Friday, December 29, 2006

New Years Eve..eve

Saturday Dec. 30 doors at 9pm show starts at 10ish
$10 cover :: Complimentary Drinks for 21+

Shapes Have Fangs

Special Guest band TBA...
The Party will be on the turntables bring it.

Free collaborative Gig poster, by Shapes Have Fangs front man Dustin Coffey and Art Prostitute's Brian Gibb, to the first 50 in the door.

Art Prostitute
2919-C Commerce st.
Dallas,Tx 75226

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Throw Some D's...

Klever just sent over this new remix of the Rich Boy track "Throw Some D's" We had the original version in the "En La Calle" line up a while back and if you didn't peep it then, you have probably heard it..It's heat for sure. Klev flips it into a bounce style up tempo club banger, the track gets better as it builds..sure to get the dancefloor crazed...see for yourself. -SOBER

Rich Boy Bounce(Klever Remixxx)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Early yesterday morning the "Godfather of Soul" James Brown passed away at the age of 73. Over the last 50 years James Brown has had a major influence on Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop, Hip Hop and Disco music. He single handedly changed the sound of music as we know it today. If it were not for James Brown The Hip Hop game especially would not be the same...just one cut from this cat shook the whole industry.. The "Funky Drummer" drums are the backbone for hundreds of Hip Hop classics including such artist as...

Big Daddy Kane
Beastie Boys
Biz Markie
Digable Planets
Gang Starr
Geto boys
Ice Cube
Mobb Deep
Public Enemy
Run Dmc
Slick Rick

..just to name a few. Almost every group/ M.C. in Hip Hop's "Golden Age" sampled this dude and everyday new artist continue to create and build new tracks with and around the musc James Brown has recorded. The hardest working man in show business is gone but will never be forgotten...nobody will ever get close to being as funky.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


We will have our year end "En La Calle" track listing up in a few days..listing our top songs from 06' and putting some of them up for grabs. Check up on it. -CB

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

we are...

If you rolled through the We Shot Jr show on Friday then you probably spotted someone rocking the new "En La Calle" shirt, or you might have even copped one. Our guys over at Foundry press came through as always executing the six color blanket best believe this is the decade shirt that is shutting Dallas down! The shirts will be available for purchase later today on the decade site. Just in time for that last minute Christmas purchase, or you can check back when you get that holiday scrill. - CB

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Shot Jr x The Party (Friday an ting)

WeShotJr was the first big music blog to pop up in Dallas. Now by music blog I'm really saying "Local Music" blog. GVB was already running full steam when WeShotJr started posting but the WeShot platform was much more DALLAS MUSIC. The WeShotJr thing started small in 2006 when nobody in Dallas was really paying attention to blogs or online music writers. Now, Stoned Ranger and Defensive Listening are without a doubt the most read music writers in DFW. They changed the game, and that's a fact.

This Friday they will be throwing their first event EVER and needless to say, IT'S GONNA BE FUCKING NUTS.... These guys have never done an event, or anything close to it, so this is guaranteed to be LARGE.

FAUX FOX, CHIEF DEATH RAGE, KRISPEE ONES, and THE GREAT TYRANT are the bands on the bill. All these groups are crazed, doors open at 7pm and we'll be in the building till they kick us out. There's a small cover charge, but we're balling so that's jokes anyways. FREE KEG OF SHINER for all those attending so drink up. Probably wanna bring some mini bar whiskey joints anyway, just to have 'em.

The whole thing is hosted by our girl Flo$$y and The Party's on the decks all night so you already know..... CB

We Shot Jr PROJECTION 2 (AKA Christmas Formal, Holla...)
Friday Dec, 15th
@ Art Prostitute
2919 Commerce St
Dallas Texas

En La Calle 13 : Nice and Slow

En La Calle gets the slow dance look this week. This's that prom picture shit, teddybears, up dos, wingtips, and hotel after parties. Don't really have to tell you the magic that these tracks can work in the right setting. Tall T's or Small T's, it really doesn't matter. Got a kranky indie rock bitch, hood chick trying to holla? Take em out for Mickey D's and then shut em down at the crib with these joints. If you've been to The Party then you've probably seen it happen already. Silk makes even the saltiest chicks break down on the dance floor. "Oh shit, this is gonna be eaiser then I thought", or "Ma, I can't make out with you right now, I'm djing... Seriously..." Heartless, cold, stick-in-the mud chicks you N-E-V-E-R thought you'd see in an RnB sing-a-long are pulling B teamers off the wall for the last dance.

All the usual suspects in here, Joe, Keith, Jodeci, RKells, Ginuwine, Silk, Usher...
Already had a couple birds comment on the track selection. Get it poppin...

