Saturday, September 29, 2007

Holla at us about these tings...

It's ticket giveaway time at Centralbooking. We got 4 sets of !!! tickets for Mondays show at The Loft and we got another 4 sets for the Black Lips show on Thursday, and since we've heard that "nobody reads this thing", you've probably got a fighting chance at winning.

SOOOO if you want to hit either one (or both) of these shows for free, get at us. We'll be drawing names directly from Select's new Toronto Bluejays hat and the "lucky winners" will get an email informing them of the "good news" the night before each show.

To to get your name in the hat, just email us at and include the words "!!! tickets" or "black lips tickets" in the subject. Who loves you.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

QUEEN MAJESTY: "Yeah, I'm supposed to be in Texas right now..."

Thanks to everyone that came out to TAXI FARE last night. Queen Majesty's flight got fucked up and she was unable to make the night. We were on the phone with her yesterday and she was suuuper upset about it. We'll definitely be working to bring her out here in the next couple months. Just wanted to let people know what happened. You can send her comforting messages and first class plane tickets here...


Prince William Interviews Kingdom

Ezra Rubin is a Brooklyn-based producer, DJ, and digital artist who
performs under the name KINGDOM. KINGDOM also raps on his own
Lumberthug rave anthems, as well as producing "Dance It Off" (which
features vocals from Telfar and Melissa Burns), the first single off
his upcoming Official Kingdom Mixtape Vol. 2. His beats fuse rarer
styles like Chicago Diva House, Horror Crunk, Reggaeton, and UK Grime.

Meanwhile, he single-handedly brought back friendship bracelet bling, and his video skills demonstrate his visually aggressive portrayals of the things he loves most. Topics include vortexes, Dipset, stone walls, and special effects, all rendered in his signature mystical-psychedelic, digital style.

KINGDOM was recently featured in the "Live 2007" section of i-D
magazine and was featured on the front page of the Arts section of
the New York Times. The first volume of his mixtape series is
available at Opening Ceremony, NYC, and Printed Matter, NYC.

We are excited to have you for the premier of makermaker. Your work as a producer is enough to get you here but your mixtape and dj sets are going to work the dancefloor hard. On top of that you are premiering some new video work. its gonna be HUGE. Jackmaker is gonna jump off hard!

Let the people know a little bit about how you make your graphics and specific points of inspiration or reference.
In 2003 I made a web page for the theatrical fantasy rave performance troupe I was in called Memories Forever. The page was a sparkling GIF-laden forest environment. Since then I have been fascinated with background patterns, screensavers, magic eye, and homemade animated GIFs. The patterns I use are all custom made and always leapfrog off of old patterns I have made, by torquing them and applying effects to them. Sometimes I will scan kente or guatemalen fabrics, photo's I have taken, or even just use the single pixel pencil tool to draw shapes and then repeat them. I love crafting something mystical, spiritual, or ephemeral out of janky digital information.

Also tell me when you remix tracks like keyisha or busta does it mean you dislike the original beat or are you just giving it a new context. if that is the case, specifically what context do u see it as.
Big producers go for a pop hit so... I love top 40 hip-hop and R&B but many of the beats are overused or have been sampled too many times. I respect the original but like to take Keyshia to places she's never been. My new 909 acid-trance mix of "Let it Go" with Missy and Kim takes them to outer space while also taking them to Detroit in 1989, same thing I guess.

Tell me about something tight and your involvemennts with it.
I do Something Tight every first Thursday at Happy Ending with my boys Telfar and Timmy. It's basically just us and our friends dancing to what we want to hear. It's a pretty tight knit crew and its where people come to hear the Kingdom tracks that have not dropped yet, but also come to hear the mixtape joints that Funkmaster Flex debut the night before. It gets banjee in there sometimes.

Tell me about your feelings for Dallas.
Dallas is one of my favorite places on earth that I have been so far. Incredible shopping at the swap meets / indoor malls. Best BBQ ribs on earth. Friendly gay hip-hop clubs that play that crunk shit I need to hear. Driving around with the Prince blasting music from the future...what more could I ask for!!!???!!!

