Thursday, November 29, 2007

Real Talk 8: It's about that time...

What up readers?! Been a minute as always but don't sweat it. We've been having too much fun with our parties lately, and we got some serious business comin' up, old school heads be on the lookout. This time around I got some low key joints to make it through the winter, we'll be posting up a few more to keep you going. Peep game...

Lil' Flip - Sunshine
So in case you still aren't convinced that Flip is seriously on top of the rap game, let's switch gears from the club and chill out for a minute. Flip's flow is nice and slow over a beat that goes down sweeter than syrup, ya dig? And don't forget dude's YouTube game either.

Schooly D - Gucci Time
So I posted that Jim Jones tune a minute ago that flipped this beat hard, but the original is real hard to beat. Caught it again on one of the XM hip hop stations and made me wonder why I don't play it more. Such a weird beat, really spacey but knocks plenty hard.

Timbaland & Magoo - We At It Again
As much as I love Shock Value, Timbaland missed the mark on a few jams, considering past efforts like this gem right here. Although the beat is a little unpolished, the lyrics in this one jam alone trump almost everything on Shock Value. Candy store to the coffee shop, witness...

Craig Mack - Flavor In Ya Ear (Bad Boy Remix)
With Diddy's jump off on the Forbes 123 remix, gotta bring back some classic Bad Boy effort. Nothing more, nothing less. This IS the whole game. Learn.

Too Short - This My One (feat. E-40)
Fresh on the circuit, America's pimp is back (BIIIIIIIIITCH!) with 40 water (NEVER SLIPPIN). Seriously low-key hyphy beat lets both dudes get seriously technical with the flow. Throw it up and act wild.

And don't forget we're linking up with the Hot Flash! crew to turn it out one more time tonight. Call it an early Christmas.

Fallout Lounge
835 Expostion Park
Dallas, TX 75226


I Believe In Miracles

If you attended the "Hands Up" party a couple of weeks ago, you got a sneek peak of this video. 4duos officially launched the DFW edition of their Best of series today. The skating is sick, song selection is dope and come on, it's DALLAS! Don't sleep.

Don't forget about the Fully Flared video premiere happening @ the Lakewood Theatre Dec 12th. We will be hosting the after party at Zubar in conjunction with Nature's weekly "Taxi Fare"...flyer will be up soon.


Fully Flared Premiere
Wednesday Dec. 12th
7pm @ lakewood Theatre
Dallas, TX 75214

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Please Believe Me :: New work by Brian Gibb

The Public Trust Presents...
Please Believe Me: New work by Brian Gibb
November 30, 2007–January 15, 2008

Opening Reception: Friday November 30, 2007 (7-10PM)
The Public Trust
2919-C Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226
214.760.7170 //

The Public Trust is a member of CADD (Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas)

Above Image :: Away From Her (detail) :: 17"x13" :: acrylic and ink on paper, 2007

Please Believe Me details a four year stretch in which Gibb has lived with a single dream. This will be depicted through the use of paintings, prints, soft sculpture, illuminated typography and piñatas. The exhibition will include Gibb's 2006 print installation from "don't forget your past, it's all around you" available as the print suite, "all my failings exposed" which will include the original 8 diptychs plus a bonus print all housed in a hand-printed sleeve.

Please email for a preview pdf.

Art Prostitute
Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas
The Party

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Texas Monthly Gets Klassy

Big ups the The Party's own Prince Klassen for scoring an interview in the brand new issue of Texas Monthly. The issue just dropped, it's the one with the big steak on the cover. Swing through your local newsstand and scoop a copy, so you can read up on our dude and find out about the 38 best steakhouses in Texas.


Texas Monthly

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Party Pictures :: Shake Em

Thanks to everyone that joined us in our post Thanksgiving throwdown! We had alot of Family members in the building, good looks on bringing the Fam through. The photos are up and ready to grab. Next week we are teaming up with Hot Flash and Scion to bring you The (Hot Flash) Party. Rest up!



Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Things Poppin'

Big ups to everyone that came through the spot last night to get down CB style. Big shout outs to our girls Queen Majesty and June D for setting the party off proper like. Don't forget we have The Party monthly at Zubar this Friday and we have another Hands Up show planned for Dec. will be huge, trust us! The photos from last night are up here. Peep game.




Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get 'Em High... June D and Queen Majesty @ The Loft. Tiger Beat ting.

So if you haven't heard by now, this Saturday is poppin FOR REAL. We got a little Fall edition of "Hand's Up" this Saturday @ The Loft and best believe we're doing it real big.

On the main stage we rocking with Brooklyn's finest, June D. If you're up on your NY shit, then you know about Studio B, and you also know that our girl's FUN parties are KILLING shit right now. Add that to her Saturday weekly at Lotus, and the likkle one off stunting sessions in the city... Real shit. She's also featured in this months Paper Magazine (Daft Punk cover) in thier photo essay "They Come Out At Night". Son... This is that real real Brooklyn fly shit. We're trying to tell you.

THEEEEN, on the balcony... Son... You know we got Queen Majesty. That's Deadly Dragon Sound NYC. If you missed the Queen Maj interview we ran a couple months back you can check it here. Everything good I have to say about this woman I've already said. Acouple times. We're gonna be holding down the balcony on that strictly reggae vibe. When she missed her flight to Dallas acouple months back I was like, "Yo, don't even stress this. We're gonna get you down here. You'll see." CB turn around time? Quick.

