Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prince Will may be a Tax Write off...
Let's give.

Tonight's the big night in Dallas TX. Our good friend Prince Will recently got his entire studio "moved" to an unsecure location in a unknown neighborood, by unknown people... AKA Robbed. D-town is coming together tonight to raise some money for our guy and hopefully start getting him back on his feet after what amonts to a $30,000 loss... Yeah yall. Very real. They took Macs, Mac Book Pros's, studio gear, rare comic books, Sprinkles gift certificates, and a collection of size 18 Bapes that, well you know, you just don't find those at like Foot Locker.

All jokes aside, Prince Will really lost alot and we're all trying to help him recover. The Benefit Party is tonight at The Doublewide AND we just set up a Paypal email for him so if you're not able to make it out tonight you can just chip him a couple dollars off the debit card. And as if that we're enough, there will be a little donation jar at the spot tonight incase ya feel like putting a cherry on top. Let's get right Dallas.

Paypal donations can be left at ...

Benefit Show is tonight @ Doublewide.
3510 Commerce St. // Dallas TX
Features DJ Sets and Performances from
Big J
It's What You Get
Faux Fox
Hawatha Hurd
Keith P


Monday, February 25, 2008

H-Town Swagger

We finally got some flicks uploaded from the Catchdubs show in Houston. It's been a little crazy around here at the Central Booking HQ! Big thanks to Nick, Dayta, Shawn @ Boondocks and everyone in Houston that showed us love. If you rolled out and had a good time, mark your calendars and tell a friend because we (The Party) will be back at Boondocks on March 29th and the last Saturday of every month...The Party inna H-Town!!!


Don't forget we are at The Mohawk in Austin this Saturday. If you were there last time, then you already know. We even got little "drink specials" this time around. Insane. Details below...

The Party (ATX)
Sat. March 1st
@ The Mohawk
912 Red River St.
21 + 2 bones
under // 5 bones

HONEY 2.26.08

I hadn't seen this video yet till yesterday, and I have to say I'm really impressed. Erykah has been doing her thing in the D for a long time and I know a lot of us can appreciate both her sound and her attitude. I remember meeting Erykah a long time ago at some random hip hop show in Dallas, and then later going to see her at the age of 17 at the "Bronco Bowl"!! LOL that was a minute ago!! So I'm saying, Erykah has always been a real artist. Her new album looks good, the video is super fly, and what can I say, she's reppin Dallas. Shout out to Paul Levtino and B Wells for all the love!

Don't forget make it over to Bills Records and Tapes TONIGHT for a album signing release party. More details at PAUL LEV. Album drops at midnight, she'll be in the spot makin your copy real personal.
- Select

Erykah Badu: Honey Album Release and Signing Party
@ Bills Records and Tapes
1317 S. Lamar St. Dallas TX
Midnight to...


If you are a Evan Hecox fan you should roll through DWR this Friday before The Party, meet Evan and peep his new book published by our good friend Brian Gibb of Art Prostitute. Details below...

Limited Edition Boxed Set Release & Book Signing with Evan Hecox
Fri. 02.29.08 :: 6-9PM

4524 McKinney Ave, Suite 103
Dallas, TX 75205 // 214.521.0100

The limited edition of Urban Abstract features an exclusive hand printed dust jacket. The books are signed in an edition of 50 and bear an emboss stamp. A set of 8x10 in. prints will accompany the book all of which are housed in an exquisite handmade solid wood box with a line drawing of the book’s cover laser etched onto its lid.
The limited editions will start at $475, books for signing will be available for $40.

These are very limited. To pre-order yours email or call the gallery at 214.760.7170
There will be 35 available for pre-order, guaranteeing some for the event. A waiting list will be formed and if the event does not sell them out you will be contacted in order and given the opportunity to secure your boxed set.

Urban Abstract: The Artwork of Evan Hecox, is the first monograph for the internationally acclaimed artist and the inaugural publication by Bee Lee Gee Press. The 160 page book consists solely of the fine art of the Denver based artist. The work dates back as early as 1994 composing an extensive catalogue of his paintings, drawings and installation photographs. The handmade quality of Hecox’s work resonates in the 32 pages dedicated to his linoleum block prints, which are reproduced as if they were printed by the artist himself. Matthew Thompson, Assistant Curator at the Aspen Art Museum, contextualizes the work in an essay while the viewer takes an in-depth look at the artist’s studio through the photographs of Misty Keasler. The book was designed by Brian Gibb of Art Prostitute.

