White Magic record has been on heavy rotation since my guy hit me with it last week. I don't think this has come out yet so no track names for you (enjoy track 12...). Sober hit me with this Aloe Blacc and the Boss Man tune. Gotta say, Boss Man is murder on this. Check the production, the bass is giving me a hard on (No Homo). Also got this True Affection track in the inbox, not to sure what to say about this one. You tell me. Obviously some snap shit for the art school scene. Interesting though, for less than obvious reasons... Had to throw some Cam in there on GP. Cam is the physical incarnation of everything we believe in at Centralbooking. Dallas really doesn't get it yet, and well, we're trying to change that.

Notorious tune is leading off this week cause, well, I made it, and I JUST GOT THE VINYL COPIES IN FROM XL FUCKING RECORDS THIS FRIDAY, AND IT'S BLOWING UP ON PITCHFORK, AND .... whoa, whoa,whoa.... this is gonna be it's own post. Big ups to No2self. We're fucking shining right now.

ThePartyMonthly Round 3 "The Dallas AA Scene"

Thanks to everyone who came out to Zu last week. We put Dallas on blast again!!!!! Lot's of new faces, ton's of people that apparently were there all night but I didn't see till I stepped out front at the end of the night, the usual make out session/RFTW soundtrack at 2am.... Fun shit. Alot of our normal crew was out of town for ACL, and there was like 8 million things poppin in Dtown that night, but truth be told, WE STILL KILLED IT!!!!! Love to see things jumping in Dallas, it's been a long time coming. Check out the rest of the pics HERE... And thanks again to everyone that came thru and got down with us. As always, INDEX, ADIKT, CULTURA FINA, AP, UNIT ONE, DECADE, CENTRALBOOKING, ALLDAY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

Here's a quick playlist if you had any questions....

Sober was dropping...The Federation "Stunner Shades", 2XL "The Kitty Kat Song", Kraftwerk "Boing Boom Tschak", Young Leek "Shake It & Jiggle It"

Nature dropping... Bascom X "Eyes On The Prize", Tigarah "Girl Fight", Keith Sweat feat. Silk "Lick You Up And Down", Gyptian "Serious Times"

Select dropping... The Pack "Ice Cream Song", Lily Alan "Nan You're a Window Shopper", Lil Keke "The Southside"...

Next Zubar Date is Friday, October 13th... Bring Fire Arms.

these are true stories....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

En La Calle 4. "quitate la mierda..."

I'm not gonna lie, this week's EN LA CALLE is hard rock. As always, these tunes will be up for a week (look to your right....) and then they're gone so start clicking...

Bascom X tune is straight fucking fire!!!! This is one of the tunes that recently dropped on the Sweet Sop Riddim. Nanko's "Lucky You" was the first tune to jump off of that riddim last fall (see TheParty Mixtape Vol 1) and now some other joints are starting to surface. Elephant man has a dope tune on this but my vote goes to Bascom X... This is tune is MURDER!!!!

Little cat theme in there, 2XL vs Busy Signal. Both tunes are shameless, and the type of shameless we're cutting for.

Bumped into my guy Ryan from The Strange Boys last night on some random shit. He hit me off with one of their newer records, Twice Two Makes Four. It's really that sit back and listen to the whole thing kinda joint. Super lo-fi, super hard. Hopefully, you already know what is...

Ok... Hypnotic Brass Ensemble... I'm not gonna say too much about these cats right now. I will say I saw them in Washington Square Park about a month ago and the afternoon was made. I watched em bang thru tunes for about 2 1/2 hours and sell a ton of CD's out the tuba case. The cats relocated to NYC from Chi-town about a year ago have been hitting the parks HARD. Let the tune speak.

Had to throw the Defaal Lu Wor rework back in the mix. A few people have been asking how they can get ahold of this... This tune dropped on the US&THEM/PUMA mixtape "The African Game". It's real this week.

Dummy Out Dummy Out...

So Select is determined to ghost ride the lancer to Dallas stardom this fall. It's scary and it's true. This is pretty much the new "chicken noodle soup" of the youtube game right now. Yes that means Iowa is posting (god bless the internet). My man sent me a bunch of hyphy joints for this weeks EN LA CALLE section but I figured they might warrant more of a visual explanation... Yes, it's real. Your gonna see this on Greenville sooner than you want to. Or not soon enough???

1. Tell Me When To Go (Catchdubs and Ayers REMIX)
Here's the joint that started it all. This is the Catchdubs/Ayers REMIX, cause you're probably sick of the other shit...

2. The Federation feat E-40 "I Wear My Stunna Shades At Night"
No real excuse for this one. Corey Hart rework hyphy style. It's why and why not at the same time...Put ya stunna shades on, take em off, put em back on.

3. Keak Da Sneak "Super Hyphy (That's my Word)"
Keak is kinda my favorite cat coming out of the bay right now. Dude always sounds like he's gnawing on a bone while rhymes. Beat is also fire. Can't be mad at this.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Premium Goods / Houston road trip...

So me and Select jumped out to Houston this past weekend to play some spots for Ecko Unlimited. Probably the highlight of the whole thing was the girls at Premium Goods. If you're in Houston you HAVE to hit this place. First of all these women, besides being fly, may be the coolest people on the planet. They had us up in the spot mooching off their wireless internet, cracked the fridge open for your boys, beers, coffee (for yours truly), let us mash up their lazyboys. It was all love. We hung out at Premium for the better part of 3 hours, chatting with these dimes and getting up on our old school Eddie Murphy BOOMERANG. Amazing. If the customer service was any better they'd have happy endings in the back. Check for them.

Hooked up with long time Houston DJ Cee Plus on Friday night. Dude showed mad love and put down some great music at The Grab Bar. Whooped some corny college kids off the pool table and then our guy Neil Nice mashed up some chicks pool game in front of her "man". Why do they wanna test???? Bar owner was super cool, free drinks all night, after hours boozing, hot shit. Much thanks to Cee Plus, and the folks at The Grab Bar. H town awaits us....

giant blinged out armadillo.... Random.

this is sort of beyond explanation... Houston.