What artists or designers are you looking at, wearing ,or listening to, respectively?
There are so many people who have done and are doing incredibly inspirational things. Mike Kelley, Ryan Trecartin, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Rich Harrison, DJ Tameil, Remy Ma, Bernhard Willhelm, Walter Van Beirendonck, Terrah Danjah, Davinche, Forcefield ( R.I.P.), Aaliyah (R.I.P.), Telfar, Riff Raff Crew, NGUZUNGUZU, Hood By Air, Sterling Ruby, Tobias Bernstrup, just to name a few....

-Prince William

Also check Kingdom in the Style section of the Fader site here, grab his blazing new remix below and come to Prince William's first mothly jumpoff Jackmaker this Sun. @ The will be insane!

Keyshia Cole :: Let It Go (Kingdom 909 Remix)
Myspace :: Kingdom

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prince Klassen: LA to NY Mix

Our dude Prince Klassen just recorded this new mix yesterday before he left town for his LA/NY trip. Check out Klassen's calendar to see all the spots dude is reppin' CB. Oh, and down load the mix...It's pure GNARL!

1. v.i.m. - maggies last party
justice feat Uffie - the party
2. todd terry - the journey pt 2
3. todd terry - this will be mine
4. chromeo feat pase rock - bonafied lovin (dj eli remix)
5. armand van helden - work me gadamit 96
6. green velvet - shake and pop (mark grant remix)
7. michael jackson - wanna be startin something
8. michael jackson - mamasay loop (young professionals)
9. krames - joy & pain
10. diplo & eli - groove is in the heart
11. spank rock - race riot (unreleased)
12. duke dumont - when I hear music
13. nifty - im from Ny
14. nifty - nifty
15. dj laz - red alert
16. m.i.a. - down river



Sunday, September 23, 2007

Queen Majesty: Chinatown inna Greenville

I can honestly say that some the best nights I've had in New York were at Up Park Classics @ Kingsize. In fact, I think the last time I was there, me and my guys almost got kicked out. Which means we were having a goooood tiiiime. Queen Majesty and her crew, Deadly Dragon Sound NYC, have been throwing one of NY's best weekly's for the last 3 years. First with Fist to Fist @ Pianos and now in their second year at Kingsize.

At the risk of writing a mega long intro trying to explain just how fresh this woman is, let's just say that this Wednesday is gonna be a real treat for Dallas. Amazing DJ, big time record nerd, sick Salt N Pepa costume wearer, etc. Queen Majesty will be guesting with me this Wednesday at TAXI FARE (Zubar backroom).

I caught up with her Sunday via AIM and we took a min to talk about her night at Kingsize, how see's her "sound", her early dj experiences, and whatever else came to mind. Here's how it went down...

Nature: I guess right off the bat, you're from NY born and raised?

Queen Majesty: Born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I moved to NYC in 1994.

N: You move for school, or just on some "I'm moving to the city" ting?

QM: School, F.I.T., but really it was just an excuse to move here.

N: True... So when did you start djing?

QM: In 2000, I had been collecting records since I moved here and me and some friends just starting throwing some parties around town.

N: What kind of spots?

QM: Just small clubs in the East Village and Williamsburg. I was playing a lot more dub and 70's reggae back then, and the guys I started playing with played a little bit of everything.

N: Yeah, that was another question of mine. When we first met up I asked you what styles of music you liked to play and you told me that on a personal level you were into all kinds of things, but when it came to djing, you played strictly reggae. Part of me was really suprised by that, being that the current atmosphere in NYC is really conducive to playing multiple genres. Are you still strictly reggae, and if so, can you maybe talk about why?

while waiting for her responce (the AIM the typing prompt had been active for about 5 mins) my stolen internet connection decides to crap out on me. Scrambled around the room trying to catch a signal and called up QM to let her know what was going on. And to copy her text...

QM: hahahaha

N: I was like, apple C, apple C!!!

QM: C-reiosly...

text appears..

QM: Yeah I still only play strictly reggae, mostly dancehall. Reggae is obviously a very special genre of music and I didn't necessarily want to become a DJ, I just started djing so that I can play the Jamaican music I have. And the more I learned about it, the more I fell in love with it, the more I collected it. There are a lot of subtleties to selecting reggae, and, in my opinion, you can't grasp all of them if you play many different kinds of music. Also, since there are so many dj's who play so many varied things, I think it works for me to be known for my specific knowledge in this area of music.

