Tuesday, January 30, 2007


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This is what we do with our "guitars" in our spare time. Stunna Shades on. CB's in this.

Song: Stunna Shades
Artist: The Party
Album: Unreleased
Year: 2007 (War)

Download now :: The Party "Stunna Shades"


Knowing Is Half The Battle :: Starkey

I found Starkey threw Drop the Lime and Trouble and Bass. After checking out the remix he did of "Wamp,Wamp" I knew that I had to get ahold of this guy...He and his guys are wrecking things right now.

Seclusiasis Crew makes music aimed directly at the dancefloor while incorperating some more left field influences like dubstep, ghettotech, baltimore club, break core, grime, and dnb, just to name a few.

I recenctly had the chance to do a little Q&A with dude and this is what he had to say about Philly, NYC, Bass music, and the sounds he's currently working....

I'm Starkey from Philly. I'm part of the Seclusiasis (www.seclusiasis.com) crew headed up by Dev79. Arkive, Generic Man, Stumble and Saint B are also part of the crew. I'm also a part of NYC's Trouble and Bass crew with Drop the Lime, Mathhead, Zach Shadetek and Star Eyes.

Philly's a rough town, you really have to promo your ass off to make anything happen. The night I'm focusing on right now is called "Open Fire". We play a mix of street bass urban underground sounds: dubstep, grime, electro, hiphop, bmore.... just street bass. I'm also involved with the underground electronic scene here, but there's no regular nights going on currently.

Starkey is my main thing.... really trying to make dj friendlier music right now, while still keeping it a bit leftfield. Really into what's going on in the dubstep scene right now, as well as France's electro scene. So my music is definitely focused in that direction. But we've now got this street bass thing brewing in philly which is really our own club music. I guess it's like a philly-centric take on the current club sound.

I also do concert music under my real name, Paul J. Geissinger, which has been occupying much of my time lately. I'm currently working on a couple of pieces. It's also no longer a secret that I'm doing electro-like/4x4 stuff under the name MOVES!!!. There should be a MOVES!!! remix coming out on a single for Metropolis Records' Cesium 137 when their new record drops later this year. I also did a group called Aunt Jessica for a while, we are one of the groups launching Ropeadope's new digital label on February 6th. We've got a full-length called "Knowing Someone's There". It's a bit older... more downtempo, singer/songwriter type electronica with 2 vocalists (1 male, 1 female).

Wow...that's hard. Right now, my top 5 tracks/record I'm playing would probably be.... (in no particular order)

Trouble & Bass "Bass Bandits EP" (flamin hotz)
Radioclit "Mature Macho Machine EP" (counterfeet)
Loefah "Voodoo" (six6six)
Mrk1 "Copyright Laws" (planet mu)
Para One "Dudun-dun" remix 12" (institubes)

1-Sided 12" of my track "Dementia" on LoDubs, should be out by March.

My track "Instant Response" is going to be on the Trouble & Bass "Turbo Charged EP" which will be available digitally.

I've got a remix on Cardopusher's "Down to the Wire EP" which should be out this summer on Terminal Dusk -- "Knock Yuh Out (Starkey Left Hook Mix)"

I'm doing a remix for Nonclassical 3 of Gabriel Prokofiev's "String Quartet 2" performed by the Elysian Quartet. That will be available on CD and digitally.

I'm also doing a 12" for Terminal Dusk which should be out late in 2007.

+ the label I co-own with Dev79 & El Carnicero Slit Jockey Records, will be dropping some stuff in 2007 as well.

Forced Exposure (US), Boomkat (UK), Slit Jockey Records (US), Seclusiasis.com (US), Switchrec (France) + other random spots

additional links:

Grab This: Rich Boy "Throw Some D's STARKEY MIX"


The Wurst Dog Show

I always enjoy hitting up art shows...you know Art, free booze, "interesting" people and the receptions are usually in my area. I just got the e-vite for the "Dog Show", and wanted to put the word out on this. Here's the back story...
The Party's own Sober showed with Evan B. Harris a while back at Art prostitute's Regal Row show. Evan turned the Wurst gallery crew on to Sober's work and he was asked to submit a piece for the "Dog Show". The list of artist makes me wish I was a trust fund kid, No joke...check the show and see why my homie is included as one of the artists.

