Sunday, October 29, 2006

En La Calle 10: Babylon dem try a ting but mi nah scare...

So I feel that a semi-apology is in order, it took me for-fucking-ever to get this post put together. Truthfully, the workload at Nature Manor has been insane. Lot's of pots cooking right now and they all need attention. Plus, blogger was acting like a little bitch this weekend, which didn't help things... So, sorry. Really don't feel THAAAAT bad about it, but have maintain a semblance of professionalism (for myself of course), so there's your apology. AND NOW...... As promised.....

ALL REGGAE WEEK!!!!!!!!! That's right bitches. I've been talking about this for a couple weeks now and we've finally reached the day... Let be known that if it were up to me, AT LEAST 3 out of four weeks would be all reggae week, but I'm not totally in charge over here so we do post other shit from time to time. But, mark my words, this flag will fly again.

I can't say enough about this first tune, so I'll try not to say much at all... Gyptian's "Serious Times" came out almost 2 years ago. I first heard the tune on June 3rd, 2005. Yeah, it's like that. It became a hood anthem in JA that year and after listening, you need to really stop and try and wrap your head around that fact. That tune was their "Everyday I'm Hustling". Imagine that tune booming out of windows in the pj's or jumping out of car systems or packing dancefloors, on some hood shit. Insane. This tune is also the title cut from the Ghetto Arc/XL Records reggae compilation that drops Nov 7th. THAT, we will touch on later. This tune is the truth, it's that simple.

Tanya Stephens is flat out my favorite female singer coming out of JA. Queen Ifrica is creeping, but Tanya owns this woman and the of the gal's from yard. Gal is toooo hood. It's A Pity, murder. Handle The Ride (on the lecturer riddim), murder. Her joint on The Cure riddim, murder... She tends to talk about the nasty shit (boyfriend stealing, stick ups, how good the pussy is, etc) and the flow is well, to be experienced. 911 is a tune that Baby G used to drop at the beginning of his reggae set's and it's been a bitch to hunt down. This tune, to my knowledge, only came out on 45 and if you didn't cop it back in 98, well, you became a hater of those who did. Here it is in mp3 form... Don't ever look back...

Sizzla Kalonji... That's like saying pure fire right there... It's a wrap with this dude. Just download the song, and call it a day. Sizzla may hold the keys on judgement day...

Put Down Your Weapon is one of the first tunes that really put me on the Culture Reggae bandwagon. Sober sent me this a week ago, and I gotta say, I got a little teary eyed. Capleton KILLS this. Awesome.

El gran Select hit me with these next two burners. TOK tune was the official 2005 Brooklyn street anthem. It was inescapable. Crown Heights rode HARD for this tune, and for a reason. It's fucking insane. Footprints poem at the beginning cements it straight into hoodclassicland. Bonkers.

Jah Cure is a whole post alone. Cop the tune, makes you hate the player in yourself, or not...

Prince Klassen is now officialy rolling with The Party. Yeah, really... Start hating. Our guy hit us off with these 2 joints. "Mamacita" is a dancehall burner from Collie Buddz, and "Nah Beg No Friend" is a relatively new joint from Beenie. The Beenie joint is on the Foundation Riddim which, let me tell you, has some fucking heat on it. Super hard tunes from Vybz, and Movado on this as well. Horns are out of control.

Last tune is really a 30min long soundclash that Riddim Magazine put out awhile back. Two sounds going head to head in Berlin. LP Soundsystem vs Supersonic Soundsystem. For those who don't know what a soundclash is, we are talking about 2 dj crews (sounds) battling record for record to see who has the nastiest original records (dub plates). It's a one for one showdown. This 30min clip is dead up the "most played" mp3 in my itunes. It wins by like 20 plays or something (make that 21)... It's more or less a recording of the party I would be at every night if we lived in a perfect world.

Quit note... Reggae, more than any other genre, survives on vinyl sales. All these tunes dropped on 45 before they ever hit the CD or mp3 world and alot of the tunes coming out of JA will never see either format. It's MEGA important to continue to supporting the stores/artists/and labels that are keeping this tradition alive. Record stores are closing down left and right now-a-days, and alot of dj's are just totaly skipping the vinyl thing all together in favor of cd's or ... ipods???? The artists, small labels and shops are really getting the short end of the stick on this one. If you're feeling this reggae shit, check for your local spots, or online and start digging, it's a whole other experience that limewire will never be able to compete with.