Evan Hecox is an artist and graphic designer who has become known largely through the subculture of skateboarding, having produced hundreds of skateboard graphics since 1997. He has also emerged as a fine artist having shown work in galleries both in the United States and abroad, including solo shows in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas and Tokyo, and group shows in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Paris and London. He creates drawings, paintings, and prints based upon his observations of environments, people, cars and signage. His works depict city scenes or isolated elements that are almost cinematic in their stark contrast and abstraction. Hecox is fascinated with the complexity of the urban landscape and people from the mundane surroundings that one would normally overlook. Like snapshots or filmstrips, his art captures the everyday existence of the average person as they traverse the detritus of the modern metropolis. His stylistic approach is based on the process of amplification as it affects form and color, breaking down the image, removing elements and emphasizing others. His interest in the urban landscape began during the time he lived in the Mission District of San Francisco and he has since drawn inspiration from many places where he has traveled. His work was included in the exhibition and book, Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture, which documents 30 years worth of art, design, photography and culture surrounding the worlds of surfing, skateboarding, punk rock, hip-hop and graffiti.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet -N- Sour

So our favorite outfitters are back at it again, even their YouTube game is official. In case you forgot about last time, lemme clue you back in. Sour Grapes are the hardest independent garment hustle in the metroplex, and you better get right quick kid! Several styles and colors for you and your friends to fight over. Don't get envy'd again!! For more info, and to grab your own, hit 'em up here.



So if you're in the Dirty D this weekend then you already know the Melodica Festival is taking over Expo Park for 2 big big nights of music. The line up looks like a phonebook so I'm not even gonna really try and break it down to you. You'll see the fliers. However, Friday is the night that you'll find the Central Booking team mixing it up with our friends from Dub Assembly, and Hot Flash, long side Philly playboy, Dev 79. It all goes down at Minc Lounge this Friday.

We hit up Dev 79 this past week to see what was new and our guy broke us off with 2 new tracks for the CB readers, one of which is a Central Booking exclusive (yeah bitches), as well as a quick run down on what releases to look out for, what blunt wraps to buy, an his inability to distinguish Wild Turkey from Goose. Dev's in the building this Friday at Minc. Read about it...

Tell the people who you are and what it is that you do.
Me, I'm seven nine, I put street bass in ya face, I get drunk n fuck bitches, sometimes I yell and break shit.

Philly born and raised?
I was born in the east coast gambling mecca of Atlantic city, NJ but I
grew up in the Philly suburbs.

Did you get into the production & dj game at the same time? Did one come before the other?
I been producing 13+ years or sumthin. Dj'ing for probably like 7 years. For a couple years I had been focusing more on dj'ing I guess. Now its comin full circle and I'm producing a lot more. I think a good even symbiosis between the two make for the best overall skills and output.

Who all do you roll with? Crew affiliates?
I been holdin down Seclusiasis since day one. Doin the club n party thing plus radio, amongst various other endeavors. Me n Starkbeezy keep the ship rockin alongside a crew of talented Philly dj's/producers/promoters. We are also really pushin the label output side of things for Seclusiasis, with the street bass stuff and bd1982's ep already buzzin...And the next wave of stuff on deck is gonna be fire for sure. Myself, Starkey, and El Carnicero also headed up Slit Jockey records a few years back and we gots lots more in store for that label as well.

What do you have in the works? Is there a possibility we could see another volume of Street Bass Anthems?
Yessssssss sir! "Street Bass Anthems Volume 3" is right around the corner. We were hoping for it to already be out but had some last minute hold ups. The delay is only making the tape that much hotter. Fer real. There's some serious heat on this joint. There's gonna be a slew of remix action from me and others... I did an exclusive track with Bezel of The Dipset, El Carnicero did an exclusive track with Cee Knowledge of Digable Planets, Starkey's "Crank dat Batman Remix" has been makin people nuts, Cobra Krames laced me with an excluisve club cut "Philly Pistol Banger" and Plastic Little's producer Michael Squid tweaked out an "Ay Baby Bay Remix" and fuck... There's more, but I don't wanna give away the whole tracklist yet. Just trust me, when this thing drops, bitches will be wet and guys gonna be jockin.

