Wednesday, November 29, 2006

En La Calle 12: ri di di diculous

As usual, ton's of pot's cooking right now... Select just got back to Dallas from his Baltimore trip so he's loaded up with new tunes, he will be playing with Prince Klassen at the Whiskey Bar in Austin this Saturday. That same night I'll be holding Dallas down with Killa Klever at Zubar. This weekend's gonna pop off nice....

Next week look out for a NEW NEW NEW TheParty REMIX... Ill shit my friends, Fire shit. Plus, a Centralbooking collabo shirt w/ Decade (just in time for the christmas chopping season), AP event, Index Instore, AND the TheParty Monthly @Zu... Hate if you want to...

Getting down to bizness, EN LA CALLE is up and running. For those who are new to the game, ENLACALLE is a quick run down on some of the music we're currently fucking with at Centralbooking. These are usually unreleased or under appreciated tracks that we're putting into rotation via The Party. All of these songs are downloadable on CB for a week and then we flip to some other shit... This weeks joints look like this...----->

Sober gets the cover look this week by coming thru w/ this Monica joint. Not super new, or unknown (it's all over the radio right now), but tune meets the ELC criteria by being TOO FUCKING NICE. Look out for the CB remix that is sure to come. Monica kills it on the hook, and really brings out the hater in all of us. Great tune to email out to your scandalous so called friends.

Prince Klassen passed me these next three tunes. The Feist joint is retarded. Haven't heard much from her in awhile and the team up with Jose Gonzales is almost unfair. Lovertits is a Peaches cover (cringing), but Feist and Gonzales put it on the strip, and it's money...

Robin Thicke tune is Neptunes/StarTrack material (of course Pharell on the track), Wanna Love You Girl is some pop shit that's not so over the top. Reminds me a bit of the Provider/Cherrywine stuff. Which is good.

CCS track??? Probably don't need any more convincing on these cats but, tune sounds kinda nice right now... It's that simple.

Give It To Me.... This is the tune that I should probably write a small term paper on. NOT a good copy of this but, who cares. It plays. In itunes. Nelly Furtado is beyond sexy on this. So strong. Already had somebody try and hate on this tune and that's just totally insane. Drums just creep in on you, mami is murder on this, Timbo chops the shit out of the vocals (fly), JT doesn't fuck the track up, and the hook is straight fire. Over, and over, and over, and over.

M.I.M.S joint is something I've been meaning to post for the last couple weeks. Why I'm Hot shuts down the fucking party.... JR Reid kills this. The original was kinda bubbling, catching some shine here and there. The REMIX??? Stupid. Yeah, TheParty is gonna flip a proper version of this too... It's real.

So we're unrepenting Dipset fans and we've made that clear from day one. And obviously we're feeling pretty good about the whole Jim Jones King of NY thing. The dips are flossin harder than ever right now and that makes us sleep easier at night. The NY Jets just cristened We Fly High as the Official Theme song of the team (aaaaa holy shit....) This means that monday night, not only is Harlem flyin high but 250lb white guys from Queens are BAALLLLINNNNN right out of lazy boys. Yeah. So with that being said, we are certainly not mad about the new Jim Jones X-Mas record. That's right, St Nick and Dips are teaming up this winter. First single is on the ---->
The hook is "Living fast and balling at Christmas time". WOW... "It's gonna be a good christmas".

We posted a Curtis Vodka remix of this last tune a few months back. "Hey Girl" is probably the definitive Curtis Vodka track, guaranteed to have me on bounce in the booth and the mini skirt scene on wind. Kinda wanted to come back to the Chris Brown original. Mexican bird put me back on track with this one. It's magic. -Nate

Friday, November 24, 2006

Low Tech High Life

Art Prostitute Presents...
Low Tech High Life: An Exhibition of New Work By...
Jeremy Fish, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, & Michael Sieben.
December 9 - January 16, 2006

Artist Reception: Saturday December 9, 2006 (7-10pm)
All 4 artists will be in attendance.
DJ Sober of The Party will be on the turntables throughout.

