Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Estrellas... The Party DTX

Just got these things loaded up. Thanks to everyone who came out and got down with us. EXTRA special shout goes to Dora who contines to come with the illest party favors in town. Really in all towns... Besos mami. We'll have these Houston flics posted later today. CF controlled the back, The Party had the front. Siempre al dia.

Here's the proof...

The Party @ Zubar :: Super Estrellas


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Party Vol 7 "Break Out"

The new party mix is Zshared up and sooo ready for the whip. Shouts to Blaqstarr, shouts to 77Klash, shouts to BLK JKS and Faux Fox. This one is Texas built. Ghosthustler in the mix, The Party's at the controls. V7's just a likkle taste... Here's your typed out tracklisting for all those who google themselves...


Mixed By Nature, Sober, Klassen, and Select. AKA The Party

1. Missy Elliott - Ching-A-Ling
2. Ricky Blaze - Wifey
3. South Rakkas Crew - Madd Again
4. Faux Fox - Dirt City Rollers
5. Ghosthustler - Someone Else's Ride (10" Version)
6. Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (b/w) Crookers RMX
7. 77Klash - Brooklyn Anthem (feat Jahdan)
8. Mykal Rose - Police and Theives
9. Santogold - Shove It (Switch RMX)
10. Dark Again - The Party RMX
11. Chino - Punga Don A Pebble
12. Dr. Evil - See Dem A Pree
13. Vybz Kartel - Send Fi Mi Army
14. Esau Mwamwaya - Chalo
15. Santogold - Creator
16. Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Switch Santogold RMX)
17. Mapei - Date Rape
18. Decale - Alaji
19. BLK JKS - Lakeside

Estamos por encima... Tejas 08

Monday, March 17, 2008

CB at SXSW: Wii En La Calle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok kids, not for nothing, but we really kinda did the thing this year... Texas Rangers Party shirts?!?!?!!!! Flipped up with Nolan Ryan and Complete?!?! Son... M.O.N.E.Y.... Rodney D stickers had em twisted, The Vol. 7 mixtape was deep in the street, Remixalone stickers AND 5 color shirts all over town (got the Perez Hilton cosignature on that one too!?!?!) Then you top it off with the Central Booking showcase on Saturday?!? THAT'S TOO MUCH HEAT!!!!! That's not even mentioning the early thing on Wednesday with Gorilla Vs Bear... Central Booking was DEEP at SXSW!!!

Thanks to GVB for putting us on Wednesday's bill longside The Cool Kids, Holy Fuck, White Denim, Ghosthustler, El Guincho, White Williams, and Bodies of Water. Gotta say that Ghosthustler really came out as the show stealer, but only after a real mexican stand off with the suprisingly tough talking White Denim. Both groups were very real about their particular killing styles. It was our first time to see White Denim, and they really left an impression.

Another big thanks goes to Zaul and all of our people at Complete Clothing. The new The Party / Complete Clothing "Nolan Ryan" shirt is real talk. If your ass got left in Austin you can still pick one up at Complete, but we suggest that you start making your way up there right now, "cause them shits is HOT SON!!!!!". We'll have em online in the next couple, so hold tight for that. Big Big Big.

BLK JKS went ahead and made up for the Dallas no show by MURDERING our Saturday afternoon showcase at Whiskey. If you missed this, you we're probably in line with the rest of Dallas' dick riders trying to get into the FADER fort. To bad you missed em twice. Shout's to Knox at Wabenzi mgmt and to Kayla at The Fader for helping us make BLK JKS part of the CB line up. 77Klash in the building!!! Alice in Wonderland in the building!!! These guys are about to set this rock shit ablaze once again. Trust. Your cover boys rocked the thing longside Devlin of BBC/Spankrock/Fully Fitted, who more than put it down for the heads at Whiskey. Thanks again man!! San Serac pretty much put the competition to bed with a "what the fuck" type flawless performance that really set the bar well out of reach for anyone who wants to do some, "you know, live pa, keyboards, dance music, 80's" sort of thing. We really can't say enough good things about San Serac and his live performance. He's a total professional, doesn't miss a beat, works himself into a sweaty fucking mess by the end of the set, and pretty much makes a fan out of everyone in the audience. How can you beat that?!? Seriously. Curtis Vodka in the house to see him, Shout Out Out Out Outs in the building. Nat, you are amazing!!!! One of the best performers out there right now. We'll put our money on that. QM?!?! Queen Majesty will forever be at the top of our must see list and her set at Saturdays party was no exception. Sound the big ting!!!! Erica had it on kill. QM gave em bout an hour of the Gully Side and then after all that madness and badness, Ghosthustler took the stage and did it real rock star like. Intros, feedback, restarts, lights on shit. The whole sloppy teenage sing along thing.

The Fotos is here...


We'll have the SXSW mixtape uploaded and ready for download later this week, along with links for the Nolan Ryan and Remixalone "The Party" shirts, AND info on how to get your hands on the CB001 pressing of Ghosthustler's limited 10" vinyl record. It's hand stamped, Brooklyn pressing, Alan toyed with it... Get ready Texas, you're about to be officially cool again.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Nose Pics

Once again Hands Up was bonkers! Our dude Morsy came through and wrecked shop! Nature got caked up (for real)...Big Birthday shout to Nature! Pics from Saturday are up below.

Don't forget we got BLK JKS straight from South Africa, along with us and PPT tomorrow at Green Elephant. There will be complimentary Colt 45 from 9pm-10pm (for real this time) and free FADER mags in the house. It all goes down at 9pm!

Don't miss BLK JKS second US show...this will be hot!




