Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tell your boyfriend you can't go see Spiderman on Sat...

The CB crew is about to drop it on ATX this weekend. We'll be setting it off at Wahoo's this Sat from 10-twoish. That's The Party entero mama... Prince Klassen, Nature, $elect, and Sober, goddam... It's gonna be crazed. I mean last time $elect was in Atown he uprooted a baby tree on the way out to the car, that's AFTER spraying beer all over Ayers and repeatedly threatening to "punch a cop". Have your designated driver situation sorted out....that's all I'm saying. Seriously. We're gonna burn that part of Austin down.

This is an 18+ party AND it's free so that'll leave you with plenty of drinking money and some cash for you to flash at those 19yr old birds. Plus Knoxy's gonna shoot the ting so you already know what it is. We're rolling with Motive807, Skatepark Of Austin, Four Duos and DVS. Officiallllllll.

Before this kicks off there's a manual contest at Skatepark Of Austin called Manny Mania. This is a nation-wide event sponsored by Redbull which means SOA will be on blast all day and you probably won't be able to go to sleep soooo. After party.....

can't ever get tired of this. manual king.

- Nate

Monday, May 28, 2007


Ok, so a few days ago I rolled down to Austin to check out the homie Klever rip it up with fellow legends Craze & Q-bert. The show was preeetttty nice. Austin's Table Manners Crew opened up, then Klev and Craze smashed it on some dance party shit, and Q-bert did this.... After Q's set he called the rest of the crew up to get down. Nick nack, Klev and Craze rocked out and made this show one that will go down in the books.

Below is a new club track from Klever that is sure to keep people grinding at your next dance party.

Klever Vs. Kells


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Devlin In The D

This is my dude, hands down. We met two sxsw ago (austin measure of time, man I have been here too long) when Spank Rock was touring on one of the initial legs of the YOYOYOYO tour. They routed that same tour back through Austin a month or so later and we played a show at Emos together. All I can say is that was the one of the best live shows I have ever been to and been a part of. Through all the touring, remixes, guest appearances and side projects, Devlin is still a down ass dude. I wish I could say that about Darko, hahahaha (what up ronnie!). Baltimore Bass Connection in its core pairing will be playing this Saturday at the Lizard Lounge Rave jump off. Go grab the new Fabriclive mix cd from Spank Rock and be on the look out for new Fully Fitted releases and the China Town Bus Tour coming soon.

C. Rockswell, Mr. Devlin..."the good cop" down with Ronnnie D "the bad cop", The armanixxxchange, Pase "the god" Rock, Cool Disco MC Spankro, Chipset, Pretty Titty and The Klayston Prince, amongst

It came about in 2004 when Alex (xxxchange) and I did this mix called Voila, holler at me for a section,

Yeah Spank Rock then BBC, now Fully Fitted soon to be Crabtops.

NO. Never but it feels so right. I love seeing all these places and it makes going home so sweet too.

A 12" release of the Chipset/ Rockswell 50 ways to leave your lover edit bbc sound. We've got Scottie B and Flosstradamus on the remixes. Also, Alex and I recently finished a remix for Kudu, italo disco style rework of "lets finished what we started", it sounds good in the club, at home the jury is still out. The fully fitted team (Alex, Ron, Pase and I) also just turned in an edit of Dj Class's "Rollit, Lightit, Smokeit" for an Unruly comp due out soon, check them at unruly online.

David Gilmore of Pink Floyd. I just want to sit in chairs behind all the dope dudes and figure out how to make music.

Right now, well my crew keeps me critical and hungry. Cosmo Baker was a big influence. Tony Touch. I've been watching the Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" documentary. It's amazing and has been making me think about music a lot. Also I'm feeling the Panda Bear record and the new LCD soundsystem too. I think I would like to figure out how to make some cool ass cinematic sounding dance music like them but hey I'm just a DJ wamp wamp. whatch out.

For the record, Lilly Allen ain't nice and Peaches is dope.

- Fresh Prince

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Index Demo

The new concrete skatepark in Irving will be opening this Thursday. Our dudes from Index are going to show the people how it's done and break the park in something proper. The demo kicks off around 4pm, get there early for some of the promised, fun, food and prizes!


Bonde do Role new video.