2919-C Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226 // 214.760.7170

To mark this occasion Art Prostitue will be producing a limited edition artist print set. This will feature a 16x20 screenprint from each artist in the exhibition (pictured above). They are signed and numbered in an edition of 160. They will retail for $160. To pre-order yours click here.

Artist Talk at the DSVC: Wednesday, December 6, 2006 (6-8pm)
CITYPLACE // 2711 N. Haskell (Central and Haskell)
Reception - 6:00 PM, Meeting - 7:00 PM
Members - Free
Non-Members - $20
Students - $10, STUDENT ID REQUIRED!
A Low Tech High Life shirt will be given to the first 150 in the door courtesy of Art Prostitute Gallery.

Belmont Hotel
The Dallas Society of Visual Communications
The Party

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Klever "I see you ATL"

So I first met Klever back in early 03' at the Root Down in LA. I had no idea he was on the bill that night but he showed up and ripped it. After his set we were chopping it up and I realized my guy Remode previously broke him off with some copies of his record "Lone Star Breaks". Klever was feeling the Remode record, and the hand drawn cover art style (laced by yours truely), so we stayed in contact for a while via phone/ mail on some art/ fashion tip...I sent Klev some of the early Decade stuff to rep in the ATL. Somehow we lost contact and later reconnected on Myspace..not long after the reconnect, I brought Klev through Dallas (Zubar) and he killed it ...insane night. So for all of you that already know what it is, Klever will be back in the Big D on Dec. 2nd holding it down with our boy Nature. I highly suggest that if you are in the Dallas area on that date..GO TO ZUBAR! -SOBER

What projects are you currently working on?
I'm really gearing up and focusing on this early 07' tour with Buff Monster "Sloppy Seconds". I have an EP in the works, consisting of up tempo club bangers and remix tracks. I will also have a new mix cd out early 07' the title is pending but it's going to have alot of exclusive remixes, cunk, punk, club...I'm really just trying to break it all up.

What is the home town scene like in ATL?
It's on fire right now! Our monthly is off the map, on any given night you might see Kenny Burns coming through, you might see this group Cartel in the mix. Everyone shows up grilled out with slick shoes on, it's on some sexy fly shit. Also if you are in the area check out my man caleb's weekly "so cool super club" it's poppin every week, the vibe is on some electro/ indie underground steez.

What are five records you are feeling right now?
Steed Lord "Who you wit"
Caz Clay "Hey Dj"
Eagles (Klever ATL Bounce Remixxx) "One of these nights"
Nelly Furtado "Man eater"
Kid Sister "Damn girl"

Last but not least, I know your a sneaker guy, so what are your choice kicks at the moment?
Snakeskin adidas americanas (limited joints) and these gold PUMA Match lows, straight butter!

"Have the Highs in your eyes and the bass in your face" -Klever

Steed Lord "You" (Klever Remixxx)

J.R. Writer (More Reasons)

Here we go again, another diss from the Dipset camp aimed at Hove. This time it's J.R. Writer that lyrically destroys The Rock. With lines like "My shotty blasts to stretch em like a pilates class" and "that camel needs a cigarette add" I don't know if jay can come out of this one (alive). J.R. let's him know that his swagg needs viagra and that he's not what the streets want. You can decide for yourself but I can tell you right now and i'm quoting..."DON'T FOOL WITH THE DIPS"

Here you go...JR Writer "I Got Em (Jay-Z Diss)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Ok so you already know what we think about this but let's just put it out there anyways... Jay-Z just came out "guns blazing" against our guy Capo (AKA Jim Jones, AKA Kuffi Smacker, AKA The King of New York). "Brooklyn High", which showed up 3 times in my inbox this morning, is S dot rhyming over Capo's We Fly High joint, talking about how he still pops those things, he showed the dips how to play the game, Dame Dash is over with, etc... NOT very convincing, but after the constant lashing coming from the Dipset camp, Jay had to do SOMETHING... The only thing that makes this beef exciting is that Jim Jones really doesn't give a fuck. Jay's a CEO, Jones is a thug. Jay might want to look into overseas vacation plans.