Tracks are on the ------------->

you look like a lady lover....-CB

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Recap (214)

This past weekend was really crazy for Dallas. "We fly high no lie….baaawwwllliiiinnnnnn" First we started out by rocking the Index (best skateshop in DFW area) meet and greet with Jeremy Fish and Michael Sieben, make sure you stop by and pick up one of their decks. The instore was a huge success with locals, moms and kids meeting some of the most talented artist out. It's always good to see a mom bringing their kids out to support skateboarding/ art and not sitting around playing video games on a Friday night...pick up a skateboard and go skate. Nature, Sober, and myself tag teamed a 3 hour in store set, while the artist chopped it up with fans and local skaters.

Later that night was our monthly at Zubar, the usual crews showed up and The Party was stupid nice! Dallas was a little cold that night…considering and still a lot of kids came out to support and dance their tuff asses off. The lineup was Sober, Nature and yours truly. Next month Klassen will be getting down with us, we will be celebrating my sweet 16…so bring your party hats and come move somethin'!

Saturday night was the art prostitute show "Low Tech High Life" featuring work by Jeremy Fish, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard and Michael Sieben. The turnout was bananas, the crowd was thick, alot of people came through to check out one of the best A.P. shows to date. Sober and I wrecked the noise for the night. Dallas be ready for the next Art Prostitute show, don't complain about having nothing to do on the weekends…support great artist and support great galleries!

Got to show love to all the homies that made this weekend possible…Dameon at Index, Jonathan, Matt Hawthorne, all the artist involved and of course (The Prosse) Brian Gibb, mark Searcy, Gail Gonzales, and Jeremy Kove.

Ah you didn't know I posted...


Weekend Recap (ATX)

Alright guys, thank you for coming out to the beauty bar and whisky bar this weekend...

Friday at the beauty bar turned out to be pretty bananas once again and this coming friday will be absolutely bonkers with my homegirl Roxy Cottontail (NYC, aNYthing), you need to come out and see what this girl is all about. My man ian orth of learning secrets was coming nice with the disco heat early on, big ups to him for giving praise. Be sure to make it out early for the give aways courtesy of decade and rocksmith.

PRPL DRNK! is my monthly party with witnes and dayta from rock box (houston) on four turntables. it was a slow start, but when the heat dropped so did the asses. peep the photos. every first saturday of the month with free purple drink all night! get throwed, drop low!

weekly shouts: will (decade clothing), cessie, roxy cottontail, uv vodka, paul @ apple, wit and dayta (them two), krew.
by the way, omarion is the new old justin timberlake. get out and buy that shit, dont download.

this weeks events:

wednesday dec 13th @ mohawk
GUNS AND BOMBS (kitsune records, france)
young professionals

friday dec 15th @ beauty bar
prince klassen
ian orth

-Prince Klassen
83tilinfinity blog

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last call for Denton...

Tonight will be the LAST night The Party plays RGRS in Denton. MIMA got into town last night and I'll be recording with her non stop for the next 2 weeks. Then it's off to Chicago, New York, and then Puerto Rico to get this record moving...

Wanna thank Heather, Brett, Josh, Brent, Chris, Shep, and everyone from RGRS for keeping the kid on the map this last year. From Select getting caught on some sex shit in the bathroom, to Kelly taking off her panties and then passing out on stage, to the 15 shots of "whatever the fuck people gave me" that I took down at midnight on my birthday, Rubber Gloves is really that murked out real life venue. Can't be mad at a place that lets you do kickflips off the stage at the end of the night. The whole concept of the TheParty and CB kinda got it's start there. Not really into the whole looking back in time thing, but from the first night (6 people) to now... Ma, good year. If you're in the little D tonight, this is it. - Nate

Monday, December 04, 2006

Serious Times: XL Reggae Comp / Playboy / We Major

I've had quite a few people ask me about this lately so here's the quick once over.

The XL Records Reggae Compilation "Serious Times" has been in the street for a few weeks now. It features remixes by CentralBooking/TheParty's own DJ Nature. Nature and our boy No2Self contributed 2 remixes of Turbulence's break out track "Notorious" to the GhettoArc/XL comp that features new Jamaican sounds from Turbulence, Iwayne, Gyptian, Sizzla and a hand picked group of Culture Reggae Artists. You can read the Pitchfork Review HERE. However the one in Playboy reads abit better....

To give you an idea of how much leg work this record took, Nature and No2Self (remixing under the name The Socios) got the call for the work last December. The tunes hit the street proper 3 weeks ago... The Jamiacan legal tape is sticky as hell... Notorious is a record that The Party has been rocking for some time now, and we still get requests for it where ever we play out. The tune is a proper fucking banger.

The Nature/No2Self mixes, along with the original version make up the 1st 12" single off the XL Comp. You can hear and buy at And if vinyl's not your flavor, you can go straight to Ipod at eMusic. Or you can just walk into any record store and buy it... We Major...-CB