N: Well put.

QM: Thanks.

N: I've been buying and playing reggae since '98 but it's not really the same as collecting it or selecting it. It's EXPANSIVE. One of the tunes really made me start buying reggae records was Sizzla's "Babylon A Use Dem Brain". "Praise Ye Jah" was a big record for me too. These records made me go out and look for more Sizzla stuff, which led me to Capleton, and then... You know. Scientist wins the World Cup, and Aswads "Dub Fire" kinda got me looking for dub and roots records... Could you name a couple of the tunes that really got you motivated to explore the genre? Or maybe shows or other selectors that made an early impression on you.

QM: First of all, yes, it's EXPANSIVE. So unbelievably expansive. And not at all easy to find all of the good tunes. I think Soul Jazz records out of England has consistently done a great job in their compilations of Studio One and other ones as well. Both selection-wise and quality-wise. I always suggest people to go out and buy compilations when first trying to get into reggae, it's the best way to get a feel of what you like and would like to explore more. I got into reggae chronologically, so a few of my first albums were The Skatalites, The Upsetters, Phyllis Dillon, The Heptones, The Cables, Delroy Wilson, Ken Boothe... Mostly Studio One, Treasure Isle and and other foundation. Undeniably beautiful and amazing music.

N: Can you talk a little about Deady Dragon Sound? How you met up with those guys, who are the selectors in the sound, how long you've been working together...

QM: The selectors of Deadly Dragon Sound NYC are Scratch Famous (Jeremy), JD (Jason), myself, and Mr. K (Kazuo). I met Jeremy 4 or so years ago at a party we were booked at together and since then have become close friends and DJ partners. Jason I met through Jeremy and the 3 of us have been doing a weekly party together for over 3 years now, as well as monthly events, and Jason and Jeremy opened up the store a little over 2 years ago. Mr. K is our newest recruit.

N: King Size has 3 years already?

QM: 2 years at Kingsize with Up Park Classics, one year before that at Piano's with Fist to Fist...

N:I've been missing out.

QM: hah

N: I've got like two more for ya and then I think we're good. If you can swing it? Easy ones these...

QM: Totally.

N: Thanks for real.

QM: Thank you...

N: Now i got 3...

QM: haha

N: I wanna say I saw flics of you at Tuff Gong studios right?

QM: Studio One. I went to Jamaica for the first time about 2 years ago, stayed in Kingston most of the time and somehow was lucky enough to visit Studio One. My Mecca.

N: Blurry photo too by the way. Can't really be sure it was you...

QM: hah, well I have others...

N: Bet you do.

QM: Mrs. Norma Dodd was there, King Stitt was there just hanging out, and they let me go upstairs through some 45's. I was in heaven. On the way out I decided to show Mrs. Dodd my Studio One tattoo, because I thought it might be something for her to see some crazy white girl from New York with her husband's studio logo. She took off her glasses, looked at me, and said "Now that is very very nice". King Stitt said, "She 'ave Studio One back?!?". Hah.

N: Bad ass......

N: So could maybe give me a little Queen Majesty Current Top Tunes list? Things you're feeling at the moment?

QM: Sure, in no particular order, these i'm listening to a lot / and or playing regularly at the moment:

1. Chuck Turner - Trying to Conquer I
2. Mikey General - Sound Doctor
3. Pad Anthony - Turn Me Loose
4. White Mice - Youths of Today
5. Lady June - Don't Touch the Crack

N: Slamming. I haven't heard any of those tunes yet.

QM: Just gonna throw a few more out, hah. Put in however many you want.

N: Please do. Fuck, I'm puttin 'em all in.

6. Junior Cat - Kingston, Jamaica
7. Tony Rebel - It Can't Work
8. Sammy Levi - Come Off the Road
9. Junior Bammer - New Rude Boy
10. Johnny Osbourne - No Lollipop No Sweet So

N: Thanks for those...

N: Ok, last question... There’s obviously a ton of selectors in NYC, everyone with their own style and tastes. How would you or maybe someone who knows you well describe your sound. What’s some “real Queen Majesty” shit? Could be tunes or could be something you’re kinda known for doing…

QM: You know, I would actually like to ask someone how they would describe my sound. I tend to play a lot of 80's dancehall, and I'm often drawn to darker sounding riddims like Tempo, Mr. Bassie, Haunted or Galore, but I also love ones like Love I Can Feel, Fiesta and Mud Up. I definitely wouldn't be known for modern roots or dropping all of the latest things straight out of JA...