Cherries on top??? We got em. How about give aways from our friends at Collective and Four Duos, AND we'll be showing the PREMIER of the FOUR DUOS "Best of Dallas" Montage. YO. The HOUSTON shit is still on our site. Scroll down and just LOOK at it. Sick. Siiiiick.

New York is in the building. This is Central Booking. IT'S THE FUCKING PARTY!!!!!!!!

Hands Up w/ June D and Queen Majesty (NYC)
Saturday Nov. 17th @ The Loft
1135 S. Lamar
Dallas TX
$5 BEFORE 11pm.
Get there EARLY!!!!

F6 saturday ting... Grapes in the Building!!!!

If you were feeling that Nine Eyes IC reunion as much as we were you ain't gonna wanna miss this.... Arlington's F6 Gallery is kicking off it's latest installation entitled "Uppercase: Art of the Letter". Saturday's show features works from the Sour Grapes Crew (Arma, Congoh, Nezo, Alpha, Sopa), along with CB favorites Soner, Minus, Jeru, and long list of local tough guys. Probably gonna be some free booze, you got Heizler, Doro, and Soy Capaz on the music controls... Don't miss this.

Saturday November 17th
Uppercase: Art of the Letter
@ F6 Gallery
2800 W. Division St.
Arlington, TX
8pm - Midnight

Here's a little video clip of the last F6 ting. All i gotta say is Grapes!!!!

- Nature

Talkin' Bout My Generation

Tomorrow's edition of Lost Generation looks to be a good one! Wanz will have the homie Keith P in the building and special guest San Serac all the way from Massachusetts. You can check out more on San Serac here.

Lost Generation
@ Fallout Lounge
835 Exposition Ave.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Look Out Weekend

The pictures from Evan Hecox's new show and Egyptian Lover at the Beauty Bar have been posted and are ready to view. Evan's new work is amazing, it's all based from photos he took on a recent Mexico trip.

Egypt, Jamie Jupitor and Klassen killed it at the Beauty Bar later that night. The crowd was super hyped at the club and @ the instore.

Get ready for Hands Up!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

4 Duos H-Town Edition

The homies over at 4 Duos just posted up their brand new Houston montage. It's been a minute since the last montage but as you can see it was worth the wait. Stay tuned for new exclusive footage from the 4 Duos camp at Hands Up next Saturday.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Revisit Egypt

If you read the post below, you already know about the Central Booking Egyptian Lover jumpoff in Austin tonight at Beauty Bar. If you somehow skipped the interview we did with Egypt a couple months back, you can peep that here.

Interview :: Egyptian Lover


West Coastin'

What The Dunk?

I am back from my LA trip and I have some photos to prove it. Click here to check them out. Big shout out to Munson Industries and VANS for bringing me out to Dj their event. Big ups to the Cobrasnake for getting me into the spots and the Gonzales crew for the bed and breakfast action. Best believe...I'm going back to Cali.


Above Photo :: Billy, Rip City Skate Shop


Thursday, November 08, 2007

On The Nile Again

Austin provides a weekend of fun, below are several things popping off in the Capital city. If you are in the area, I suggest you take note.

Friday ::
Egyptian Lover // Jamie Jupiter
Insore @ Backspin Records
5247 Burnet Rd. 512.454.7746

Evan Hecox Art Show
@ 4Walls Gallery (6pm-9pm)
115 E. 5th St. No.1

Egyptian Lover // Prince Klassen
@ Beauty Bar
617 E 7th St

Saturday ::
Stitch 2007
@ Austin Convention Center
w/ Prince Klassen

The Rub // Smalltown Dj's
@ Beauty Bar
617 E 7th St


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Got a few parties this weekend to post about. First we have "Do Over" w/ A one, Churz, and Joe Rich @ Gazellig. This is the official ADIKT party.

Then I'm over at "Sloppy World" with my big dude PRINCE WILLIAM and this dude ESTAW we will probably be playing all kinds of electro and mashups sorry bros.

Should both be crazy fun nights of dancing and drugs or whatever you like to do.


P.P.T. is up for a grammy nomination

Yo, my dudes over at CF just posted this up. Putting Dallas on the map!! P.P.T. which for those who don't know is Picnic, Pichasso, and Tahiti. We have all known these guys for quite some time...and it's good to see them getting the shine they deserve! Yo big ups you dudes and keep doing what you do!

Best Rap Performance by a Duo or a group - Work It Out- PPT
Best Rap Song – Work It Out – PPT
Best Rap Album – Tres Monos In Love – PPT



Wu Tang is the truth, and most of you dudes either have a Wu tattoo on your arm or owned many Wu-wear tshirts and shit. If you were like me you probably begged for cash as a kid or lifted the fuckin tape from a music store. 36 chambers easily has to be one of my favorite albums of all time. Come on...what else could sum up the east coast hype of the mid 90s? The east coast (nyc) always put out TONS of quality music for years. Wu Tang basically would be the group to not only brand the east's sounds, but also be the first group to really market themselves in a way different than everyone else had at the time. I just had some Wu on my mind and had to get this new song over to everyone. Now to clear up the rumors of beef between Ghostface and Rza? What I heard was that Rza moved the release date of the Clans album "8 Diagrams" to December 11th and not the 4th which is Ghostface's release "Big Doe Rehab". Mos def go pick up both the albums.

Here is a low quality version of "Bring It Back" the first single from the new album. Make sure you download the real quality version from Itunes or something.