After that my ep on Slit Jockey records should be out real soon. For that I did a remix of Warrior Queen and El Carnicero's "Next Kingdom" and a remix of my Snapper Riddim (originally featuring Riko of Roll Deep from the Slit Jockey mixtape), this time out featuring Seattle dancehall MC DJ Collage, who's been featured on tracks by Ghislain Poirer, Dj/ Rupture, Meat Beat Manifesto, and more. There will be a couple other cuts on that too.

Some other stuff is in the pipeline too... Few official remixes I'm working for people and some other shit... We'll see... 08 is gonna be fire tho... I can feel it...

What is something has really hyped you up over the last year? Music or non music related.
Some non music related thoughts...

Doing drugs off of girl's asses was one of my favorite forms of recreation this past year... I was pretty into that for a while. But I'm kinda over it now, but every once in a while it's still fun.

As far as blunts, vanilla 'games' were a major discovery for me a few years ago and I hadn't really strayed to any other 'game' flavors until a few months ago and now I think honey 'games' have usurped vanilla's place in my heart.

Black mac books are quite possibly the sexiest mac's yet.

I've recently lost the ability to decide what my favorite alcoholic beverage is... It's kinda depressing. Similiar to jawns and music styles, there are just so many types out there, how can I limit myself...

As far as music...

Trill ent. outta Baton Rouge has been my shit this year... Lil Boosie has really been keeping my interest, he's got so much character and I really think Webbie is a postive role model for the youth, as evidenced with his display of excellent spelling skills, so prominently in many of his verses. The "wipe me down" remix was really inspirational and pretty much defined spring 07 for me. I'm really excited to see what song is gonna be the pinnacle of my spring 08. Bassline house was an exciting developement in uk dance music over the past year and things are poised to get sicker in 08, so I'm def pushing to see what can happen with that movement. On the dancehall front I continue to feel Voicemail's output... Def one of my favorite singjays. All the bleeding and crossover between genres and styles, especially in urban music... is really exciting. Strict lines and clique-y bullshit doesn't advance creativity or keep things fresh. I like being excited about music and I like making other people excited about music.

If you wouldn't mind, run down a current playlist for us. What is dev 79 bumping?
Shit man, a lot of stuff... Hmmm off the top of my head,

Trina ft. Killer Mike - Look Back at Me
a lot of Mannie Fresh stuff lately (miami bass days to current)
Wideboys ft. Sarah Aaville -What Your Thinking (up norf dutty mix)
Chris Brown ft. T-pain - Kiss Kiss (dexplicit remix)
B.O.B. ft. Amy Winehouse - Grip Yo Body
A.C. Slater's Samo TI remix
Pitbull ft. Lil Jon - The Anthem
Jtj productions - One Thing To Say
Traxamillion ft. San Quinn, Big Rich, Boo Banga - SF Anthem
Gucci Man - Bird Flu
bunch of Crookers stuff

Have you been to Texas before? If so, tell us a bit about that.
Nah I never been to Texas before. Always been kinda leery of it, actually, hahaa.

Favorite Houston rappers?
Probably the Grit Boys...but I don't know theres so many... Lil Keke, Geto Boys, Chamillionaire, etc.

Shout outs, smack talk, etc...
Eating a bangin dinner with a bangin girl makes the food that much better... But eating a shitty dinner with a bangin girl does not make the food better... How can that be?

Anyway, Dallas girls I need to take photos of ya'll for the inside cover of my new mixtape... So get yerselves all prettied up for me.

DEV 79 :: Ebony Eyez vs. Will.I.Am. - Drop A Minute

DEV 79 :: Shawty Lo/Timeblind Blend CB exclusive

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nick Tejas... Catchdubs inna Htown!!

I met Nick in March of 2005, while he was a still writing for The Fader, holding down his show on East Village Radio, and Djing little spots here and there. Dude was hustling hard on soooo many fronts. Whether it was burning up the speakers on "The Let Out" radio show, or posting youtube videos of the show's on air guests (this is 2005), or writing about the big tunes and artists in the pages of The Fader, he was putting new music out there in an exciting way, and it turned peoples heads.

Fast forward to 2008 and your guy Nick Catchdubs is STILL hustling on multiple playing fields. With his Fool's Gold Label hitting hard in it's second year, and a slew of new releases ready to crash the party, Nick is kinda looking like the man of the the year right now (back to back though son).

