Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's ticket giveaway time again her at CB. We have four sets of tickets for the Girl Talk show @ The Loft this Friday. If you are interested in going to this show free of charge, you know the drill. Shoot us an email to and include "Free Girl Talk Tickets" in the subject.


Monday, October 29, 2007


YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm back kids. All I have to say is "ain't nobody fucking with nyc" hahaha If you don't know all ready I was in NYC this past week with my man Thanh. The city was crazy especially seeing that CMJ was just this past week. So you all ready know the city was just on some ill shit. Man from drinking beers in coffee cups and being rolled up on by under cover cops to almost coping a ticket laying my feet out on the train. The craziest shit had to been when this dude jumped on this cab in front of club 205 on chrystie st. No but seriously we were at the Cool Kids show and this dude jumps on a cab in front of the spot. Next thing you know he is trying to run everybody over....then this lady gets in the way ....they spit in her car....she comes back with a bat...they steal the bat...she pulls out her badge? She was a cop????? SHIT WAS CRAZY!

All my dj gigs were super cool. Klassen put me on the hotel gig with him the first night we were in town. Literally there were pools in the middle of the dance/seating area. Nobody there but these types of places don't really care? Still got that money for them expensive ass drinks all week!

The Sweatshop Labor dudes know how to throw parties! My man Lucas and Johnsville showed us a fucking great time. I played with them at Home Sweet Home in the Lower E Side. Then was invited to play at this house party in Greenpoint Brooklyn, yo that was a fucking house party. The Sweatshop Labor guys you might not have heard of yet but trust me these guys are bout to blow. There whole crew was dope...The Bangers, Lauren Flax, and you all ready know PURPLE CRUSH!

Yo Roxy had me on at Sway on Monday night with Jaceyoh from Brooklyn. Shit was hella fun all night and my man Jaceyo is a cool ass dude! The week before was Pase Rocks birthday party with Klassen. I heard that shit was bananas. But big ups to Roxy for having me through!

Oh shit, my dude Morsy had me up for his Good Foot night in Park slope BK. That night was so much fun. First we get there its around 11ish, and Sujino was just playing bk hiphop for this girls bday party. What a fucking dirty garbage just classic hiphop from broooooooooklyn!!! Shouts out to Sujino for throwing it down. I went on after the kid and blazed it. Started with some classic dancehall tunes and crowd went nuts. This girl threw it down at the end to..jess jubilee.

And last but not least my girl June D had me on for a musebox party for CMJ. Crowd was mostly into the groups...can't remember them right now but the party was a lot of fun.

Yo big ups to everyone that showed me love while I was up there. All the crews I ran with were super dope.

Thanh , Johnsville , Lucas Walters , Sweatshop Labor , The Bangers , Morsy , sujihno, Neil Nice , June D,VYLE, Mano Millionaire, Hollywood Holt, Cool Kids, Klever, Craze, Chris @ Anything, ANYTHING, fuck supreme,prince mfkin klasse, Dave Cove @ Frank 151, Ezra aka Kingdom.


Saturday, October 27, 2007



Killa Cam :: Glitter


Friday, October 26, 2007

Cavern Ting tonight...

I'm gonna be doing the upstairs at this spot tonight. I did it last week for the first time and it was alot fun. Played mostly early 80's reggae joints and the place was feeeeling it. Perfect spot for that. Come see me tonight.

The Cavern (upstairs)
1914 Greenville Ave.
Dallas TX
No Cover


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Real Talk 7: You can get with this...

It's been a minute fam, we got catching up to do. Been a little hectic lately, after taking a new job with a well known fruit company I haven't got as much time as I used to. Rest assured though we here at CB don't punch girls and we don't punch a clock. That being said, hectic Halloween weekend coming up, here's a few tunes to get you to the club and back.

Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
Gotta kick it off with the classic. Another one stumbled upon while trying to to clean up my laptop for Leopard, I think the first time I caught this joint was on some mashup mix I got back in another lifetime and the drop immediately stood out; "Engine engine number nine...", beat is pure magic, soul samples and all. It also helps that the video is still miles ahead of everything else too. Crack rocks to chrome records. Serious.

Lil' Flip - This Is The Way We Ball
Takin' it third coast for a minute, my FAVORITE tune from Flipper. Almost checked the curb when I was pushin' something new the other day with XM installed (which I am TOTALLY sold on, by the way). Video on this one is totally ridiculous as well. Crew angle and karaoke to boot? You gotta be joking. Sing song chorus and Flip running the label angle into how he'd like to holler at the VP. Purists hate all you want, dude's got swagger.

Kanye West - The Good Life (feat. T-Pain)
"Graduation" is going HARD. I'll be the first to admit that I called it wrong, and I won't even go re-edit the last post so you can keep the evidence. I heard "Stronger" three times just walking down Greenville the other night, no lie. Video for this one takes the cake. So-Me (of Ed Banger fame) came through and totally killed it. Best green screen EVER. Feel good jam of the year, on the real.

Pitbull - Go Girl (feat. Trina)
New joint from the bottom, really the only major thing that's caught my ear lately. Slow creepin' beat with a nice Cuban influence, and that chorus that everyone loves to chant. Nothing short of infectious. And when was the last time you saw the diamond princess makin' moves? I know right. Pitbull tends to be slept on mostly, especially when he switches up the flow, be on the lookout for "The Boatlift" when it drops.

The Soul Searchers - Blow Your Whistle
A little bit different but I can't seem to get this one out of my head. Swizz went diggin' in the crates to find the sample for Eve's "Tambourine" but the original is just as hot. One for the record but a hype party tune you need to know anyway.