The Wurst Gallery launches their biggest show to date, with over 100 artists from all over the world each representing a different dog breed in their own unique way - from a five-foot plush doll to postcard-sized paintings. A portion of the sales from this event will benefit Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Portland, OR. Artists featured in the show hail from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Norway, Sweden and throughout the United States.

A one-night exhibit of the Wurstminster Dog Show will take place on Saturday, February 3rd at the newly opened Ace Hotel in Portland.
Following the opening event, the work will be displayed and for sale online at The Wurst Gallery

Featuring work by the following artists:
A.J. Purdy, Aaron Draplin, Aaron Meshon, Aaron Renier, Adam Bayer, Adam Haynes, Allan Sanders, Amanda Visell, Amy Earles, Amy Ruppel, APAK, Arbito, Aya Yamasaki and Jason Brown (Overture), Beci Orpin, Benjamin Marra, Betsy Walton, Bill Barminski, Bjørn Lie, Blair Kelly, Brad Simon, Brandon Reese, Bubi Au Yeung, Bwana Spoons, Camilla Engman, Casey Burns, Charley Harper, Charles Whiteside, Chris Hutchinson, Cody Hudson, Cupco, Damion Triplett, Dan Anderson, Dan Funderburgh, Daniel A. St. George II, Derek Aylward, Driscoll Reid, Eamo Donnelly, Eleanor Grosch, Elisabeth Doherty, Emil Kozak, Emily Ryan, Erik Railton, Evan B. Harris, Eyeformation, Fawn Gehweiler, Feanne, Frances Castle, Geoffrey Lorenzen, Gideon Baws, Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius, Grady Mcferrin, Greg "Pnut" Galinsky, Guy Burwell, Hannah Stouffer, Heiko Müller, Holly Stevenson, HuskMitNavn, Jason Vivona, Jen Leong, Jennifer Muskopf, Jeremyville, Jess Hutchison, Jesse LeDoux, Jessica Barnes, Jessica Lynch, Jill Bliss, Johnny Yanok, Jon Klassen, Juliana Pedemonte (Colorblok), Julianna Bright, Junichi Tsuneoka, Kangaroo Alliance, Kara Yanagawa, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kate Sutton, Kelly Haigh, Keri Smith, Kevin Scalzo, Kirsten Ulve, Klaus Haapaniemi, Koichiro Takagi, Le Merde, Leo Hillier, Linzie Hunter, Little Friends of Printmaking, Luke Ramsey, Lyn Nance-Sasser, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Cassity, Matt Clark, Matt Furie, Mauro Gatti, Max Miceli, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, Meg Hunt, Meredith Dittmar, Mia Hansen, Michael Paulus, Michael Wertz, Mike Burnett, Mikey Walsh, Miki Amano, Mr. Pinks, Mizna Wada, Molly Anderson, Mona Superhero, Nate Beaty, Nick Deakin, Nick Weidenfeld, Noah Butkus, Nora Krug, Paul Clark, Rachel Blumberg, Ray Fenwick, Rick Froberg, Rob Flowers, Roman Klonek, Ryan Alexander-Tanner, Ryan Berkley, Ryan Sanchez, S. Tudyk, Saelee Oh, Sarajo Frieden, Scott Barry, Scott Rench, Shawn Wolfe, Snaggs, S.britt, Stephanie Davidson, Supermundane, Susie Ghahremani, Swigg, TADO, Teresa and David, Todd Hoffman, Travis Lampe, Trish Grantham, Vincent Mathy, Wes Younie and Will Rhoten.


Friday, January 26, 2007


I was flipping through the new issue of Vice magazine and ran accross this Tank Theory add feat. a shot of Dj Elle posted up in front her record shelf. Being a record nerd, I was scanning the records with visable cover art and spotted a copy of the Turbulance "Notorious" 12" on XL feat. the Socios remix by our own Dj Nature and homie No2Self. All I got to say is good looking to Elle...this was framed up nice, no one has a copy of Diamond D "Stunts, Blunts" just sitting out. -SOBER

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


More music! Some of you may have recieved a copy of this mix cd @ the ROXY show last Sat. If not, it is now available for download in the Mixtape section. This is a mix from Prince Klassen and JJ Lopez live at Hump Wednesday, August 2006. Klassen and Lopez started the diggindeepquartet in San Antonio and held down a five year residency at the Davenport in downtown S.A.