Deadly Dragon Sound

Deadly Dragon Sound 102-B Forsyth Street New York, NY 10002. Located between Broome and Grand Street in Chinatown. It is easily accessible by subway (B or D to Grand; J to Delancy, 6 to Canal). Hours of operation: 12-8 Tuesday -- Sunday.
These guys are killing it in NYC right now. They sell online, and they're sitting on heat....

I'll add some TX spots in a bit, not really sure who's fucking with it down here, I know Waterloo has some tings. Klassen told me that another shop just closed up in Atown though....People... -Nate

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MUNNY (on my mind)

Ampersand productions and our people over at Unit One are bringing the MUNNY art show through Dallas. The show will consist of over 20 different artists, from more than 8 different cities, including Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Houston. Each artist will be producing their own version of the Do It Yourself Munny by Kid Robot. The opening reception goes down on November 4th from 7pm-2am w/ Keith P. and Schwa on the tables. The event is all ages, open to the pubic and FREE.

Deep Ellum Associate
2630 Commerce St, Dallas, TX

Artist line up:
and more tba...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Party Pics (click clack)

We have posted some pictures from The Party @ Zubar October 13th. If anyone has any flavor shots from this night send them our way We will have photos from The Party @ Southside on Lamar (Red Bull art of the can) up soon..check up on it. -CB

Friday, October 20, 2006

En La Calle 9: Diane Cluck (over and over)

Gonna try and be short and sweet here. I'm near death, and I really wanna take a nap so I can go skate later on.

Diane Cluck was something that I lucked into last summer in NYC. This tune came out on a comp that Bianca from Coco Rosie put together for her label. This and the other Diane Cluck tune, A Real Good Time, were the flat out gems on the comp. It's no secret I'm not feeling the whole Devandra new folk whatever scene (know I'm not supposed to say that), and I guess this kinda falls into that section to the record store but really... This is unreal. Sound quality can only be described as FUCKED UP. So fresh though. I got to see her at an Other Music instore a few months after I started getting twisted off her tunes. Live was out of control. Not backing down on this, ever. I guess her website is down??? Check her myspace and try and buy these records... Countless Times is the last one I picked up and it's pretty much that. Will clog up your recently played section.

Cobrastlye is a tune that dropped about a year ago, it was a dope tune until the cats started doing some Black Eyed Peas shit on the hook and took it to that place that noone ever wants to find themselves. It was like, "yeah, yeah, this is, ohhhhhhh fuck." Diplo drops the cornball hook and adds some synth bass. Not mad at this.

Been spending alot of time at this Lebanese hood spot recently. Dope food, music's on blast and nothing but Arabs in the joint. Amazing. The owner hit me off with this tune off of a mixtape he was playing. I'll get back to you on WHO it is, but right now just see me on WHAT it is. They even cut in crowd noise and jump back and forth from what sounds like a parking lot Peavy PA version of the tune. This is the best thing ever.

Select passed me these Ronnie Darko remixes... Nice stuff here. The 4 Season are sounding kinda fresh in a bpm locked look.

Last but not least, my man New Wave Or The Truth passed this one last night. Blend is on kill with this. I promise an all reggae En La Calle next week. There's too much fire in the street right now. Check my guy NWOTT's myspace, he's posting flavor reedits on the regular. -Nate

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sober goes to the Modern (and other true stories)

So The Modern's doing some late night partying now a days. I'm not saying it's art up front and slots and moonshine in the back but it could be a nice spot to scoop up the 19yr old art school chicks. Just talk about how much you loved the Royal Tenenbaums and maybe drop some Project Runway names (google some) and they'll never know what hit 'em.

