Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We have one pair of tickets to give away for this Friday's M.I.A. show at The Palladium. If you were at her show back in November, then I don't have to explain how M.I.A. gets down! If you need these tickets holler... Please include MIA in the subject line of your email and make these count people!

Wild Out!


Monday, April 28, 2008

H-Town // Caked Up!

Once again, Houston, off the meat rack! The Birthday party was in full effect. Big shouts to Johnny, Trang and Alia...feliz cumpleaños! Shout out to Dayta for rocking out with us. Can't forget Premium Goods, EV, El Roy, Brian, PJ and Hector were in the spot getting live. All I gotta say is, Houston knows how to party and we are already looking forward to that last weekend in May. Get it big!



Bonde Do Role: un jueves muy sexy

Lots of little things poppin off in Dallas this week, Caribou/FuckButtons at The Loft tonight, Man Man/Yeasayer on Tuesday, M.I.A. on Friday... Wanted to make sure that yall didn't loose track of Thursday's Bonde Do Role show at The Loft. Alot of people were upset when these guys couldn't make it thru to Dallas a couple months back. Luckily, they got a chance to swing back thru the D without making us wait for a year. We've had these guys in the mix for about 2 years now (see The Party Vol. 3) and if you caught the Diplo show @ Haileys then you already got a taste. The sound is dancefloor ready.

Bonde Do Role will be performing with The Death Set this Thursday at The Loft. We've got 2 pairs of tickets to give away for the show. If you want 'em, email us at and spell the words "bonde do role" correctly in the subect. Reeeeaaadddyyyyyy, GO.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Hands Up :: Crown Royale

Saturday was the REALNESS!!! Dora brought the crowns, Sour Grapes was poppin bottles, Annie was snapin them prom shots, and Prince Klassen was RULING the dance!!! Thanks to everyone that rolled thru for the party. We killing this city!!! If you're rocking with us on the regular then you already know. Nobody's putting it down like this. Texas is doing it big big big right now!! Extra special thanks to Rita Miranda, ROlanDro, Jane Doe, LauraLeg, Rachel Davis, Juan Pancho, and our traveling birthday girl Darlene May!!! Felicidades mami!!!

We got G Squared's and Annie Ray's fotos up and running. BIG THINGS popping for Hands Up in May. Preparate.




Monday, April 14, 2008

Ghosthustled: The Party ATX

FYI folks, The Party in Austin was ultra-hot! ATX definitely in the place to be, our Houston family in the spot, Complete in the spot, Sour Grapes, it was an amazing night. Ghosthustler murdered it!! They had the whole crowd singing along to "Someone Else's Ride". They're really about to blow this Texas thing wide open. Once again, the stage turned into a dance floor, with micro Korgs flying and people flat out falling onto keyboard stands. STR8 ROWDY!

Thanks again to everyone who came out! Shout's to King Louie, shouts to the whole Wahoo's crew (like 30 deep), and an extra big shout to our girl Darlene and our main man Da MiING!

Annie Ray's photos are amazing! See for yourself. Be sure to get your gear right for Hands Up, cuz we got her in the D on Saturday. The Party's at The Mohawk in Austin every first Saturday. Tell your crew!!! This Summer is gonna be CRAZED!!!!




Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't Stop The Dance

Looks like the week for mixtapes. All the homies have been sending over their mixes, just in time for Summer madness. Our guy Neil Nice comes correct with his latest mix Don't Stop The Dance. Nature and I rocked this on the way back from H-Town a couple of weeks back, it was the perfect soundtrack for our journey home and a good switch up from the Cash Money Anthology. Neil's track selection is killer and his blends are seamless, I was expecting some beat juggling and maybe some "transformer skratchin", but the format is very clean and well done. Grab this for the whip ASAP. Shouts to his man Romain on the vocal drops. "Neil Nice!!!", will be rocking it live and direct at The Party later this summer. Trust.



Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Valley View

Our dudes Teenage Wolf and Spin Laden from the Valley just gave us a heads up on their new Cul -N- Sweet mixtape, scheduled to drop any day now. They also shot us a link to Spin Laden's latest mixtape "Puro Outa Control". This is a slamming mix, guaranteed to have you jacking in the HOV lane. These dudes have been setting the Valley a blaze with their parties for a while now. Look out for that Central Booking road trip! Puro demencia!!!! Ya verás....


tracklist ::

black ball - hold dat
gameboy gamegirl - bump rump (zombie disco squad remix)
adonis - rockin down the house (micky slim remix)
tjr - sonic chronic
southside - jack (scott cooper remix)
rye rye - wassup (crookers remix)
natty jack - tech buddy
heavy feet - sick like that (santiago & bushido remix)
bryan cox - lets go to work (andy george & jakz remix)
riva starr - i know u want my thang
justin martin - ghetto train (oliver $ remix)
bass kleph & hook n sling - helium (mowgli remix)
worthy - bird of prey (yankee zulu remix)


Monday, April 07, 2008

We got them Mars Volta tickets!!!

Right off the bat, we got 4 sets of tickets to give away for 2morrow's Mars Volta show at The Palladium. If you want 'em, email us right now at and include the words "Mars Volta" in the subject. Photo attachments, ridiculous claims, clever one liners, and the word "please" have been known to increase your chances of winning...

Truthfully, if you haven't seen The Mars Volta live you need to go ahead and treat yourself this Tuesday. Live on stage, these guys are unstoppable. It's really one of the only groups left that are worth paying double digits to see. Last time I saw them was in some stadium in Jersery and I had the worst seats in the house. The show??? OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN!!! We were spilling beers on the guys in front of us, jumping out of our seats every 5 seconds. 10 min drum solos, 8 min guitar feedback sessions, REAL ROCK N' ROLL SHIT!!! Really gotta say it like it is, cause these guys flat out deserve every bit of praise that they get. Unreal show, star power, musicianship, showman ship, everything u don't get in todays "buzz indie whatever" bands.

The Mars Volta play 2 morrow at The Palladium. Compra tus boletas Aqui. AFTER PARTY IS AT THE LOFT, SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Jesus Christ!!!!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blaqstarr Play!

Blaqstarr just posted this new video up in a Myspace bulletin last night. I don't know much more about the track other than, Nouveau Riche is on vocal treatment, Blaqstarr is on the production and it is seriously jamming!

Look out weekend.

Really though.


Friday, April 04, 2008

4 Duos March Montage 3.3

This is the brand spanking new montage from the 4 Duos camp, they just launched it on You Tube 3 hours ago. Also, hit up Collective for the new 4 Duos T's and get dipped son!

Featuring :: Zach Imondi, Flint Brewer, Grant Jensen, Chad Bryan, Nathan Hammond, JD Clark, Ryan Holloway, Nik Stain, Whitney Collins, Derek Simon, Chris Luhring, Brian Gontramen, Michael Beuhler, Brandon Boehm, Gary Anderson, Vincent Thomas, Kenny Hampton, Kechaud Johnson, Gary Hiliegas, Shawn Rylander, Andy Mack, Keenan Yeager, Ryan Strader. Edited by Robert Garcia


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Party 713 // H-Town Sluggers

Got these Houston flics loaded and ready. The Party in Htown was hot to death!!!!! Thanks to everyone who came and did the thing with us. Special thanks to Johnny Moon, Alia and EV. Gotta say thanks to Shawn at Boondocks for bringing us out and our man Dayta for putting this thing on blast. We were LOVING IT out there. Every last Saturday yall!! King Kong in the trunk, The Party in the place to be!!!

Check the flics, and we'll see you on April 26th, Johnny Moon x Alia -> The BIRTHDAY Party...

The Party @ Boondocks :: H-Town Flics!!!