The idea behind the Hump monthly was to have a good solid night of nothing but boogie and disco with some electro and hip hop vibes thrown in. Basically the mix of paradise garage and the roxy back in the hey day of NY downtown. it's held every third wednesday out of the month and has featured live percussionist and keyboard players in addition to resident dj's, Paco, Resinthol and special guests. Up jumps the Boogie. -SOBER

Prince Klassen & JJ Lopez "Live @ Hump"

Monday, January 22, 2007

En La Calle 13 : Fuck Them Bitches

These are the joint's that are about to shut Dallas and Austin down. Downloads are down and to the ---------->
As you know, you got a week to grab em. -CB

Aloe Blacc - "Find Your Way"
This joint is straight from the "I am beautiful" vinyl EP. I am convinced this man can do no wrong. Dude has the voice, the production, and the raps. show this one to your lady and its over, either she is trying to get aloe on the phone or she is trying to get you into bed... You choose.

Darkel - "Destroy Your TV"
One half of french group air! I have anxiously been awaiting the new Air album and this does me just fine. A bit more aggressive than most would expect, but just as beautiful and out of this world. I'm telling you, I was a frenchman in a past life.

The Prototypes - "Tir Aux Pigeons"
Another french group... I dont know what it is, but I've had this ongoing thing with the french for some time now (still talking music here). The prototypes finally get their American debut thanks to minty fresh records. A punk/electro/rock group that definitely reminds me of stereo total, but not as cornball.

Jr. Reid - "Funny Man"
After the colabo “This is why I’m hot” remix with Mims (gunfiregunfiregunfire), Jr. Reid is still blazing!!!! This record to me is a definite street banger. It kind of feels a bit like “Notorious” by Turbulence. Google airhorn sounds...

Kelis - "Fuck them Bitches"
I understand why Nas is caught up with this girl. When her first record pushed thru to radio and the videos started dropping I was really into her flava. She has always been on a completely different level than the rest of these "RNB" artists. I'm assuming this is her track telling other chicks to get off of her and Nas. For various reasons I can't stop humming this shit... "fuck them bitches..." Maybe I should chill on all that...

Max Glazer feat Cham - "Girl (I Got a Story To Tell)"
Got this joint from my guy Neil Nice the other day. Cham, Federation Sound, and biggie beats??? Pow.

Fat Joe, T.I. R.Kelly, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne "Make It Rain (Remix)"
Roxanne!!!!! My god. They don't get any doper than this. Scott Storchy intro, it's Lean Back for 2007. Little Wayne on the hook??? RKells??? The line up ALONE is retarded. A couple years ago some A&R would have used this song to try and build some rap super group record or something. Come to think of it, this is like those LL joints where they brought out all the nasty mutherfuckers that don't normally murder verses on the same track to throw some shine on LL only there's no LL on this... Na, Na, this is like the Flaver in Ya Ear remix, but without the weak Craig Mack verse. Ahhh whatever... It's fucking FIRE.

Mr. Vegas - "Build Back" // Movado "Gun Battle"
Last time I was in the city I spent a couple afternoons with my guy DeBeck at Deadly Dragon. He told me about these joints back then and I never really got around to listening to them... The WIPE OUT Riddim is just like he described it. "It's wipeout, and they're singing over it". These tunes are the type of insanity that could ONLY come from Jamaica. Mr. Vegas is the new Mr. Vegas (see Yard Man) and Movado is well, blazing. More reasons why JA runs this.

UGK feat. Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap - "Up Next"
Kind of an up tempo track from dem Texas boys. UGK teams up with two of their influences, lyrical heavyweights Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap over a Marley Marl beat! This track that ol' boom bap with some southern swag..tall t's and timz, works for me.

Tum Tum & Prince - "Rep It Rep It"(feat. Double A & Pooh)
I just came up on this Swat team mix tape and I gotta say there is some hometown heat on this joint. They take the Jr Writer "Grill Em" beat and give it the "Kill Em" treatment Dallas style."this is D-town, call it drama town, Smith & Wesson, desert eagle..lama town". Ah... yeah.

She did just that...

Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend a success...PEG, Art Prostitute, Roxy, New Balance, Hot Flash, Cultura Fina, Sour Grapes, Krispee Ones, Unit One, Flo$$y, Urban Outfitters crew, Adidas, Red Bull, Zubar, Metro Park People, Index crew, Party Ends, GvB, WSJR and the rest of the homies..you know who you are! This weekend was bananas! Our girl ROXY rocked Austin friday night and the came through and did Dallas up proper. You best beleive the bunny trail will head south again, next time there could be a mic. involved. There are some flicks up from Saturday in our fashion section, down and to the right ----->. We will be adding more pictures from Saturday and from The Party last Friday. Stay tuned! -CB

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ROXY COTTONTAIL (here to rock the party)

I linked with Aaron LaCrate when he approached me about the B’more Gutter Music Mixtape. He wanted to feature Low B, Amanda Blank & Spankrock. We did a bunch of parties together to set off the Baltimore Club music sound. Soon after, he asked me to go in the studio and record. We did “Oxy’s Anthem” together featured production by Debonair Samir.

I first moved to NYC when I was 17. I was a freshman at Pratt Institute of Art & Design. I’ve been here for a while with a brief hiatus in Philly for a year. After 911, I moved back to NYC because Philly moves a little slow for me.

I’m working on a lot of music, recording, writing music, throwing parties, booking shows, traveling, working on a live show and writing for MISSBEHAVE Magazine.

I started making music a looonng time ago. When I was 15, I had a punk band in high school called “Fox Deluxe” but I dropped it when I moved to NYC for school. My mom is music teacher so it’s naturally in my blood. Amanda really inspired me to get in the studio last year. She has a so much fun with it and I knew I would too because of we have fun doing anything and everything. After I did the first track, I knew I wanted to take my career in music to another level. I have a different sound and things to say that haven’t been heard.

DJ Tameil – “ Trans-Newark Express”
Mickey Avalon – “Waiting to Die”
The Paserock ft. Spankrock, Santi & Amanda Blank
Loos Joints – “Is it All Over My Face"
Roxy Cottontail – “Kate Moss”

Roxy Cottontail - "You Don't See"

Catch Roxy this Saturday Jan. 20th at Zubar (2012 Greenville Ave.) holding it down with Me & $elect! -SOBER

Monday, January 15, 2007


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Jan 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968)

Speech Delivered Aug. 28th, 1963 at the Lincoln memorial, Washington D.C. "I have A dream (2007)"

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rocafella vs. Dipset

WOW! That's all I got to say. This time beef is with Tru Life from Rocafella Records going hard at the Dipset crew (just look at Jim & Cam on this cover). Tru Life's mixtape just dropped in the streets of NY. Apparently right after his mixtape hit, some one from Dipset's camp hacked Tru's myspace, remixed his mixtape cover and put out their own tape. This beef is crazy!!!!! -$ELECT

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dipset Night Riders..Ya Dig!

From S550's to $50 mountain bikes, this is the new "look" from the dipset camp. Clicking around I found this YouTube gem of Cam'ron and crew rolling (ma' literally) through Harlem. You've got to watch this video ..Cam's homie hollas "this is the new look" only to be interupted by Cam'ron "I am a look". I think I'm with Cam'ron...A dude that rocks a Pink Range and has got the streets behind him, Cam has switched up the game on dudes. No Homo -$ELECT

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

En La Calle 14: Swass Like Me

Once again, the "En La Calle" tracks are only up for a week so....
Download to the right--------------------------->

JR Writer - "Get Em".
JR is my fucking dude. When he said "with a gun that'll hit from far as hell.... ", back on the first Santana record, the game like updateditself. With this track, it's like 2007.4 Tiger. He's been dropping tracks like every other day so you gotta kinda pick and choose. THIS one is gonna smoke in the club though... Promise you.
JR Writer,Dipset, let's go.

Lily Allen - "LDN Switch REMIX (Crack Whore Riddum)"
South RRRRaaakkkas!!! Probably not so bad that you cant understand
a fucking word that Lilly Alan say's on this remix till the end. More
of a mash up I think, than a proper remix. Either way, this stinks of
SR crew, and I've been flying that flag for a min ( see It's a Pity,
Chinkuzi, Goodas, etc). This is just more fire. Love backwords
vocals and the throw back Eric B steez. Go's well with Santana's OK.
(Crack Theme Mega Mix)

The AZ's - "Yadadamean".
On some bay area slang for sure, this joint has been creeping around under the radar in Texas and everywhere else for that matter. Have yet to here anyone else play this out, which sort of amazes me.