Sober will be lighting the path along with The Octopus Project, Stumptone and Dove Hunter... Let the wine tasting begin... Here's the Official line up.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth presents
Modern ‘til Midnight: Mark Time at the Modern

October 20, 6 pm–midnight
Admission is $10; free for Modern members

8:30 pm–Stumptone

9:30 pm–Dove Hunter

10:30 pm–Octopus Project

They got Sober nicing up the balcony/terrace look... Holla. -CB

WAXPOETICS #19 (it's true)

Our very own Dj Nature is a contributing writer in the latest issue of Wax Poetics. "The Party" is a story about Nature's experience with Puerto Rico's premier Salsa collector Roberto Padilla and a Saturday afternoon vibe out at his record haven in Caimito. The photo essay by (Mariela Alverez) captures moments from this afternoon's jam session and a fraction of Roberto's extensive Salsa and Latin based collection. If you are not familiar with Wax Poetics, this music journal covers it all from Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, record collecting, production and musical history. This publication is some book shelf, coffee table worthy material. You should be able to track down a copy at Barnes & Noble, BORDERS and Art Prostitute, so go cop this issue and add it to your library.
Reads well w/ Trini Rum.

Monday, October 16, 2006

We've Seen him Rap...He's Good

Our man Astronautalis is doing an instore @ Good Records on some after work special ish. It goes down tonight at 7 pm... Roll through and see why he stole the "Freestyle King" title from Lil' Flip. Tommorow Astronautalis will be perfoming at Hailey's with Alias & Tarsier and Electric president, it all gets started around 8pm. Check up on the "Gaston Ave" joint...reppin' Dalla$ to the fullest! -CB

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

En La Calle 8: Weekend Love

Ok ok ok ok... Lot's of crazy joints this week and on an odd ball note... no reggae this time. Yeah, disturbing right? Fuck it though cause lazers and gunshots are next weeks focus so hold tight.

Getting down to the bizness at hand, these are the new joints for the week (download links on the right). As most of you know, these songs are only up for 7 days so don't come crying to us later when you friends are flossing and you're still fucking with !!! and shit.

First tune is that "we had to" thing. Lot's of talk about the new jigga man tune and for a good reason. It's BANGIN!!!! Just Blaze is on kill with this. Straight to Ipod no brainer thing.

Next joint, the MIMS, has been stuck in my head all week. Select hit me off with this a few days back and it's been on hit since i got it. You'll see what I mean. It sounds even better when you're surrounded by corny mutherfuckers (which for some reason seems to be unavoidable in the 940). This tune is for anyone who has to deal with people who drink soy lattes...

NEW M.I.A.!!!!! Cat's have kinda been holding their breaths to see what this womans gonna come with next. Not sure this is even gonna be on her new record, but it's some at least some new material to tide ya over. Heard there was a freestyle of her on singing over the Tell Me When To Go beat. Also heard it was kinda lame... Anyone??? Gotta like this woman, she shook up the game and THAT'S everything.
Also scooped up this new Lady Sov... It's pretty "hey i'm on def jam", but for some laid back shit, it's nice. Probably gonna run a likkle thing on her before she touches dallas later next month.

Everybody who reads this blog knows we love us some Dipset. In fact, we kinda distrust people who don't like it, or at least we think they're suckers. Weekend Love is a new joint from Cam and as you will soon see, it's another perfect score for the Dips. I mean really yall, does it get any better than this? Weekend Love??? That's self expanatory. New Jim Jones... Holla.

Select's kinda been on his grind with the tunes lately... He hit me with this Iko Iko mash up over my beat of beats, Pitbull's "Bojangles". I'm not a mash up fan at all, but this shit is kinda fun. Sober slid me this Glass Candy cut a couple weeks back so I'd figured I'd run em together... Iko Iko and Iko Iko, get it??? Oh well. Glass Candy's been killing the last couple times they've been to RGRS so really can't be mad at those guys.

Last joint is a song that Shane from The Undoing of David Wright put me up on. Crash Kingdom is one of the groups that our guy Prince Klassen used to produce. Crash Kingdom has been out of commision for a couple years now, but you can still check the tunes on their old myspace. Pretty dope. As you probably know, Prince Klassen will be guesting with us at The Party this friday at Zubar. Check the article below for the 411. It's real right now. -CB

Monday, October 09, 2006

Prince Klassen: hot cause he's fly

I met Prince Klassen earlier this year on one of my weekend Austin trips. I usually try NOT to step into Waterloo Records when I'm in A-Town. I have mixed feelings about the store and in the end it's just gonna mean less snack money on the ride back to Dallas. Honestly, I used to spend a ton of money in that joint being that Dallas was never really a good place to shop for vinyl. Illmatic records is long gone, Good Records at the time was hit or miss, and Bill's is tons of records but you have to deal with Bill staring at your cock while he makes up fake prices... Considering these options, Austin was like, amazing. This time however I pretty much figured they weren't gonna have shit I wanted on vinyl. This was back in Febuary of this year and I was hunting for some of that B-more shit... Hip as you wanna think they are, in Austin Texas last Febuary, mutherfuckers were drawing a blank.

