Sunday, April 29, 2007


Photos are up from the Tittsworth show on Saturday. You can click here or you can always find them in the Fashion section to the right > Thanks to all the heads who rolled through Art Prostitute and Zubar. If for whatever reason you missed the show, check our dude out here :: Tittsworth


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am back with another video to watch. The Teenagers make me wet in my blogging private parts. You can check out their music...


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Real Talk 3

Yes indeed, severe thunderstorms aside summer is shaping up nice, be on the lookout for a hectic season. Got some new and old heat for this round, and also large shouts to my girls Kecia & Felicia for holding me down on this post!

Crime Mob - Shine 'Cause I Grind
New Crime Mob is in the streets with this BANGIN' single that's finally hitting the radio. Screwed verses are the new trend in production and this one is the anthem. Nevermind Luda's verse on Glamorous, if you ain't got no money then it's high time to get back on top of your game.

Kool G Rap - First Ni**a (feat. DJ Premier)
So like two years ago I'm just John Brown'n it, king-of-the-suburbs at this What-a-burger a couple blocks over from my house. This dude's at the table next to me when a James Brown song comes over the radio, so I start trying to mimic the king as best as possible and dude turns over to me and is like "wow, you know a lot about music huh?" So we get to talkin' and turns out he's one of Kool G Rap's homies. No lie. This track dropped around the turn of the century and was one of the Genius' last releases on Rawkus Records. Production by Preemo..doin' as only he can, diggin' deep for the old school sample on the hook. Knowledge.

Street Runnaz Click - Jig Wit It
This has been my jam for the past few months now, serious almost got into a couple car wrecks cause I be jiggin' wit it in the car. Snap music is still doing big things on home turf in Georgia. Catch me at the right time and I might even show you the dance to go with this one...

DSR - Air Jordans
Had to break you off with the screwed version of this one, already. If you haven't been keeping up with the DSR mixtapes then head on down to Big T and grab what you can 'cause the home team is killin' it on this one. Jeezy's "Air Forces" beat gets run all over by the whole click, check the come-up before the blow-up so you can start saying I told you so. And also cause this 'bout to be my theme song once my Air Jordan 1's arrive in the mail this week...

Ludacris - Ultimate Satisfaction (feat. Field Mob)
Luda & fellow DTP'ers Field Mob put everyone's favorite feeling on blast, another one of those "shoulda-been-the-single" joints 'cause I'm betting you couldn't get past "Money Maker", right? All 3 drop some of the coldest lines over a beat produced by Rich Skillz that could shame even Lil' Jon, never though I'd hear a Benny Benassi sample flipped that hard. Mick Jagger eat your heart out.


Cry If You Want To

Once again The Party last friday was Nutso! Big ups to everyone who came through and danced their pain away. We had the birthday blowout and Nezo (SG/ birthday boy) actually walked away with a little gift from index. Linda Nguyen walked away with the other skate deck we raffled off..shout out to Dameon! The photos are located right here and under the Fashion side bar. Get ready for Tittsworth!


Rub a Dub Assembly VII

First things first, Dub Assembly is going to be Bananas this Friday. Unit One and jason Mundo have been killing it lately with thier Dub Assembly parties. This is going to be assembly number 7 and I'm telling you, these kids have got dub on lock! Do not miss this party, you will regret it next me. I'm tag teaming it with my duuude Keith P (unit one) and we got some tricks up our sleeves.



Art Prostitute Gallery is now The Public Trust.
The Public Trust is owned and directed by Art Prostitute co-founder Brian Gibb. Art Prostitute, the publication, will continue to be published and will transition into to a biannual hardcover book format with the release of its 9th issue, due out in the summer of 2007.

The Public Trust Presents...
One Up: An Art Prostitute Retrospective Exhibition and Humanitarian Aid Benefit
April 28-June 18, 2007

Evan Hecox, Rob and Christian Clayton, Shepard Fairey, Isabel Samaras, Jeff Soto, Rik Catlow, Andy Mueller, Andy Jenkins, Tony Larson, Brendan Monroe, Bask, Tes One, Travis Millard,
Mel Kadel, Rich Jacobs, Caia Koopman, Caroline Hwang, Evah Fan, Cody Hudson, Matt Hawthorne,
Mary Emma Hawthorne, Will Rhoten, Nevada Hill, Brian Gibb, Misty Keasler, Seonna Hong, Allison V. Smith, Jeremy Fish, Michael Sieben, Richard Colman, Vanessa Michel, Jophen Stein, Mark Nelson and more...