11:30 PM

N: That was real Coltrane right there. Well spoken...

Queen Majesty will be guest selector at Taxi Fare this Wednesday @ Zubar. It's free, and she's obviously amazing. If you miss this, there's just no excuse for you...

TAXI FARE w/ Nature and special guest selector Queen Majesty (NYC)

- Nature


We have uploaded our photos from Friday's Party @ Zubar. Click right here for the evidence. Check back with us for interviews and tracks from Queen Majesty and Kingdom.

Photos :: 1, 2 with it


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TAXI FARE 9/19: Bad From Mi Born

Thanks to everyone that rolled thru Zubar last week for the first Taxi Fare. Had alot of really good responce, which makes the kid wanna dig even deeper into vaults this week.

Don't forget to get your little Red Stripes poppin, this week we got 'em for $3 dollas all night long!!!! Yeah. Wednesday's the new Thursday with that shit.

Several people hit me over the week saying that they we're digging the riddim blogging and the little preview of the night so we're gonna keep it going. Here's this weeks toughest tunes....

Munga - Bad From Mi Born
I got a rough copy of this a couple months ago, but it was mis-labeled so it took me some work to finally get the low down on this one. My guy DeBECK from NYC's Deadly Dragon Sound slipped a copy of the 7" into the hands of one of my good friends on their last trip to the city. This is THE tune right now. It's hand's down the biggest tune of the night. Anywhere. Tune is on the Sativa Riddim, and it's sharing the spotlight (really kinda hogging it though) with the huge Vybz tune "Floating By". I was chopping it up with Shakira from Palm Beach the other day and asked her about the tune. She started pounding on the bar.... Huge. On some FYI shit, the video I posted is a mix, starts with "Flipping Rhymes" on the Higher Altitude Riddim and then at the half way point jumps into Bad From Mi Born. That's 2 for 1.

Munga - Take My Place
TOUGH TUNE!!!!!! Munga smashes this. Dirty South mucho hi-hats type beat, G'd out vocoder hook. I remember calling one of my dudes from South Dallas about the time "Tear The Fucking Club Up" dropped and he was telling me that they had banned it in alot of spots cause people were actually tearing the fucking club up. This comes off something like that. Munga in kinda owning the ting right now.

Yami Bolo - When A Man's In Love
It's like you ain't playing reggae if you're not fucking this tune. This is on the way way classic Stalag Riddim, along side big tunes from Sister Nancy, Shabba, General Echo, Super Beagle, Tenor Saw, and more or less half of Reggae's ruling class. This even get's bonus points for being sampled by Mad Lion for the 90's classic "Take It Easy". They took probably the sweetest soul type version, and flipped it into an internation street anthem. Click it, put it on blast.

Richie Spice - Brown Skin
I really can't say enough good things about this tune. This is like some straight Keith Sweat shit right here. You can pretty much count on sealing the deal when you pop this in the deck. BIG BIG BIG lovers rock tune from Richie Spice on the Heavenly Riddim. Addictive. Super addictive.

Morgan Heritage - Brooklyn And Jamaica
If you've lived in Crown Heights you can stop reading here. If no, just know that the BK and Kingston are basicaly joined at the hip. Oh, and when the VP float hits Eastern Parkway, look the fuck out. This is a killa tune that put's that NYC/JA experience into words. It's on the Statement Riddim, which, let me tell you, has nothing but heat on it. Big tunes on Statement from Elephant w/ "Put Down The Gun", T.O.K's "Concience", and Sizzla's "I Wanna Know You". Even the Version got special treatment. Sooo good.

Rekha - No Guts
So, it doesn't get much tougher than the Bad Dog Riddim. And this tune is HARD ROCK. "Middle fingers to the enemy....." This riddim has nuff tough tunes, Mad Cobra's "AA", Movado on the riddim with "Don't Mess Around', but Rekha comes with this kinda pop approach that sort of smooths the tune out, but kinda makes it the hardest version at the same time... I'm gonna make yall sick of this song.