Saturday, March 08, 2008

Na Na Na Na!!! DJ Morsy!

YOOOOOO. It's ya main man Select, and we are here with the 1 and only "DJ MORSY". This dude is living in BK NY and killing the remix tip. I played with him and Sujihno this past CMJ time during the fall. Shit was stupid fun out in Brooklyn, I forget where we were exactly, but shit was poppin! But yo, NANACHILL.COM is his site where you can peep some of his new shit and parties. This dude has been traveling like crazy lately. Big ups to Morsy for having me at his spot one night when I got locked out of Elmhurst Queens spot with my dude Thon. Check him out for sure tonight at The Loft. This is going to be crazy!!!!!

Who are you and where you livin?
The na na na names Morsy and I'm livin' it up in Brooklyn, NY.

What do have going on right now? (parties,mixtapes, etc)
Right now things have gonna nutty. As soon as 08' happened, I got booked for a bunch of gigs and it has been non stop ever since. As far as parties, I'm still doing my Good Foot Monthly as well as a new joint of mine called Crooked Disco which as been crazy so far...

How long have you been in the game?
I been DJ'in for about 6 or 7 years now & throwing parties for about 2 or 3. Time goes so freakin' fast homie!

You have crazy re edits and I know you are always on your tracks what are some early influences?
Some of my biggest influences are DFA, Jesse Rose, Switch, Krazy Fiesta, Fort Knox Five & especially James Brown!

I've seen you all around the globe it seems like? Europe to L.A. you on it, how has all this traveling been?
The traveling is really good for me. I feel as if every trip is making me stronger as a DJ and a human being. Going to Europe was probably the biggest change in my life and now I cant stop seeing more of this huge as World we have...

"Nanachill" is your crew whats good with you and Dayta your partner in crime? Plans for this year? Me and Dayta are doing our thang. Hes holding down TX while I hold it up in NY. Our plans for 08' are to bust out new mixes, more live DJ sets togeather and doing another tour. Hopefully a European tour...

When I was up in New York last fall with you shit was crazy, tell me how is everything today? Today shit is still crazy in NY, holding down a party and DJing as much as you can just to make enough for rent is tough. But I always make sure to hustle non stop to make ends meat. Next time you guys are in NYC, well make sure we do a big ass party banger!

Shout outs?!?!?!?!?!?! Yell outs!?!?!?!??!?
Theres way to many people to shout out, ha this list would go on and on cause I love everybody...

Where can we get your music at kid?!?!?!?
All that goody goody shake your boodi' stuff can be heard on or Be sure to check us real soon for the latest tunes to bang out with...Holla!!!!!!!!!

Here's a couple Central Booking Exclusives your boy Morsy hooked us up with. Get ya click click together and then see us at The Loft tonight...

DJ Morsy Mixtape :: Crash the MotherF*kin' mix

DJ Morsy Spankrock Blend :: Spankrock x Whomadewho - Shake That (Morsy Mix)

DJ Morsy Wes Fif Blend :: Wes Fif & B.O.B - Haterz Everywhere (Morsy Mix)


Friday, March 07, 2008


Everybody knows that Dallas has been going under the knife steady for the past 2 years. For me it was some Nip Tuck type steez, but reguardless, what I'm saying is there are a lot of new kids. They come out to different parties, they dance to different music, and oh my...they even make clothes! Nothing to be afraid of kids. These dudes I've seen mad times at our "HANDS UP" events and numerous other outings in the city. I would like to big them up for putting their time and effort into a shirt that reflects some of Dallas' characters. KEY CITY is sure to be on the up and up, and best believe this is a major shirt right now.

This is from their page....

"Okay, damn, this has been a long time coming but we finally have a preview of the "Scene is Strong" featuring Joe Skillz,Big J, and DJ Select tee dropping and we are also now excepting pre-orders. They are retailing for 29$ but if you pre order you can get them for 25$.To make a preorder simply email us at (include your name,address,and size of tee, we carry mens and womens tees), or on our Myspace ."



Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just Us AKA We major

You know, whatever they say about the French being elitist American hating assholes just isn't true. Justice really liked all of our little friends. Check the photos, and except our apologies for the absence of free booze at the afterparty. We had some last minute venue issues and we had to store the "complimentary Colt 45s" till next week. Don't stress us though, we got tons of free beer for you when we host BLK JKS this Tuesday at the Green Elephant. Your favorite "Do's and Dont's" mag is footing the drinks. Wet yourselves. -CB

Fotos from the Justice show and the fully official unofficial Central Booking After Party...




Monday, March 03, 2008

Flicks For Days

It has been a crazy week kids! We rocked Erykah Badu's Birthday party, helped out the big homie, traveled to 2025 with Picnic and them, road tripped it back to the 512, and ended it in a Royal Rumble. Thanks to everyone that lent a helping hand Thursday night, Prince Will is on his way to the Apple store tomorrow! Big Birthday shout out to our dude Picnic and thanks to the homies M Knight and Niro for holding it down w/ us @ Zubar. Austin was Nuts! The stage tuned into a second dance floor with a quickness...Austinites are not afraid of kicking off their shoes and really getting down! Annie Ray's photos should be up within the next day. All of the madness can be viewed below.

Also, we gotta give some extra love to Tommy Boy for providing visuals at our Zubar party. Amazing work!

PRINCE WILL BENEFIT :: Prince Among Thieves


THE PARTY (ATX) :: Xtra Hot


You know we got heat this week in Dallas. Justice on Tuesday, Morsy at Beauty Bar in Austin on Friday, Hand's Up AND Nature's birthday at The Loft on Saturday... Rock with us.