If you didn't know yet, Bonde do Role is back with a brand new album. You can pick it up on itunes.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

En La Calle 17: Still rainin' on all ya'll...


Selda - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
Oh my god! I been listening for awhile now, and I can't get over how funky it is. This was reissued early this year on Finder Keepers. The label keeps putting out these nuggets of odd and super rare joints that I can't get enough of. Selda was one of the most outspoken folk artists in Turkey during her hay day, and though I don't know what she is saying, there is so much soul put into her playing and singing. I mean this is really on some Madlib where did you find that type shit!

Big Tuck feat. Bun B - Texas Takeova
Basically this is my theme and well, it should be yours too. I know the Dallas people know what this is all about, and I am sure that Houston heads are up for it cause my man Bun is on it... I just want to know when San Antonio and Austin are going to get their shine on. I mean, am I going to have to start rapping now? Anyway, this is on some G Funk ish with a Texas twist. One of the many summer jams about to come out from the CB boys, just watch.

Tracey Thorn - Raise The Roof
the last track on the album and she calls it Raise The Roof, how down is this girl? She not only gave us some of the most catchy 90's house hits ever, but now manages to get down on some D train style tracks with Ewan Pearson and makes me happy all over again. This not only mixes with, but reminds me so much of SOS band "Just Be Good To Me". 80's done the right way, eff all that hipster stuff. I mean haven't you noticed that dance rock is the new hardcore... or at least it seems like most Austin hardcore kids now want to make dance music. I don't get it, maybe I wasn't into the right hardcore.


Ron C - South Dallas Drop
This Gem here is off of Dallas's own Ron C's 1989 album "C" YA. This track is the one that stands out to me, for obvious reasons. Trendsetter was the 12" off of the album and a mini truck anthem at that. Check the track at around 2:07 for a little hood shout out "DFW" style. Someone please make up an official dance for this cut.

2 Live Crew - Throw The D
Carrying on in the BASS catagory, I had to put this one up. You can always count on 2 live crew for the ultimate jam to add to your mini truck playlist. After the South Dallas Drop, I could only wish that throw that D was some kind of secret Dallas hand signal but I think it means something else. We can all have hopes.

Wine-O - Hokey Pokey
Brand new heat from Wine-O. First he had everyone poppin' their trunk, now you best believe the Hokey Pokey will be the new dance look in the club. Put this track in rotation, figure out the official dance and let's do this on June 9th. "Do that Hokey Pokey"


Vega 4 - Traffic Jam (Styrafoamkid Remix)
Ya'll mighta' caught that Vega 4 track on Grey's Anatomy awhile back but this remix is the real deal. Rolling bass and 808s, action-packed for the dance floor so you can slay the aforementioned hardcore/dance punk kids.

Skream - Losing Control
Dubstep's wunderkid at it again. If you know anything about dubstep you know this is gold and I don't have to explain anything. Skreamizm Vol. 3 is hot off the presses and this track pops it off with the massive steppa's rhythm. Easy nah rudebwoy, ya'll just wait. We're gonna be killing it with the rave soon...

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business (Krames Re-Edit)
Now I'm telling you. We here at CB are working tirelessly on Krames' Dallas debut. Sweat this hard, do not sleep. Dude kills it with every remix, and here he offers up an expert re-edit of Leeds' post-punk darlings Delta 5. You wanna know what dance rock bands are trying to sound like? It's this right here, and tailor-made for the dance floor at that. What's it we always say around here? Oh yeah, "please believe me."


It Will Last Longer

The Party photos have been posted from Friday night. The place was packed with flavor as always, see for yourself. Thanks again to everyone who rolled through the spot and welcomed Nature back to the D. Get ready for the next one, we have Krames doing it big on June 9th and it's FREE...Holla!


Friday, May 18, 2007

For The Record

Friday :: The Party @ Zubar (!!!!!!!)

For those of you that don't know, Dj Nature's back in town and the original trio is going to murder it tonight at Zubar. It's FREE as always and guaranteed to be "alot like sex". Also we're gonna shut down Dallas. So there's that...

Saturday :: Nature and Sober will be doing guest radio sets on the legendary Ez Eddie D's show "Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught" The show runs from 5pm until 7pm... Record the show over your friends 80's tapes!!!!!