Dtown, you know what it is. Que vengas...


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

VHS or BETA's got a Thursday ting...

Our Kentucky favorites VHS or Beta will be stopping thru Dtown this thursday for a show at the Granada Theater. I think everyone remembers how crunk The Loft show was with these guys and Roxy. Should be a nice show. Two finger rule is way in effect for this one. Ya heard. We'll be rocking shorts...

Thursday, Sept 20
VHS or Beta
@ The Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 824-9933


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cobrasnake / Hecox fotos. Mira Mira...

Thanks to everyone one that came to the The Public Trust and the little afterparty despues. And the Afterafter party at the CF hacienda.

It's doulbe the vanity this week. You can check the Centralbooking fotos from last night here, and then take a peek at our guy Mark's fotos on...The Cobra Snake. However, I'll bet a nickel to a soda water you've already been there, twice...

Don't forget, we got Taxi Fare on Wednesday, and The Party at Zubar on Friday. Centralbooking, ya sabes.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekend Reminder


Monday, September 10, 2007

TAXI FARE: Dance inna Greenville

Got a new night that's gonna be poppin off Wednesdays at Zubar. I've been wanting to do a reggae night for awhiiiiiiile now. Just really an opportunity to play alot of these Crown Heights / JA tunes that i've been digging on at the house and collecting over the last few years. As has always been the case with reggae, the deeper I dig into it, the more addictive it becomes.

JA has ALWAYS been on some fly shit, fashion, music, vocab, film, and, truth be told, these last few years have been SOLID years for reggae. I mean artists alone, we've seen Gyptian, I Wayne, Damian Marley, Jah Cure, Collie Buddz, Alborosie, Turbulence all land huge records in NYC and London on 1 drop riddims (previously unheard of), and we've seen staples like Cham and Vegas make huge moves in bringing dancehall to commercial radio with tunes like Ghetto Story and Hot Fuk. Shit, London reggae staple Trojan Records even crawled out of the grave to give things another go around. JA is kinda hot right now. This night is definitely going to be some mid week shit to look forward to. There it is.

On some bonus shit, I put together a quick playlist of Jamaican tunes that I'm fucking with right now to give yall an idea of just how deep the menu is. ALL OF THE JOINTS ARE MURDER!!!!!! Click on the track names to for a link to download em.

Buju Banton - Driver
This is no doubt the biggest tune on the recently revised Taxi Riddim, and also an obvious inspiration for the name and direction of this night. "Driver" breaks down the taxi cab weed delivery game, in JA, and every other respectable hood around the world. Don't get it twisted, Taxi drivers move that shit!!!!!!! Buju paints a perfect picture with this one. Can't wait to hear this blasting out of one of those Ethiopian powered DFW cabs. Best belive the 7-11 dudes are getting hard copies of the next mixtape.

Capleton - Jah Protect Us (radioshow version)
So while trying to download the proper tune I came across this rip of a London radio show rocking the shit out of this joint. Just check how tough this comes off. Capleton is KILLING it, and then the radio Jock is all over the track hypeing the shit out of it. "Bootleggers EASE OFF..." WHAT!!!!!?? This show is the shit!!! He's calling out bootleggers and bigging up his boys live on the radio???!!! It gets no better than this. "BigBigBigBigBigBigBig".

Michigan and Smiley - Nice Up The Dance
Really hard to top this joint. This is CLASSIC Studio One Reggae. The lazer sounds, the tambourine, the fucking vocals, and then that hornline that just seals the deal. This tune, and the riddim (Real Rock), were the foundation for at least 50 other amazing tunes. Sick sick sick .

Mr. Vegas - Blood Stein
This is new from Mr Vegas on the Tremor Riddim. It's one of the those tunes that make you sort of wanna puke when you hear it loud for the first time. OFF-THE-FUCKING-HOOK!!!! Wouldn't be mad if somebody actually shot up the club when I drop this. Vegas murders this tune, the sick thing is that almost everything on this riddim is huge. This one though, goddam.

Alborosie - Rastafari Anthem
Alborosie is rolling preeetttty hard right now. Kingston Town is huge in the street and this dude just keeps flipping more fire based joints. Rastafari Anthem takes Collie Buddz "Come Around Riddim" and puts that real rasta mash on it. If you we're feeling Come Around, this is that next shit. "In a city poor people they get wise, you naw waan romp wit me again." TOUGH.