About the exhibition
One Up will feature one piece from many of the artists that have appeared in the pages of the publication, including some of the artists from the upcoming issue 09 and some gallery favorites. 20% of the sales from the exhibition will be donated to a humanitarian aid organization of the patron's choice.

Opening Reception:
Sat. April 28, 2007 (7-10pm)
The Public Trust
2919-C Commerce St. :: Dallas, TX 75226
214.760.7170 ::

The Party will be on the turntables throughout the opening. An after party featuring DC's own Tittsworth and The Party will be held at Zubar (2012 Greenville Ave.) Guests attending the after party must be 21. There is a $10 cover charge.

The Public Trust is a member of the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) which will hold its inaugural art fair at 333 First Avenue May 19-20, 2007.


Art Prostitute


This Friday will be the second installment of The Modern's "Modern Til' Midnight" after hours shindig. Guests will experience the special exhibition Pretty Baby by taking part in special activities throughout the evening, including conceptual projects, interactive events, spotlight tours, and art explorations in the galleries.

Gallery activities offer opportunities through personal and collective explorations to consider the wonder and complexity of childhood as proposed in this provocative exhibition. Activities based on play, recollection, memories, feelings, observations, and documentation are occasions for recalling and reconsidering childhood while viewing the sundry takes on the topic by the thirteen artists represented in Pretty Baby.

Café Modern and Lobby Bar
Cash bars and coffee bar are available from 6 pm until last call at 11:30 pm. Enjoy a global assortment of Modern appetizers and Café Modern food service from 6 to 11 pm.*
*Beverages and food are not included in admission price.

Enjoy live music in the
Modern’s Sculpture Garden

DJ Sober of the Party – 7:30 pm
Mom – 9:30 pm
Kid Koala – 10:30 pm

Film Programs
Free with admission to Modern ‘til Midnight. Auditorium seating is limited to 250.

Pretty Baby Film Series
Short Subject Films by Miranda July
8 pm

Getting Stronger Every Day
(2001, 7 minutes)
Nest of Tens (2000, 27 minutes)
The Amateurist (1998, 14 minutes)
Atlanta (1996, 10 minutes)

Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005), 9 pm
Written and directed by artist Miranda July, Me and You and Everyone We Know is a poetic and penetrating observation of the ways people struggle to connect with one another in an isolating contemporary world.

Chromeo is also the truth...

For those of you that don't know, this record dropped today on Itunes.


D.A.N.C.E. V.I.D.E.O.

and a little something else for you.

Justice is the truth. enjoy!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tru Master

Tonight the "Soul Brother" will be in town setting it off @ Minc (get there early). I'm sure you know Pete Rock from his signature production on early 90's Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth albums but here is a banger from his 1998 Soul Survivor album. Enjoy.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Do Ya Homework

If you are rolling through The Party tonight, you already know our boy Witnes is throwing it down. I just scooped Wit from the airport & he tossed me this link for Do Ya Homework, a joint mixtape between him and crew mate Squincy Jones. The mixtape was put together for the latest URB mixtape contest. The regulations were..the mix had to be strictly Hip Hop from 1987-1988. Pefect timing for your weekend bumpage. Give this a listen, 30 min. of material you probably slept on.


MIX :: Do Ya Homework

Monday, April 16, 2007


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Feel The...

Our homie Keith P just put out a new mix entitled Bass Music. This mix is pure fire! I gave it a listen the other night and I must say Keith packed some heaters on this one. If you want to be hipped to some new dance music, get ready to right click and copy paste the playlist below.