We reached out to see if he'd be down for a quick Q&A before he hit the TX this Friday, and he was. Big thanks to Nick, to Fool's Gold, and to our guy's at The Boondocks in Houston. Central Booking meets Fool's Gold meets Nana Chill this Friday!!!! Htown, what it is, what it is...

Whats good Nick? How's everything these days?
Stuff is great, really busy but good. It's snowing in BK so I'm psyched to get away from that for the weekend. Fuck winter at this point.

Tell us a little about yourself, where you're from, where you reside, what it is you do (ie dj, production, skating, lazer surgery, labels, cooking shows, etc)
I grew up in Elizabeth NJ, moved to NYC for college and pretty much stayed here ever since. I started DJing kinda late. I always listened to and collected music pretty obsessively, and played in bands since I was a kid - I had been writing music and dabbling with production, but it wasn't till the summer I graduated that the lightbulb went on and I realized DJing was the way to incorporate all the different things I liked. I had always listened to mix DJs on the radio (Funkmaster Flex, Red Alert, a little bit of Stretch Armstrong once he had his show on Hot 97, and guys on the rock station like Liquid Todd) but I never saw it as something I would do. Long story short, I worked my ass off at it - around the same time I started DJing I was getting involved in the music biz through other angles (graphic design, writing) and here I am now in Brooklyn a few years later, DJing full-time, running the Fool's Gold record label with A-Trak, and working on remixes, beats for other artists, and music of my own.

Your label FOOL'S GOLD seems to be off to a good start with artists like Kid Sister, A-Trak, and Jokers of the Scene. Can you tell us a little bit about how you and A-Trak got together, and why you guys decided to start this project together, as opposed to releasing projects on other labels, or separately?
We met through DJing parties and stayed in touch because we shared a lot of the same ideas about music. As far as the label goes, A-Trak had been doing Audio Research with his brother Dave for almost a decade, and they built a name for themselves in that super backpack-y, indie rap world. He realized the new music he was working on - Kid Sister and more electro-leaning club shit - wasn't going to fit under the Audio Research name, so he asked me to come aboard and start a new label with him. I had been helping Diplo a little as he got Mad Decent off the ground (I designed their logo and some of the other early graphics) but this was a chance to have an even bigger stake in building something cool around good music.

What records from your label are you personally excited about this year? Is there a project that you feel wouldn't have seen the light of day or maybe wouldn't have been handled in the right way if it had gone to another label?
I'm excited about all our releases! We just put out two new singles - "Day 'N' Nite" from Kid Cudi, a rapper in Brooklyn (via Ohio) and "Y'all Know The Name" Jokers of the Scene, two sick club producers from Ottawa. It's cool to release two songs that sonically couldn't be more different, but put next to each other and you're like, "Yeah, that's that Fool's Gold shit." The Cudi single even comes backed by a JOTS remix to make the circle of life complete. As far as handling projects, big labels still haven't found a way to work with stuff that isn't pure Top 40, and most indie labels aesthetically aren't reflecting this new music. Kid Cudi is not Chris Brown, and he's not Atmosphere - which is not to knock Slug or the young Mr Breezy in any way, just to say that we're the label best suited to do what we do.

Last year was a big one for Kid Sister. She came out strong and really made alot of noise with some tuff singles and high profile remixes. What projects or artists should we be looking for this year from FOOL'S GOLD?
We've got a ton coming up for the rest of the year: debut singles from Treasure Fingers, Nacho Lovers and LA Riots, pic disc vinyl from Kavinsky and an exclusive North American single from the Bag Raiders, follow-up singles from Sammy Bananas and JOTS, a Kid Sister remix EP and her full-length album "Koko B Ware," the first Fool's Gold label compilation, and much more.

All of this talk about "FOOL'S GOLD" where can we get all of these great tunes? (websites/ record stores)
You can get vinyl for everything from Turntable Lab - - and they also help distribute it to fine record stores worldwide. Digital versions are coppable from iTunes,, and pretty much every other online mp3 retailer.

FOOL'S GOLD had a BIG year last year with your "FOOLS' GOLD TOUR", can you tell us a bit about the outcome, maybe what cites we're the craziest, the wackest, etc. Did everyone get along? We know traveling with a big group of people can be kinda hectic.
The fall tour was sick, we took a lot of pics and shot a lot of video.