Mr. Vegas - Lean Wit It
This was the first tune I got on this riddim about 4 months back and I'm stiiillll fucking with it. Lean Wit It dropped about the same time as Hot Fuk, so it sort of stayed tucked away in the shadow of that tune. Vegas is murdering so many riddims right now. This is no exception.

Linval Thompson - All Night Long
Ease up baby ease up. Linval tells his girl to keep it down over this banging lovers track. Some odd sort of bell sound in the back just sort of takes this tune over the top. This is Linval produced with the Roots Radics band circa 1983. Incredible.

Beniton Da Menace - Shootout
So Sean Kingston is blowing up the place with his single Beautiful Girls. It's a fun tune and there's plenty more heat on this riddim. Tunes from Collie Buddz, Vybz, Sizzla. This joint was passed to me by my man $elect. You're gonna be hearing alot of this Beniton joint. Every time my guy plays this tune he does his old school tough guy dance right there in the DJ booth. Download it and rock it at the house, in the whip, etc. However, if he catches you playing this in the club, you're probably gonna catch fucking beat down cause he'll know you downloaded it off of here. Stay off his dick.

Mr. Vegas - Taxi Fare
Self Explanatory.

Wednesdays @ Zubar
2012 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, Texas


Egypt Egypt

Imagine being 8 or so hearing this crazy pounding beat coming out of the trunk of a cutlass classic and seeing some vatos with beer in hand just lamping in front of the car with nothing to do but make the best of it. I witnessed this almost every day growing up in San Antonio and if it were my choice I would not have had it any other way. I think about how much music and culture I was exposed to while I was growing up. Cruising up and down Southwest Military with friends and my brother every sunday, going to school lock ins, frequenting the local flea markets with my family. Stereos were blasting everywhere we went! This was the late 80s and early 90s. I cant tell you the first time I heard Egyptian Lover, but I can tell you how much he has influenced me and so many others. San Antonio had (or should I say, has) such a large appreciation for what we now know as Electro Funk and Freestyle. Mix tapes at the flea market, trying to scratch Mic Mac records at friends houses, Z Cavaricci pants, and wing tip patent leather shoes. The look was on, the dance was on, the music drove it all. Cynthia, Debbie Deb, Tka, George Lamond, Johnny O, Stevie B, Jonzun crew, it was on the radio, in the tape decks, at the pizza joints. As I started getting older, learning about what I was listening to, and trying to remember stuff from my youth there was a song that really stood out. I remember "Egypt, Egypt" being played at all the lock ins. I didnt know what it was, who it was, or where I could get it. Luckily my brother (who basically shaped me and my musical tastes at an early age) was on it and knew exactly what I was talking about. When we really got into club music and djing, I took it to another level and managed to seek out anything I could remember from those lock ins (I still buy duplicates and triplicates of those things). I am honored and thankful to be able to really nurture the sound and interview one of the historical figures of Electro Funk. The questions come to mind, what is a dj if he cant scratch? what is mc if he cant rap? what is a beat without a live clap? Well here is the man that can do it all baby, just like this...

Who are you? Who do you roll with? Tell us about yourself (history, fave foods, whatever)
I am a kid from Los Angeles that wanted to make music like Kraftwerk so bad, that when I heard "Planet Rock" I told myself..."See, I knew it would hit" That was my beginning. That music with crazy sounds and nice beats, listening to Prince, and for Uncle Jam's Army made me who I am today. An Electro / Old School / Hip Hop Pioneer that just loves making music. Hearing good music in the clubs is my favorite thing to do. I like doing a lot of things, collecting Old School Toys, Records, Keyboards, It's just so much fun seeing these things from the early 80's. As far as my favorite food...I love pastrami, spaghetti, cheese cake, steak, buffalo wings, shrimp, gumbo and all kinds of soul food. Hot and Spicy Baby!

Now I have been following your career for some time now, can you give some of the readers a background as to how you came to be the electro force and innovator that you are.
I just wanted to hear beats while I was a D.J. in Uncle Jam's Army. Just dance to breakdowns and maybe some Prince vocals would be cool. No one was doing this so I did. It was all just fun, not trying to make a new kind of music, I was just having fun. And Electro was born.