$elect and Sober will be spinning records on the patio from 8pm until 12am, if the weather permits. Enjoy this before it's 95 at night.... Know what I mean...
2533 McKinney @ McKinney Ave. & Routh St.

Sunday :: Record Swap

Our dude Rerog is hosting his second monthly record swap at the Monkey Bar. If you like old records, or you're loaded, you should swing through. There will be music for sale, up for trade and a bar to help justify purchases. It all goes down around 3pm, so get there early to find that rare 12" you have been searching for.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rita put me on...

Had one of those "holy shit this cab driver has the nastiest tunes on the block" moments awhile back. In this case it was a Dominican cat who was rocking a mix CD that "sounded like merengue". For all intensive purposes it was merengue, but SUPER stripped down and 100% digital. Kinda rap, kinda electro ish, chopped up horns, aaabbbstract lirics. Tunes were RAW. The driver cat had just gotten the mix from his guy in Santo Domingo and wasn't really trying to come off of it. I tried, for real.

SWITCH. While in Puerto Rico last month for some MIMA shows I got to meet up with the Dominican writer Rita Indiana for "drinks". During the initial "I don't know you very well so let's talk about music" part of the evening I told her about the mixtape I had heard and she sorted me out with these three tracks...

For the record, it is a style of Merengue that's coming out of Santo Domingo called "Mambo". Alot of it is made on, surprise surprise , laptops. This is kinda the lick in the DR right now, but as these things go, you really don't hear alot of it in the states. Three tunes. Enjoy.

1. Jucafry & El Sujeto - Rototen. The piano. THE HORNS. The rapping. Come on..... Dance floor look is on some snake shit too.

2. Tulile - La Culebra. Cule Culeeebra, Cule Culeeebra!!!!! Tulile appears to be an actual lunatic. He's in a toga in the "Witi Ti Wata Tao" video. Not even going into the fact that he has a song called "Witi Ti Wata Tao".... Yeah there's that. La Culebra is the hit. Obviously the chick wants the cubebra. There's even an actual attempt to imitate a rattle snake sound at the beginning of the track. It's bizarre and addictive.

3. Moreno Negron - No Mas Pumas . Apparently Pumas are like big in the Dominican cornball set (some crossovers stateside as well...) Somebody finally made a song about it. No more pumas y'all.


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808 kick drums make the girlies get dumb

Here are some bass music videos I found on youtube. Coming from San Antonio it seemed like there was a direct connection to Miami. I could not help but hear these tracks on the stereos from the cars every sunday night while we were cruising on sw military. I think about how young I was listening to so offensive music back then, but when you have an older brother and are constantly hanging with older kids you tend to pick up some of their habits. I wish I had this photo to show you of me and the 2 live crew hanging at an autograph session, but that is unfortunately going to have to be on another post. I must have been nine or ten when that photo was taken, but I remember being so pumped to meet the dudes. I realize that sir mix a lot is from seattle, but I wanted to show a wider spectrum of bass music other than the obvious dance tracks. booty clappers, cruising classic, and some comedic relief. Make sure to turn down your speakers if youre at work, this might offend some people.

splack pack - let me c ya work it (pandisc)

2 live crew - get it girl (luke records)

mc shy d - shake it (luke records)

freestyle - it's automatic (pandisc)

sir mix a lot - posses on broadway (american)

dj magic mike - drop the bass (pandisc)

the dogs - your mommas on crack rock

splack pack - shake that ass (pandisc)

fresh prince

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Overlooked Rookie

You might remember Hawatha Hurd from the WSJR show a while back at Art Prostitute gallery. He and his dude Prince William just put us on blast with this Hawatha / Krispee Ones joint "Killa In The Back Ground". Tune is the lead off to his new mixtape "Big Balls, Makin' Money" which juusst hit the streets. Mix is put together nice by DJ Drop and word is he's already in studio with our girl Princess Cut working on the next one.... Grinding. Hawatha is ex DSR (that's Tuck and TumTum) and now he's working tough with Prince William and the Krispee Ones so it's not hard to wrap your head around. Dtown.

GET IT :: Hawatha Hurd - Killa In The Back Ground


Real Talk 5

Payday Friday as usual, you know how it is, here's a few choice cuts to get you through the weekend..