We all got along real well (me and Kid Sis were able to carry our own conversations when everyone else was speaking French) and all the shows were amazing, with NYC and Vancouver being particularly fun. But I'd have to say that LA was the craziest cause it was 18+ and you had all these young-ass West Hollywood kids in the front sweated up and jumping around, crowd surfing, etc. It was hectic on stage, we made special Lakers colorways of the tour shirt for that show and all the ones we put aside for the crew got ganked - not that you'd ever catch me dead in a Lakers shirt (GO NETS!) but it was the principle of the thing. THERE WERE PRINCIPALITIES INVOLVED!

What big records do you have under YOUR sleeve this year? i.e. your remixes, production work.
This past month, remixes I did for Hail Social and Dandi Wind finally dropped, and I was beyond psyched. Making stuff and waiting for it to come out is the hardest shit. I did a remix for MIA's "Bamboo Banger" and the release keeps getting moved, I did a Pharoahe Monch remix for his last album everyone liked but it never came out - you never know. I just wrapped up a bunch of tracks for some projects DJ Benzi is putting out: a late-80s style "jeep mix" of "Champion" for the Kanye West edition of "We Got The Remix," a track for this Joe Budden remix project he's compiling, as well as a brand new instrumental for the Benzi album that I'm still waiting to get the vocals back and finish.

I'm working with Wale on a sequel to our "100 Miles and Running" mixtape called "The Mixtape About Nothing", that will be done in a few weeks. I'm trying to wrap up a promo mix for SXSW and WMC in that same time period. My coffee game is so major right now! But what I'm most excited about is finishing a 12" of original production for the summer, I just have to sit down and bang it out.

Anything you would like everyone in Texas to know about you that we might not know?
This is my fourth trip to Texas in as many years but my first time in Houston, I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us, anything else you wanna throw out there? Shout outs? Thank yous? Special requests?
Shout out to everyone at Central Booking, the entire Fool's Gold fam, and all the party people and real DJs out there in blogland USA. Requests? More coffee.

See ya this Friday...

Boondocks Bar &
Central Booking presenta...

@ Boondocks Bar
1417 Westheimer St.
Houston, TX
21+ FREE!!!!!!!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Muy Fashion

Fashion Josh's photos from Hands Up have been uploaded and linked below.



Sunday, February 10, 2008

Booby Shots

Yo Dallas, last night was off the map! BIG BIG ups to the legend Cokni O' Dire for nicing up the party on the Reggae tip and our main man Dayta and his Houston posse for getting the crowd super hyphy! The flicks have been uploaded and are posted here. Next month we got Dayta's crew mate Morsy bringing the heat "straight from Crooklyn better known as Brooklyn" so tell a friend and let's keep it moving!

Polaroids and photos from Fashion Josh will be up tomorrow.



Friday, February 08, 2008

Real Talk 9: Gettin' Some...

We're back, we're back! Wintertime is bringing a little slowdown to the music game, I'm counting on SXSW to bring some new flavor to the table. Despite the general lull, the mixtape game continues to surge forward, so this week's flavors are a pick and choose of that variety...

Kanye West - Calling (feat. John Legend)(Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
'Ye's shine may be dimming for a minute, but credit goes three ways here. Our main man gets his due, but I always have to give props to John Legend as a dude who really holds down the piano and has played relevant records since he was just a name in the credits. Additional consideration goes to Stackhouse for laying all this over the instrumental that saved modern hip-hop (Clipse bias, but you knew that right?).

Shawnna - Gettin' Some (Remix)
I totally love the idea of these all-out ridiculous remixes that feature, like, everyone who is even remotely "in the game". It's like a having a really good riddim and having everyone's verse in one fell swoop. Total genius, but it also helps when the song in question is a total banger. This track is old news, and Shawnna may well never have another relevant hit, but this joint WILL live on forever. Best verse - Bussa Bus, right out the gate.

Lil' Wayne & Scorsese - Top Billin' 07
Although this track fails to live up to what the name promises, points given here for attempt. Scorsese isn't exactly a breath of fresh air but I like his approach to the instrumental. Hopefully we'll see Wayne attack the original track in the not-so-distant future.

Clipse & Blockwork - Vaginia
Okay we get it, yup, yeah you too. If you double take at the title, that's only because it's spelled phonetically. Brooklyn's own Blockwork teams up with Clipse to deliver a solid tape with some real bangers. I could go on, but ya'll already down my opinions on this one.