Who have you worked with in the past and is there anyone you would like to work with now?
I have worked with many people but I like doing things on my own. It seems so much easier to do it by myself. I go into the studio and just go at it. Loud Beats from the 808 and just groovin'. But I have worked with Dynamix II, Jimmy Edgar, Jamie Jupiter, Electro Bass 7, Clone Machine, Dez, Rodney O, Bobby Jimmy, Sir Music, Arabian Prince, and many many others. I would love to work with Dre, Prince, Kraftwerk, Pretty Tony and Scott Scorch.

What sort of equipment is crucial to create the sound you have mastered? I could be wrong, but are you still using some of the old equipment that you have been using for years?
I Love Love Love my Roland TR808 Drum Machine. I still use it and I also use Fruity Loops because they have a great 808 program. I still use my Old Roland Vocoder, and I still use all kinds of Keyboards, old and new. Roland stuff is my favorite.

How many releases were put out on your label, Egyptian Empire records?
Many, Too many to name. In 2008 all my stuff will be available again on vinyl.

On The Nile
One Track Mind
King of Ecstasy (Greatest Hits)
Get into it
Back from the Tomb
Platinum Pyramids
Pyramix 2
Classic 12" singles
and Rare Re-Mixes

Did you feel any sort of animosity between yourself and some of the LA producers of the time?
No, never. I get along with everyone and everyone gets along with me. I still see them around and everyone gives me props. It's cool being one of the first L.A. producers of Hip Hop.

Have you been keeping up with the progression of the electro funk style? There are people that have obviously taken cues from you such as detroit's Jimmy Edgar.
I only hear a few things but I love it and I love where it is going. Myspace has many Electro Artist and they all have great music. The future for Electro looks damn good.

I know you and I talked about new material that you working on, when can we be expecting that?
SOON! Most of 2008 I will be releasing stuff every month.

Jamie Jupiter
Electro Bass 7
Egyptian Lover
and alot of re releases.

Can you tell us about some of your musical influences growing up and in your music?
Kraftwerk, Prince, Super Rhymes, Gap band, Ohio Players, The Time, Jessie Johnson, Con Funk Shun, Soul Sonic Force, Africa Bambaataa, Gary Numan, ABC, Art of Noise, and all of the stuff that was played on L.A. radio. Los Angeles was jammin. Tony Joseph and Michael Moore use to get down. I got me mix style started from them.

Last thing, feel free to talk about whatever you feel like here. Tours, girls, love, politics...have at it my man.

Tour...I am doing shows all over the world showing off my D.J. skills and performing with Jamie Jupiter. It is so much fun.

Groopies Groopies Groopies...Being young and a D.J. it was so much fun. Then becoming a recording artist was even better. Girls love a successful man. I have lived 20 life times and have had a great life. Music is my only child. I love my music. I have so many songs I never released and I listen to them and wonder what the world would have done if they heard them? I just may put them out at the end of 2008. Look out for them. The song "Vibrator" is the Jam.

Love...My love is my wife. The person that introduced me to the first Kraftwerk album I ever heard. "Computer World" We went to High School together and met again at her 10 year reunion. We been together since then. I must say..I Love Her!

Politics...I don't care. I just wish it was peace around the world. The world is such a nice place. I only hope more people get to see it.

Egyptian Lover Will be playing this Friday @ Minc with our dude Sober. Don't sleep on this one.

Minc Lounge
813 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226

-Prince Klassen

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yo Majesty: We don't say the top's down...

Thanks to everybody that made that move to the Yo Maj show this weekend. Love that our crowd can come in and just mash up any spot. Gotta say happy B day to our girl Rita, tu sabes lo que es... Dancehall reggae on some skyline shit, Yo Maj tops off inside?!?! Baby... You can check the photos right here.


Evan Hecox // Cobra Snake // Public Trust // CB

We're teaming up with The Public Trust and The Cobra Snake for a start early end late Evan Hecox show. There's an early book signing at Centre, artist reception at the PT gallery (formerly Art Prostitute) and even a little afterparty on some "rich and famous" LA shit. Here's the basic run down....