DukeDaGod, Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer & Hell Rell - More Than Music
So amid all this noise (Cam'ron getting outed as leader?!), DukeDaGod breaks off with another one as the Dipset movement continues, "More Than Music Pt. 2" just dropped in the streets and I'm lovin' every minute of it. Everything you'd expect production-wise, but the younger Dips come up hard on this tape. Cha-ching!

Hell Rell - B***h Looka Here
Ruger Rell ya'll, still killin' it! "For The Hell Of It" is gonna make my summer. This one comes off Rell's mixtape with Big Mike, "Addicted To The Game Pt. 1", a freestyle over Rich Boy's beat, slayin' 'em with every line! While we're at it, props to Rich Boy's choice of production (Polow, Brian Kidd), ALWAYS on point.

Soulja Slim - Wright Me
Had to put this one up. Caught it on a forum a few weeks back and it got me and a couple co-workers wound up in discussion about the No Limit glory days. R.I.P. Magnolia Slim!

Devin the Dude feat. Andre 3000 & Snoop Dogg - What A Job
Devin the Dude is one of my favorites. Both as a rapper and a person, the Dude's just got his own style that nobody can touch. "Waitin' To Inhale" dropped at the end of March and if you don't have it yet you need to go out and buy this record serious. Super soulful production by Chuck Heat, fits all three MC's perfectly.

Timbaland, Jay-Z, & Justin Timberlake - Laff At Em (Give It To Me Remix)
This one's been floating around (including on the aforementioned "Addicted To The Game Pt. 1" mixtape), Hov proves he's still on top of the world, even dropping the Biggie reference. Might just be me, but seems Timbaland's using this track to take aim at every other super producer out there?

And don't forget to check out $ELECT & SOB3R on the decks tonight from 8PM to 12PM at Urbano. Good food, good tunes, what's not to like?

Urbano Paninoteca
2533 McKinney @ McKinney Ave. & Routh St.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I bet you didn't know that the Cultura Fina cats put their J's to use. Well, here's the proof. Can't wait to see what kind of stunts get pulled when they break out the spring board!


Just Begun

4duos at it again, kicking off the summer with their May montage. They picked a great song for the video, If you don't have this track..grab it below!

Featuring: Luke Mckirdy, Ben Dotson, Jeremy Holmes, Ryan Holloway, Sean Greene, Colby Coom, Blaine Hatten, Jonathan Smith, Will Lee, Anthony Padilla, Dave Mitchael, Eddric Escamilla, Franky Machuca, John Lopez, Chase Newton, Sean Reyna, Erik Ostos, Holland Austin, Jonahan Sturgeon, Justin Norrid, Mark Desouza, Edward Montes, Kolby Petrus, Sam Bethke, Michael Tang, Chris Goulet, Zack Ater, Rob Reed, Maurice Banuelos. Edit by PJ Medrano

SONG :: Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun


Sprang Time

The homie Brent...Haterzville founder, buhbOmp originator and international playboy EMPANADAMN comes correct with his debut buhbOmp mix for episode 7: I Came 2 Brang da Sprang. The Pride of Odessa welcomes the changing seasons with an uplifting mix of soulful tunes, feel-good vibes and summer jams. Put this one in rotation for that Sunday cruise, park look, sprang cleaning or just straight chillaxin'.

In his own words:

"With sprang upon us, I've made a feel-good mix that's long overdue in honor of the season we all look forward to. I hope you have the patience to DL it. If you like it, please share it with whomever you like. If not, tell me what sucks about it, and it will make me try harder next time. As a hater, I welcome your citicism. It's a little rough, recorded live with bumps kept in the mix, so please hammer don't hurt me."