And also, don't forget to check out the dude Sober choppin' it up with the Lost Generation crew at Fallout tonight, time to get your weekend started!

Fallout Lounge
835 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vampire Sightings

We have the photos up from the Zubar throwdown last night. You can check them here. Big ups to everyone that rolled through the spot to party with us!



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Modern Til Midnight, The Cavern Til 2...

Tonight pops like this... Sober's doing his high art ting at The Modern w/ Tame Tame and Quiet, Sleeping States, Doug Burr, Peter and the Wolf, and St. Vincent. This is kinda one of the better line ups for these things so if you haven't been one of the MTM things, this is a good chance to check it out. Remember to smoke some hydro in the parking lot, and bring a flask for those art school hookers. Fill it with E & J an tell i'm its some..., I don't don't know, whatever it is that they drink.

After closing time bring the young birds on over to The Cavern. Nature's gonna be playing records upstairs from 10 to 2. Cause we know it's free and the drinks are about as cheap as they get, this should be the perfect spot to "put em to bed".

- CB

Modern ’til Midnight: Declaring Space and Ron Mueck
Friday, October 19, 6 pm-midnight
Admission is $15; FREE for Modern members

This event is presented in conjunction with the special exhibitions Declaring Space and Ron Mueck. Ron Mueck is on view through October 21 and Declaring Space is on view through January 6. Tickets available at the door or in advance, call 817.738.9215 or visit the Museum admission desk.

Join us for Modern ’til Midnight! Enjoy extended hours, live music, special gallery activities, late-night shopping, and late-night fare from Café Modern as we celebrate after hours on Friday, October 19, from 6 pm to midnight. This event is open to the public. Admission is $15; free for Modern members. Spend time in two critically-acclaimed exhibitions; Declaring Space: Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Lucio Fontana , Yves Klein and the last chance to see the popular exhibition, Ron Mueck which closes October 21!

7 - 7:30 MOM

7:45-8:15 Tame Tame and Quiet

8:30-9 Sleeping States (from London)

9:15-9:45 Doug Burr

10-10:30 Peter & the Wolf

10:45-12 St. Vincent

in the lobby

DJ Marcosis 6-8
Sober 8-10

Friday, October 12, 2007

"Born In '82". Hot Lava...

This has been running around the CB "inna circles" for the last couple days (yeah we got levels and shit), you know, Timbo and us rocking it in the whip, L Furtado aaaasking me ta play the ting again this morning, you know, circles.

So long story short, Keith P (Unit One son..) has an new little mixtape with some heat on it. "Born in '82" features bangers from Cut Copy, Digitalism, CSS, and may tighten your pants. BRAAAP bitches, it's Keith P!!!!

Start your download by clicking here... Keith P - "Born in '82 mixtape"


Thursday, October 11, 2007

hot off the press

We just picked up these new It's The Party shirts today from our printer. This shirt was designed by our homie Michael Sieben from Austin. If you want to be the first one on your block repping this, get at us.

Click photo for a detailed look.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Grind For Life

Grind For Life Inc. was founded in 2003 by life long skateboarder Mike Rogers after his second battle with sarcoma cancer. C&S skateshop in Allen (owned by Mike Crum) picks a charity every year to benefit and this year they picked Grind for Life.

The mission of the Grind For Life organization is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. In addition, we educate and inspire these patients and families concerning cancer survival and recovery. Those who qualify may request assistance for travel and lodging expenses, meal, and personal needs. Funds for this organization will be raised by, but not limited to, hosting skateboarding events and festivals, ebay sales of donated goods, fundraiser's, Grind For life sponsors a skateboard team to perform at these events to keep the spirit of skateboarding alive.


Saturday, October 13th at The Edge @ Allen Station Park (Dallas, TX area)
11am - 6pm // Hosted by :: The Captain & Casey

Attending pros ::

Pat Duffy // Plan B Skateboards
James Craig // Blind Skateboards & Power Shoes
Kareem Campbell
Darren Navarette // Creature and Vox
Mike Crum
Jon Comer :: Element

Please take the time to check out this amazing charity:


Grind For Life

Grind For Life Myspace

Skate Chaos In Tejas


1. Pat Duffy - Plan B's "Questionable Video". ... This dude moved the sport forward like 4 years with this one little 3 min section. Say what you want about this dude, but EVERYBODY had to check to make sure their fucking heads were still attached after watching THIS shit. For the time (i think 93??? check me on this..) this shit was just plain unheard of. Even today that last double kink ranks high, and the skating in the rain?!?! Fuck off. Welcome to new school.

2. Kareem Campbell - 20 Shot Sequence. ... This was really the first time I saw video of Kareem. Watching this should also explain any hip hop/skating correlation questions you may have. This shit is CLASSIC. Before this guy, the hood had to ride for Ray Barbee, which was a little to punk rock for some blocks.... Video has Keenan Milton, Ron Creager, Lavar McBride, Jason Dill, etc. SICK SHIT. Ask somebody.

Both of these dudes are gonna be in the spot on Sat... If you don't support this, you're a straight loser.

- Nature

Friday, October 05, 2007


For those of you that missed the first Maker Maker party last Sunday with guest Kingdom, you missed one hell of a set. This dude killed it with everything from Rave anthems, B-more and exclusive remixes to crunk classics. Dude shut it down with Black Rob's classic joint WHOA! I just wanted to let everyone know Kingdom put a Paypal link up on his Myspace where you can purchase his latest Mix cd.

Don't sleep...again.



Tuesday, October 02, 2007

click click click

We have uploaded our photos from last night's !!! show. You can check them out here. Also, there is only one day left to try and win these Black Lips tickets. If you want your name in the hat, shoot us a email at and we will shoot one back, if your lucky.