The Public Trust and the Deep Ellum Foundation Present
Urban Abstract: New work by Evan Hecox
September 15–October 15, 2007

Artist Reception: Saturday September 15, 2007 (7-10PM)
The Public Trust
2919-C Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226
214.760.7170 //
The Party will be on the turntables throughout. Special guest The Cobra Snake will be in attendance.
The Public Trust is a member of CADD (Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas)

Book Signing with Evan Hecox at Centre
5331 E. Mockingbird Lane Suite 105 // Dallas, TX 75206
214.821.2028 //
This is the debut release of Hecox's first hardcover monograph. They will retail for $40.

This is the first solo exhibition of Hecox's work with The Public Trust. This will coincide with the release of his first hardcover monograph Urban Abstract: The Artwork of Evan Hecox.

To purchase work in advance of the opening email and a preview pdf document will be sent to you.

Internationally acclaimed artist, Evan Hecox, releases his first monograph September 15, 2007. Urban Abstract: The Artwork of Evan Hecox, the inaugural publication by Bee Lee Gee Press, consists solely of the fine art of the Denver based artist. The work dates back as early as 1994 composing an extensive catalogue of his paintings, drawings and installation photographs. The handmade quality of Hecox’s work resonates in the 32 pages dedicated to his linoleum block prints, which are reproduced as if they were printed by the artist himself. Matthew Thompson, Assistant Curator at the Aspen Art Museum, contextualizes the work in an essay while the viewer takes an in-depth look at the artist’s studio through the photographs of Misty Keasler. The book was designed by Brian Gibb of Art Prostitute.

Evan Hecox is an artist and graphic designer who has become known largely through the subculture of skateboarding, having produced hundreds of skateboard graphics since 1997. He has also emerged as a fine artist having shown work in galleries both in the United States and abroad, including solo shows in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, and group shows in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Paris and London. He creates drawings, paintings, and prints based upon his observations of environments, people, cars and signage. His works depict city scenes or isolated elements that are almost cinematic in their stark contrast and abstraction. Hecox is fascinated with the complexity of the urban landscape and people from the mundane surroundings that one would normally overlook. Like snapshots or filmstrips, his art captures the everyday existence of the average person as they traverse the detritus of the modern metropolis. His stylistic approach is based on the process of amplification as it affects form and color, breaking down the image, removing elements and emphasizing others. His interest in the urban landscape began during the time he lived in the Mission District of San Francisco and he has since drawn inspiration from many places where he has traveled. His work was included in the exhibition and book, Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture, which documents 30 years worth of art, design, photography and culture surrounding the worlds of surfing, skateboarding, punk rock, hip-hop and graffiti.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vol. 5 "Hands Up" El nuevo mixtape de The Party

It's been a year since our last mixtape so we figured, you know, why not. "Hands Up" is the fifth mixtape from the Centralbooking camp, Thanks to everyone who hit us with tracks and phone calls for the mix. Dtown, you know what it is...

Click it, put on the block.

The Party Vol. 5 "Hands Up"
mixed by $elect, Sober, and Nature.

1. Mima - Ojo Avizor (DJ Nature Remix)
2. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Eli & Diplo rmx)
3. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (d.i.m. remix)
4. Yelle - À Cause des Garçons (Sta Remix)
5. FAM-LAY - Let it Drop (Red Foxx rmx)
6. Pase Rock - Lindsay Lohan's Revenge
7. Armand Van Helden - Playmate (Featuring Roxy Cottontail & Lacole 'ttigga' Campbell)
8. Dave Nada - Pump it up
9. Blaqstarr - Tote It
10. Blaqstarr - Hands Up Thumbs Down
11. Krames - Oh my god
12. M.I.A. - URAQT (Luvtek rmx)
13. B - Easy - Bongo Joint rmx
14. Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (Krazy Fiesta rmx)
15. Bonde Do Role - Gasolina (Crookers rmx)
16. Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Tobaco (Radioclit rmx)
17. Natalie Storm - Hot Fuck
18. Youngbloodz - Don't Start No Shit (Klever rmx)
19. Soulja Boy - Crank Dat
20. Cool Kids - Gold and pager (Klever's Ride Big Mixxx)
21. Eazy E - Boyz -N- The Hood (Cumbia rmx)