1.TTC-Une Bande De Mecs Sympas feat. Modeselektor
2.Buraka Som Sistema-Coozi o Mambo
3.Drop The Lime-I Want 2 Know
4.Pirate Soundsystem-Prssr(Plunder Mix)
5.Jamelia-Something About You(Crookers Rmx)
6.The Bulgarian-Listen Man
7.Voodoo Chilli Vs. Trevor Levoys-Look What You’ve Done
8.Unklejam-Love Ya(Herve Rmx)
9.DJ Tameil-Robot Club Rock
10.Black Ghosts-Any Way(Fake Blood Mix)
11.Teki Latex-Les Matins de Paris(Surkin Rmx)
12.Curses!-Tearing Me Apart
13.Jesse Rose and Sinden-Me Mobile(Original)
14.Coldcut-True Skool(Switch Rmx)
15.Basement Jaxx-Take Me Back to Your House(Speaker Junk Rmx)
16.Lily Allen-LDN(Switch Rmx)
17.Sebastian-Ross Ross Ross
18.Justice-Waters of Nazareth(Erol Alkan’s Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr Re-edit)
19.C.L.A.W.S-Claws Theme(Passions Rmx)
20.Acid Jacks-Awake Since 78(MSTRKRFT Rmx)
21.Double 99-Rip Groove(Tim Deluxe East London re-make)
22.Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar(Armand Van Helden Rmx)

MIX :: Bass Music Mix

CREW :: Unit One


Monday, April 09, 2007

En La Calle 16: April Showers...

The weekly drop as only CB can bring it to you. Here are a few numbers to get you through this crazy weather before summer prevails.


Dan The Automator - My Guru
This track is off of Automator's 1998 Bollywood remix joint "Bombay
the Hard Way - Guns, Cars & Sitars". Think the latter half of that
title says it all. I bought this on vinyl when it dropped and
this track always stood out. Take a random Bollywood player talking
some smack over a good sitar riff, add some raw drums to the equation and the ladies start to belly dance. Break out the finger cymbals!

Gorilla Zoe- "Hood N#*!@"
I first heard this track about 3 months back on a "Bomb" mix cd
straight out of the Big T. I liked dudes voice from the get
go, Gorilla sounds like a modern day Southern Tone Loc. Plus every
beat he gets he murks. Anyone who cameos in 8 Ball & MJG videos has to be the truth...see "Relax & Take Notes".

Slim Thug - "Problem Wit Dat"
The Boss Hogg himself is back and killing it over the J.J. Johnson
"Parade Strutt" sample. Check Wu-Tang's UZI "Pinky Ring" track from
their Iron Flag album. Good to see Dirty South cats flip up some
samples from time to time. Can't wait to see what else Thugga has
in store for us.


Bunny Rabbit - Saddle Up
One of the up and coming female emcees not so much in the spotlight just yet that has some crazy gothness to her rhymes. this is for all the girls that used to be goths turned ravers and now are into baltimore club and irony. It only makes sense that stuff like this exists,and that is why I love it.

Outkast - Gangsta Shit
This is old, but I just want to show everyone that outkast is still on point. This was from stankonia, but what I am saying is that even if outkast were to release five more idlewild soundtracks, this would still be ten years ahead of its time. I remember one time I was listening to this and straight up did a drive lies.

Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - I Wanna Hook Up With You
this is my shit! not out yet, but thanks to my man scotty at ubiquity (what up!) I am gracing you with this diamond. This is from the new album that will be on the shelves soon and its well worth the wait. On some latin afro egyptian lover type steez. I mean this is for the grown up that knows what they want out of a relationship. Gets the dancefloor moving and the breathing heavy. I didnt get your name!


Cool Kids - One Two
With a name like the Cool Kids you better come correct with some fresh rhymes, and they better not be from a nursery. But the kids come correct for sure, flipping the nursery angle on the footwear game over a minimal beat that's just nasty. "New black version of the Beastie Boys"? "Vans" set it off last summer, get ready for a repeat.

Twista, Speednot Mobstaz & R. Kelly - This Is Why I'm Cold (Remix)
Just when you though this track had gone cold. Guess what? It did. Mista Tongue Twista himself jumps on the track, takes it North, South, East, and West, before twisting it up like a wet t-shirt. The Mobstaz are some new cats on the scene, Chi-town supposedly, Mid-west drawl in full effect. Kells jumps on it too and reminds you why he's the King of R&B. Official.