Here's the Jay-Z track unedited... Jay-Z "Brooklyn High"

This is a mix with the Jim Jones and Santana verses to put it into perspective...
Jones is hilarious on this... Jim Jones & Juelz Santana "We Fly High (Beef Mix)"

On some "Centralbooking loves you" type shit, I went ahead and dug up this video of the Dips on tour in london. WOW........ I must have watched this twice a day for a week when I first found this. This is them going club to club in London, hitting the strip joints, Jones wilding out in the back seat, Tim Westwood driving them around from spot to spot. Cam even has a average "bitch" from the neighborhood riding with em, high heel timbos, etc. Watch this and then compare it to what Jay-Z is on nowadays and you'll get the picture. These dudes are from another planet. -Nate

Thursday, November 16, 2006

En La Calle: We still got our warm up suits on...

AVISO!!! Yousendit was acting like a little bitch yesterday, not wanting to upload files, glitching 'em out, etc. Had to pull the mp3's I posted yesterday and repost 'em today... Looks like everything's back to normal now so enjoy yourself. This is what it looks like...

New fire from Lil Keke, the Kelis slowed and throwed, the Cheb Mami thing, Dipset, Cosmic Cat Nip, little sentimental rock joint to top it off... Here's the run down, tracks are on the ----->

First off the blocks is the joint from Cosmic Cat Nip. Dude You're Harshing My Mellow is produced by Shane English (of Cheif Death Rage), and Gray Gideon and is about as fresh as it gets... Shane's been bugging me about collaborating on some production stuff for awhile now and I just haven't had time. He gets a free afternoon and some gear, and does THIS in like a couple hours... Dear rich people, if you are reading this (ton's of drug dealers read this), buy this kid a laptop and put him to work... M M M Money in the bank. Haven't met Gray yet, but word is he did the synth programing and mixed the tune. It sounds great. Played it in the club like 3 times last night. Approval rating, guns.

Sooo WOW... Lil Keke is about to have the tune of the winter. Paul Wall on the track too??? This is a done deal. It wobbles right off the fucking street. Be the first to floss with this... Sober came hard with that one and then steps back and hits you with this new Jigga man tune "Trouble". Jay-Z gets Dre production on this one and well... it works.

The Party's A-town playboy Prince Klassen is back in the TX from his East Coast tour with the Spankrock kids. He picked up this Bossy joint on his way thru Houston. Slowed and Throwed by Big Body Click.

Dipset... JR Writer, Killa... THATS SELF-EXPLANATORY.

I've been getting twisted out by all this arabic stuff lately. Me and my guys from Ghetto Arc emailing tracks back and forth, digging around on youtube, etc. These are a couple of the crazier ones. Cheb Mami/Cheba Maria live on the radio over a Ricky Martin instrumental.... Yeah, dead serious. The sound quality on this one is total shit. DJ Mummy??? Also off the chart. Arabic Reggaeton. This is beyond next level.

Last cut for the week is one Klassen passed me, The Whitest Boy Alive will take the edge off of the the hammer style line up. Hablanos... -Nate

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

shackles and (tony) bones

If you have been around the Dallas area over the last seven years, or in Brooklyn NY over the last two are probably familiar with Tony Bones artwork. This kid has got 6'4" he towers above most writers on spots and numbers, his characters can be spoted all over, he puts in work from TX to well...NY. Needless to say our friend Tony Bones has gotten in a bit of trouble with Johnny Law. To help his cause Kettle Art gallery has put together a benifit show to help with his legal cost, all proceeds will go towards legal defense and imposed fines. If you are a (good) artist and would like to donate a piece to help our guy out, you can contact Kettle Art for more details. Drop off for donated pieces will be Monday, November 27, from 8:00PM -10:00 PM // One Night only reception takes place Sat. Dec. 2nd 7-10pm // 2714 Elm. St Deep Ellum -SOBER