After like the fourth confused clerk (couldn't say bmore, had to be like BALTI-MORE HOUSE MUSIC) one of the Waterloo Clerks directed me to the kid with the glasses... "If anyone in the store knows what you're talking about it'll be Chris... Ask him..." Sure enough, he knew.

Prince Klassen is currently setting Austin on fucking fire!!! He has a Friday night weekly at The Beauty Bar and holds down the Saturday night slot at The Whiskey Bar on 5th. I was in Austin back in July to play a Friday night show and decided to stay an extra day to guest with Klassen at his Whiskey Bar night. In Fucking Sane...

Klassen was not only an amazing DJ, skills/programing wise, the guy's music selection was next level... I rocked a little 80's RnB set, he jumps into Bojangles and MIA. I hit the Bhangra records, he steps up with Timbo, Vybz, Uffie, you name it. We finished off the night going record for record for like the last 20 mins... Klassen killed it!!!! It was a blast. We ended up sitting around the bar drinking free beers, and chatting on some music shit for a good hour or so after Whiskey had closed it's doors. As corny and hippy hollywood as Austin can be, it's nice to know that this dude is carving out some fly shit.

He's already hosted Spankrock, Oxy Cottontail, and Titsworth, and just started a monthly with our guy Mel that focuses on alot of the new uptempo stuff that's really bubbling right now. This night is gonna be HUGE for Austin. Dude's also about to be on some zone coasting playboy shit djing with the Spankrock kids in Philly later this year... hot.

This Friday (TheParty Monthly @ Zubar) will be the first time Prince Klassen plays the 214 and it's pretty much guaranteed to be insane. I'm predicting indoor fireworks show. I'll have some more back story on this guy later this week plus some Prince Klassen mp3s an ting. For now, just know that the mutherfucker's fly, he's gonna be in the building on Friday, and we're going to burn Zubar to the ground. No more Zubar after friday, it's gonna look like that theater across the street. Perdida total. -Nate
Oxy Cottontail in Austin...
and wow...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

En La Calle 7: Hate if you WANT to...

Got this SWV track the other day and it's just way too fucking fresh... All these joints and groups are just sounding so flavor right now. It's kinda been Aaliyah on blast all week and it's amazing. Have fun with these joints, had a blast getting them together... As usual, these links (look hard right) are only up for a week so jump on it.

If you just caaaaan't get enough of the that new jack shit, check Nature's Candy Rain Mix (linked in the post below). On some FYI shit, Sober's mix drops the 13th @ Zubar. We're in the fucking street. -CB

Mixtape Vol 3 "Candy Rain"

So Nature dropped this last May and up until now it's been hand to hand. Now you can download it HERE. "This was pretty much a summertime tape, but it still kinda works it out in the fall..." Uh, yeah... It's fire. Here's the Tracklisting... You're office is now on blast.... -CB

The Party Mix Vol. 3 “Candy Rain”
Mixed more or less live by DJ Nature

1. Love Come Down – Evelyn Champagne King
2. Oh Sheila – Ready For The World
3. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On – Alexander O’Neil and Cherrelle
4. Pleasure Principle – Janet Jackson
5. Crush On You – The Jets
6. Single Life - Cameo
7. Nasty Girl – Vanity 6
8. It Feels Good – Tony Toni Tone
9. I Like It - Dino
10. I Want Her – Keith Sweat
11. My Perogative – Bobby Brown
12. Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe
13. Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry
14. Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club
15. I Can’t Wait – Nu Shooz
16. Cruel Summer - Bananarama
17. Tell Me When To Go – E40
18. Hmm Hmm – Beenie Man
19. Like Your Ass On Fire (Ghislain Poirier Remix)
20. Mr. Me Too - Clipse
21. Hey Girl – Curtis Vodka
22. Dance My Pain Away – Rod Lee
23. Shoulder Bounce 06 – Curtis Vodka
24. Boots – DJ Nature feat. Gar-los