Sir Mix a Lot- "SWASS".
This is a classic joint that for some reason or another doesn't get the play it deserves. Listen to the hook t see what fave pop tune you may have heard it on. I have come to realize that Sir-Mix-A-Lot is more of a genius than the one hit wonder that most people have credited him to be, with songs like these he was definitely on the level of electro rap pioneers such as Egyptian Lover and Whiz Kid.

Plus Device - "Sexual Harrassment".
This is a ghetto tech based track straight from Detroit "wonder boy" Jimmy Edgar and secret partner. If you have not heard Jimmy's "Colorstrip" or Egyptian Lovers first record, then you have not lived. I can nerd out all day on production, but just give this a listen and see what your hips start doing.

Jibbs - "King Kong".
One anthem after another from Jibbs "You can hear before you see me I got King Kong in the trunk" This one goes hard in the paint. You can bet my money you're gonna hear this one bumping out of Caprices and Crown Vics swervin' lanes with that candy paint.

Stephen Marley - "The Traffic Jam feat. Damian Jr. Gong Marley".
Stephen and brother Damian double up to murder over this stripped down beat box w/retarded bassline. I'm already rocking this cut on doubles mode..straight fire from the Marley camp!

Chk Chk Chk - "Break In Case Of Anything".
These indie rock dance dudes are coming threw with some new heat. This track makes me want to shrink my jeans and let my hair flow over my eyes....and do this dance that looks like i'm stiff. Go ahead listen to this track.. when the album comes out don't get rid of your LRG. For real, this is a solid track from these guys.

Purple Crush - "2 Many Hypebeasts".
Speaking of gear and what to wear, this is a funny song about being a "Hypebeaster". Don't get me wrong..streetwear has always been about being fresh and original, but letting one web page predict your wardrobe is a little lame. These 2 kids are killing it with the video and songs..Peep the video below its stupid nice. Enjoy this track and rock a hypercolor shirt with zubaz pants while doing so.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Party Vol. 5 "Lip Service"

Prince Klassen knocked out this bedroom mix "Lip Service" a couple of weeks back. This mix is just that..a raw freestyled mixtape..no re-edits or overdubs, just straight skills and flavor from the Fresh Prince. You can download the mix free right here and we will also have some copies to give away to the early heads at Zubar on Jan.12th. Below is the track listing, as you can see there is a little something for everybody on this jawn.. Just in time for the weekend! -SOBER

justin timberlake - rock your body
omarion - entourage (remix feat papoose)
kelis - trilogy
pharrell feat kanye west - number one
ghostface killah - chercez la ghost
dr dre - lets get high
ms melodie - to sing all night
gaz - sing sing
marley marl feat mc shan - move like this (marleys future flava mix)
young leek - jiggle it
brian redman - jiggle it riddim
diesler - cyann do dat
spank rock - backyard betty
muallem feat amazon - are you ready
tigarah - japanese queen
annie - me plus one (rapture hush hush remix)
tittsworth - crazy
maps * this is the 45 that nature gave me awhile back.
mike mumbles vs k spinn - meet me
scottie b & king tutt - kill em in the club
low budget - bmore without you
dj tamiel - you gotta lick it
technics - touched
curtis vodka - mary jane
rod lee - feel me pt 3

Up next..Klassen's Disco mix!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Goodbye Horses

4duos started the new year of proper with a new montage of pure texas rippage from these dudes...

Trace Saylor, Michael Mckeown, Dakota Roberson, Zach Imondi, Roger Mackey, Tyler Riceo, Tyler Suplu, Ivan Lavigne, Evan Smith, Sean Conover, Erik Ostos, Jonathan Lopez, JD Clark, Grant Jensen, John Roddenbocker, Trey Justice, Flint Brewer, Elemer Bas Rosado, Dolen Smith, Derek Simon, Charlie Hodge, Corey Denomy, Whitney Collins, David Langston, Jeremy Holmes, Eric Croft, Chris Goulet, Cody McEntire, Jake Nunn, Ryan Holloway, Phillip Wagstaff

You can also cruise over to the 4duos site and cop one of their new t-shirts. Shirt + socks $ 16.95= unheard of!