And for those keeping score at home:

01. DJ Day "Four Hills"
02. The Chess Cadet All-Stars "Simple Folk"
03. Sleepy Brown "Me, My Baby, & My Cadillac"
04. Sleepy Brown "Runnin- Away" (Feat. Big Boi & Killer Mike)
05. Steve Miller Band "Take The Money And Run"
06. Faze-O "Ridin' High"
07. One Way "Cutie Pie"
08. Bird "Kore Ga Watashi No Yasashisa Desu"
09. The Chess Cadet All-Stars "Latin Gold Theme"
10. Biz Markie "It's Spring Again"
11. Rayvon "No Gun No Murder" (Remix)
12. Gap Band "Outstanding"
13. Tweet "Boogie 2Nite"
14. Kelis "80s Joint"
15. Ne-Yo "Because Of You"
16. Michael Jackson "I Can't Help It" (Tango Terje Mix)
17. Jazzanova "Another New Day"
18. Nelly Furtado "Say It Right"
19. OutKast "Spottieottiedopalicious" (Feat. Sleepy Brown)
20. Strafe "Set It Off"
21. Ghost Town DJs "My Boo"
22. Ashley Beedle Presents The Uschi Classen Band "Do You Believe In Love?"
23. Bran Van 3000 "Astounded" (Feat. Curtis Mayfield | MJ Cole Remix)
24. Robin Thicke "Cocaine" (Spruce Lee Remix)
25. DJ Assault "The Good Life"
26. Rick James "Getting It On" (In The Sunshine)

MIX :: I Came 2 Brang da Sprang

CREW :: Haterzville


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Real Talk 4: Do you know?

Kickin' off this segment with a YouTube video, it's just too funny...

Down AKA Kilo - Lean Like A Cholo
So this tune's finally getting some radio play, caught it on CASA 104 this morning. West coast is doing it's thing again, another screwed chorus (these things get me EVERY TIME), and a nice synthy beat go hard. Down rides the beat pretty sparse, gives the whole track a nice bounce. If you thought leanin' died with with rockin', you were dead wrong, sucker! Just watch the video.

Rob G - Reppin' My Block (Remix)(feat. Lil Keke & Slim Thug)
This track's been hot for a minute, but who other than the resurrected, reborn, infamous Don Ke and the North side's official boss hogg to do it like it needs to be done? Screwed chorus, LOUD production with those steel drums we mentioned a few En La Calle's back, call it a home team anthem.

Fixxers - Can U Werk Wit Dat (feat. DJ Quik & AMG)
Shouts to my girls Felicia & Kecia again, holdin' me down on this one. Jerky production with a nice synth line. Quik may be droppin' the DJ but I ain't tryin' to hear none of that, especially when he's rapping about how he likes his eggs cooked. Put this on blast so next time your girl acts up you can make sure she works with that. Nahmean?

Lil' Wayne - Upgrade U Freestyle
Not sure if this is officially on Drought 3 or not, it isn't on any tracklistings I've seen and it's not on the copy I have. Whatever. So many one liners in this I'm not even gonna try and quote. I told you the summer belongs to Wayne. Believe.

HAWK, Lil' Keke & Big Pokey - Cold In The Game
'Nuff said.


Style Centre

Yesterday we had a chance to swing by and check out the newest edition to Mockingbird Station, Centre looks to be a breath of fresh air for Dallas in the style department. They were still pulling stock from the back room and getting the store dialed in but what we saw was impresive. We suggest you swing through and peep it out before you settle on that outfit for Friday night.

Centre stands as an experimental fusion of aesthetics with a concept sure to send the retail experience on a new course. Now open, Centre specializes in sourcing and mixing the best in young designer labels and contemporary street fashions: a marriage of luxurious extremes. With a well-edited assortment of compelling footwear, clothing, timepieces, eyewear as well as independent books and music, Centre’s buying rationale relies on instinct and a desire to expand the palette of consumers. “We are a concept born not of necessity, but of an enthusiasm for finding those rare pieces that convey a sense of exploration and lifestyle in a sophisticated, yet subtle manner,” says Centre’s Phillip Sterling.

The boutique is proud to present an eclectic range of vendors for Spring 2007, including WESC, Maharishi MHI, b.Son, Puma, Imperial Denim, Alex and Chloe, Converse, EFU by Richard Kidd, GONZ, Cassette Homme, Bing Bang, Le Magnifique, Tom Ford, Suemi, Evil Genius, Nooka and many more. The apparel will stand alongside an ever changing array of books and music targeted towards the globally and design-minded consumer. Centre is located within Mockingbird Station at 5331 Mockingbird Lane ( NE corner of Mockingbird and Central Expressway. )

:: Centre


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I really don't know what happened to the previous Justice video for D.A.N.C.E. but I found this today to share with everyone!