Amanda Blank & XXXchange - Get It Now
A dynamic duo if ever there was one, there should be an episode of Future Weapons on these two, it's that serious. Amanda rains fire down (CRIMSON JIHAD!), with XXXchange dropping the Heart sample on you just to prove your wanna-be Atmosphere white-boy rap group is still stuck in 2005. Knowledge.

Swizz Beatz feat. Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly & Jadakiss - It's Me Bitches (Remix)
You heard this tune but I'ma drop the remix on ya'll right quick (all apologies for exposing ya'll to more Kells, wouldn't do it if I didn't have to) but this summer belongs to WAYNE. "Listen to the anthem!" PLEASE. "So I let her lick the rapper!" DON'T. "Chevy grill lookin' like a set a' new braces!" HURT 'EM. I'm 'bout to drop some new joints off "Da Drought 3" mixtape soon but you don't need anything else. Now can you tell me how good my French is?



Our friend Michael Sieben currently has a solo exhibition of new work up at the Art Palace Gallery in Austin. In addition to paintings and drawings he will also have a new zine available, created exclusively for the show. Smile Forever runs March 31st through April 28th.

Art Palace Gallery
2190 Ceasar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702


Dancin' In The Moonlight

We are a little late on posting this one. If you haven't checked it already, now is the time. The April 4duos montage is another banger featuring all Texas Gnarl.

Stunt Doubles: Chris Goulet, John Rodriguez, Franky Machuca, Kyle Rhodes, Shawn Holmgren, Marcus Guerrero, Roddie Frederik, Justin Modica, Josh Finklea, Luke McKirdy, Jeff Gonzales, Jon Lopez, Ryan Holloway, Zach Imondi, Brandon Kessler, Sohan Handunge, Michael Tang, Holland Austin, Stephen Stone, Fletcher Berndt, Blane Hatten, Anthony Hunter, Danny Knight, Adam Dyet and Aryeh Kraus.

Edited by Nike Lavigne.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can I get a...

I recently met Witnes at SXSW a few weeks back. Before that we had only corresponded through email and on the Space. Our dude Prince Klassen has been holding down the Purple Drank monthly with Wit and Dayta (both from Houston) for quite a while now. I have heard nothing but good things about the Purple Drank night and how these dudes murder it time after time. I have been checking Wit's blog for a hot minute and I know that dude is up on his music and his hustle...always on the grind. Basically Wit is extended family and it only makes sense that we get this D-town/ Houston connect poppin'. The Party monthly is right around the corner and Witnes is rolling through town to nice it up for you guys...bound to be off the hinges!

My name is Witnes, I am a Houston based DJ/Promoter.
I rep that 713, Dirty Dirty and SLFEMP (self employed).
My favorite sandwich is the Chk'n Vietnamese sandwich.

I was discovered by the owner of The Proletariat early 2005, she liked my style and offered me Thursdays. Ever since then Rock Box on Thursdays is the place to be.

Just finished up 2 mixtapes with Squincy Jones.
One for SLFEMP (selfemployed goods). SLFEMP MIX
and one for a URB mag mixtape contest
More touring, more mixtapes, more parties!

1. Wu-Tang aint nuthin to fuck with - Bird Peterson rmx
2. "Get It Now" - Amanda Blank & XXXChange
3. "Brains" - Tittsworth
4. "Can't Explain" - The Who (DJ Eli rmx)
5. "Drapped Up" - Bun B (Morse Code rmx)

We got shit poppin' down here. You already know what time it is. People are always gonna' complain about shit, but I think some folks here take it for granted. Houston is my turf! The Rap shit is poppin without a doubt, Devin, Bun B, Slim and a gang of others have all added shine to the city. The dance/party scene is poppin'. Most of the kids that come out to Rock Box are open to the variety genre's, from krunk to electro. That is what separates our night from any other down here. The DJ's can mix which should be rule number 1 and 2nd we are taste makers, always bring'n the fresh shit to the table. There are no boundaries to the music as long at it keeps the party moving, so most of the time its 120 bpm up mixed with the double time jawns.

Dallas...let's git it!

Check for Witness here ::
Quickwits Blog
Wit's Myspace

Summer Mix 06'