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Downtown Top Ranking

If you are in the Austin area between the dates of Nov. 17th through Jan. 28th you should swing through the AMOA to check out their current show "Radical NY" focusing on the downtown New York art scene from 1974-1984. Better yet if you are in ATX this Fri. or can make it down, our very own Prince Klassen will be djing the official opening party from 6-8pm. This is technically a members only reception but it is open to the public for a ten dollar cover...well worth it. The artist line up is already know what it is..Keith Haring, Basquiat and of course Nan Goldin (she's the truth).

Artist line up:
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Willem de Kooning
Nan Goldin
Adolph Gottlieb
Keith Haring
Richard Hell
Barbab Kruger
Christian Marclay
Jackson Pollock
Cindy Sherman
Plus 200 more...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Cupcakes (and other true stories)

First of all..thanks to everyone who came out to Zubar friday night. Photos will be up sometime tomorrow, we are still gathering all of our shots from a hand full of cameras. We will also have pics from the Art Prostitute and Munny show as well as The Party @ Southside on Lamar.Hold the mean time this is what it looks like. -CB

Thursday, November 09, 2006

4DUOS (texas skateboarding)

Check out our people over at 4DUOS These cats are supporting everything and everyone who is involved in the Texas skateboard scene.. the companies, riders, photographers, filmers, artists, shops and those who promote them. They are on the steady grind filming new footage and releasing a montly video montage consisting all of Tejas rippers. Check out the November Montage posted below featuring...Featuring Jeremy Holmes, Coady Merryman, Jonathan Sturgeon, Asher Feehan, Kolby Petrus, Byrd, James Cooke, Kyle Crittenden, Zack Smith, Franky Machuca, David Langston, Erik Ostos, Derek Simon, Chris Luhring, Brian Delatorre, Eric Croft, Scott Newton, Colin Moen, Dan McCarville, Shane Darnell, Jordan Scharnwebber, Jesse Grubbs, Josh Hurley, Aaron Baugh, Brian Rahn, Chris Goulet, Callan Cotten, Michael McKeown, Kechaud Johnson, Chima Ferguson, Ryan Holloway, Dolen Smith, Guru Khalsa, Shawn Franklin, Kyle Rhodes, Ryan Graham, Sean Greene, Brandon Boehm, Jake Nunn, Cody McEntire and Adam Taylor. Be sure and hit up 4DUOS on myspace. -SOBER Montage 1.4 November Texas Skateboarding

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

En La Calle 11: ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Whoa... Kinda focused this week. Zubar jumps off this friday, going hard in the paint with this MIMA joint, got pitchfork on blast, Prince Klassen chopping heads on the east coast... CB is deep in the fucking building right now. Once again, a little late on the draw getting these next joints posted, but not mad about having ZERO time either...

The week in fire looks like this... (downloads to the right my friends)--->

Yeah, I know this is not some off the map shit, but who cares. This Shareefa joint out of control. Threw this on at this little spot the other day and this 18 dark skin chick was grinding in her seat. Wow. Can't front on that. Tune is killing right now.

"Blue Fish" is a joint my guy sent my a couple weeks back. Japanese Folk bird. Not sure this is really out yet, her google look is more or less non-existant. If you have the scoop on this song and or the artist, let us know. Definitely some odd ball shit for JP and certainly nice coming out of the stereo speakers this past week. Sachiko Kenonobu is working.

Next joint is one that Select brought to my attention this week. Haiti on Blast is a tune that Diplo dropped on a mixtape awhile back, and actually ended up being the Bside to the Ghetto Arc/Xl white label 45 of Bonjay's MAPS. This tune is actually much slower, but when you wanna kill with it, you put it on 45 like this.... Tough guy shit.

Staying in the Diplo camp, check this rework of Mary J's "Be Without You"... Bass synth and drum rolls are not playing.