Pharrell - Drop It Like It's Hot Remix (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jay-Z)
Continuing on in VA style, when I saw "Pharrell The Original", I had doubts. There's a number of slopply assembled blends out there and this didn't sound super promising, but the joint is actually chock-full of Neptuney goodness. Although the original is hard to top, this darker vibe breaks off with some serious verses from all 3, especially seeing Pharrell in one of his tighter flows. Sounds good to me.

Don't forget to check us at The Loft tonight!

P.S. - This is the 250th post on CB, definitely worth an air horn or two...


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dayta // Booby Trappin'

Most of you have probably seen the lastest Hands Up flyer around and may have wondered who the floating head belongs to. That head happens to belong to our homie and guest this month Dayta from Houston. This dude has as much, or more energy than our very own DJ Select. Get ready to get buck with those two under the same roof! Below are a few questions we threw at our dude. Ghost ride the whip to The Loft Saturday night and keep your hands up!

It's ya mans Dayta from that what H-tawn holdin it dahn! Ya dig!

Not smoking "Sherm" & eating Thai food on a regular basis. Feelin' that Red curry.

Well it all started off back when I was around 12 or so. I used to go to this skate park called Armadillo and this dude used to be like "hey kid you look like the dude from Goonies". I just laughed and went along with it. So from that day forward, everytime I went back to the park and dude was there, he'd always shout out "50 dollar bill". So I was like haa aight that names kind of dope I'mma rep it.

Nana Chill consists of my partner (No homo) Dj Morsy & Myself (Dayta). He resides in Brooklyn NY reppin' our crew there. While I'm down in Houston trying to not smoke sherm, we've been rockin the crew for about three yrs now. We play ArabicCountrySoulRap, It's this new genre we've been working on producing. You'll hear it around 2010 or so...trying to perfect that sound YADADA!!!

Morsy has a European mixtape that he's working on right now called "Your Up". I got some blends and a new mixtape I'm working on right now called "It's not fake". You can check out some of our older mixes and blends @

I have thursday night @ The Backroom that Squincy Jones and I just started called "Speakerboxx" a place where you can hear
Flo-Rida all through the night!

Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans]
Boots with the fur [With the fur]
The whole club was lookin at her
She hit the flo [She hit the flo]
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low!!!!!!


James Pants - Rhythm Trax Vol.1 EP
U-tern - Give It Up
Lorn - My Drum Machine
Mary J. Blige - Just Fine (Illo Club Mix)
Hood Headlinaz - Soul Glo
Sammy Bananas - Dat Funk
Holy Ghost! - Hold On

Giggin = To get stupid, go dumb, dance hecka dope!
Yeeeee! Would prolly be my favorite word. Not really a word but a sound. You can say YEEEEE anytime you get hella excited and what not!!!!


Hands Up @ The Loft
Saturday Feb. 9th
1135 S. Lamar St.
ALL AGES $5 Bones


Melodica 2008

Tickets for Melodica go on sale today. $25 3-day Passes will get you into any venue all three days. There will only be 300 3-day passes available. They will be on sale at Good Records and other participating venues.There will also be an indivdual cover for each venue ranging from $5 to $10. Find out more about tickets and peep the full line up here.

Stereo On Strike

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

4Duos February Montage

Check the brand new montage from the homies 4Duos.

Featuring: David Langston, Whitney Collins, Andy Mack, Brian Delatorre, Ivan Lavigne, Roger Mackay, Manny Santiago, Ryan Todd, Michael Bueller, Donnie McAllister, Max Taylor, Eric Croft, Sam Bethke, Trey Justice, Nathan Hammond, Zack Ater, Hugo Meza, Colin Browning, Clint Walker, Will Lee, Kennedy Cantrell, Derek Simon, Chris Luhring, Justin Modica, Dharam Khalsa, Peter Ramondetta, and Jake Nunn

Edited by Ryan Schorman

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Party ATX

Last night was our first official Austin monthly @ The Mohawk and it was off the hook! Thanks to everyone who made the road trip, DFW was in the building strong. Austin heads filled the dance floor early in the night and continued to wild out with us all the way through. Thanks for welcoming The Party...get ready for March! Photos have been uploaded and can be checked below.