Marit Bergman just got shamed on Pitchfork over this next tune... I'm mean, really, I'm not into people covering current radio tunes, it's just kinda cheap. The Alicia Keys "Crazy" version... No. BUT, this is not a written in stone rule and her cover of the JT tune doesn't reeeeallly suck. Add to this the fact the Pitchfork also slammed the original, saying the syths were wack, the track was herky-jerky, etc, and that JT wasn't really killing it makes me be like, well... Fuck em. I don't care what you say, "My Love" is a NAASSSTTTYY tune. One of the biggest of the year, and fucking hot to death. The synths kick ass. The drums, kick ass. JT murders it. Throw Vybz on there???? Fuck off... It's fire. Soooo that's that. Marit Bergman?? Well, whatever... Probably wouldn't fuck with it if it wasn't for the fact that our guy Klever (ATL) took her version and made a smoking ass remix of it. Good, to ehhh, to back to good. Welcome to the world we live in.

Rich Boy track is something out of the ordinary... The way they drop the track in and out is insane. "Rich Boy sellin........" Crazed. Another nail in the "underground hip hop" coffin.

This joint with E-40 is more of that bay area flavor. That's Sober on the hunt down...

Last on the list is a tune off of White Magic's first EP, "Through The Sun Door". The new LP just dropped and is getting alot of shine right now. The EP dropped in 2004 and it was truly that off the map breath of fresh air. One Note was the lead off track. Sweat 'em. -Nate

Sober (512)

Sober hits the road after The Party and rolls into Austin for the rest of the weekend. Sat night he will be at the Beauty Bar for the Planet Rock party. Sunday afternoon he will be at the Skatepark of Austin for the Flip demo, this should be bananas...check the line up. If you are in the area swing through and check out our man. -$elect

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Art Prostitute Presents...
Thieves Like Us: An exhibition of new work by Vanessa Michel and April Pierce
Left image: Vanessa Michel :: The Revelation: La Revolución (detail) :: 57"x29" :: oil on canvas
Right image: April Pierce :: And Then She Woke Up (detail) :: 30"x40" :: mixed media on canvas

November 4 - December 4, 2006 // Artist reception: Sat. November 4 (7-10PM)
Shiny Around the Edges will perform live in the gallery at 8pm
Dj Select of The Party will be on the turntables throughout the night

Art Prostitute Gallery
2919-C Commerce St. // Dallas, TX 75226 // 214.760.7170

Vanessa Michel Bio
Exhibiting two bodies of work, Vanessa Michel's paintings depict a single character posited in an oppressive space emptied of dimension - addressing our experience of the physical world. The large contour drawings are made with cochineal, a crimson pigment derived of a cactus beetle native to Central America. The bright red pigment, first cultivated by the Aztec and Mayan empire, was put into large scale production by the colonial Spanish Empire in the seventeenth century. Now only harvested by indigenous people in Mexico, cochineal becomes the modus operandi in which the historical reoccurrence of labor exploitation is linked to the present backlash toward immigration labor in the United States. The drawings are based on photographs taken by the artist while participating in Immigration Reform demonstrations in New York City.

Vanessa Michel is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is from El Paso, Texas and received a Bachelors of Fine Art cum laude from The University of North Texas. She will be participating in Painting: The Semi-Sublime curated by Diana Block at The UNT Artspace FW this spring, 2007.

April Pierce Bio
April Pierce's paintings and drawings are vignettes seized from the everyday. Snapshots of the near and dear, magazine images, and video stills often provide the basis for her work. Since the completion of her BFA, from the University of North Texas, Pierce has spent her time developing a unique style of mark making easily described by a level of detail that borders on obsessive. Written words, buried within the drawings, reveal the vulnerability of her subjects as her pencil explores and defines every facet of their expression. Her illustration work has appeared in the pages of Art Prostitute, where she be a featurette in their upcoming issue. She has exhibited with the gallery in several group shows. Thieves Like Us, will be her first exhibition of note with Art Prostitute. Be sure and support all this home town heat...Dallas on the rise! -SOBER