Friday, August 31, 2007

En la Calle 19: Beer Me Now

Below are some tracks that we are feeling right now. You know the drill, click, listen and if you like what you for the ipod! Just in time to start the labor day weekend off right.


Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips
I am starting a new night in austin on sept 13th at a place called Spider House. Spider House is one of best thought out coffee houses I have ever seen in my life. It reminds me of listening to sun drenched french pop, I feel the same way listening to this. I suggest highly that you should check them out on their upcoming tour with Aesop Rock.... believe me, I dont get it either.

Jimmy Spicer - Money (dollar bill yall)
I been looking for this for a long time, both digital copy and vinyl copy. Thanks to my dudes at Ace (one of the best labels in the world), I get the digital copy in all its glory. I swear once a time machine is built you can say goodbye to me because I moving to New York from the years of 79-84....mark my words. This is just classic neck snap shit

Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators - feeling free
this is a big summer tune for me. I love the lyrics and the strings of course kill me. Apparently Ms. Willis was the original singer for Deee-lite and decided to step out before anything really took off for the group. I am glad that she took the direction that she did, I mean no disrepespect towards the always amazing Towa Tei and Lady Miss Kier, but yo this almost the real deal. If you are a fan of Sharon Jones then this should be the next thing to purchase. Also, check out The Black Angels. They are from Austin and on the same label, Light in the Attic, which is just killing it with every release.


Alborosie - Kingston Town
BIG TUNE!!!!!!!! So much heat coming off of this tune. It’s been on burn in NY for a few months now but Dallas doesn’t know about this yet. The hook is gonna stay with you for days but the deal sealer is really the last verse. Talking about rubber suit wearin’ rude girls playing you for your fucking billetes. “Dem a play you one trick if you a mama’s boy….” It’s a tough man town. MURDER!!!!!!

Mr. Vegas - Gangsta Law
Vegas takes this flipped up Taxi Riddim and murks it the fuck out. Plenty of burners on this riddim, with Buju’s “Driver” tune kinda taking the cake. However Vegas, rides this riddim like a fucking champ. During one of my recent “food or fun” moments a few months back I had to pass on this 7” and I’ve been kicking myself in the ass over it ever since. Lucky for all of us times have changed. Your boy’s got his money right and you’re rocking with that new taxi cab shit.

Shabba Ranks - Heart of a Lion
This isn’t new, and if you know this tune then I’m sure you not even reading this anymore… HUGE TUNE. Shabba goes soooooo hard this. Lion sounds in the tune. Sick ones. Bass line is out control, rock type guitar sets its off at the jump, then you get some more animal sounds, then Shabba straight MURDERS it for 4 bars, and THEN the drums drop in. The riddim is called Heathen, and dude even worked the words Satan and Demon into the hook, it’s over. Over over.


Cool Kids - Gold & A Pager (Klever's Ride Big Mixxx)
The homie Klever did this Cool Kids remix a while back and it's a proper one. The Big Ride remix is a lot different from the uptempo mix, Klever gives it that slow roast treatment. Chi Town with a little Crunk twist.

Kanye West - Stronger (A-Trak Remix)
A-Track murders this one! I'm sure all of you are familiar with this tune or at least the hook. This version is more of an up tempo club track that's guaranteed to set the dance floor a blaze. Stay tuned for more heat from A-Trak on his label Fools Gold.

Yung Joc Feat. Gorilla Zoe - Bottle Poppin
Gorilla Zoe has got that ill raspy voice. Yung Joc takes the hook from Zoe's Hood Figga hit, throws the screwed & chopped treatment on it...bangin'. Both of these dudes go hard on the track. I called the hood Figga track months before it hit radio... now let's see the bottles pop!


Pop It Off Boys - Crank dat Batman
Crank Dat is some crazy shit lately. You already know we have been playing this record for a minute but there some remixes that have been killing it. First is the Crank Dat Batman, basically another dance to the same tune really, almost some riddim shit but with hiphop. Go look it up on youtube shit is fucking fresh.

Buju Banton - Circumstances(Crank Dat Pop Rawkus Remix)
Then my other track is a blend of a dope Buju track called "circumstance" you can play this track out and most of the people won't understand why or who but just know this shit is crazy! Go look for some of the other uptempo remixes and juke shit is fire!


The White Stripes - 300M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues
Consider this a late entry into the summer jams posted already, ya'll know I wouldn't have kept you waiting save for being on my death bed. But on the real, this is what does it. Title seems all too appropriate considering the weather lately, right? Right. Remember how you dug through your parents' record collection thinking Hendrix and Page and all those dudes were musical gods? Jack White is gonna be on that level when your kids come around. Serious. Garage rock is dead, long live garage rock.

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix)
First off, if you haven't heard Ghettoblaster, do so. All else is null. Fake Blood is killin' it on the remix tip, taking Armand's approach to those clean choppy breaks and rubin' a little bit of nasty on 'em, and we all love nasty. Set your iTunes equalizer to "Flat" or else you're in for a nasty suprise.

Matt & Kim - Yeah Yeah (Bobby Evans Remix feat. Jimmy Jamz)
Ladies' game is not tight this summer! Must be too much Rihanna or something? First Pharoahe Monch ran that Rehab remix and now this joint? Very WNBA-esque, I'm thinking. Step your game up ladies! Bobby comes with the upbeat head nod on this one, perfect for the little sunny breaks between monsoon downpour while Jimmy runs the track all over the female populace, lettin' 'em know. Caught a Matt & Kim sticker on the back of a Scion out here in the suburbs the other day and it looked like a hipster DART. Get on board quick before the fun's over for all of us.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Our Dude Prince Will's "XXXXL" mix tape went live on WSJR a few days ago. If you have not made the effort to download the mix, do so now! This mix is as solid as the guy behind it. Peep out more of what Will has going on here and don't forget, his new monthly Maker Maker kicks of Sept. 30th @ The Loft.

Track list:

Carmilla-Lacquer remix
G Boys-Killdahype
Barbie's Back-Golden Bug
Temptation-Green Velvet
Deep Throat-Dj Sneak mix
Home Alone-Bobmo
Reactor Party-Plimsouls mix
L.D.R.-Style of Eye
Anyway You Choose-Boy 8 Bit mix
Life is Everywhere-Paul Woolford mix
Wisconsin '98-Boys Noize
I Feel Love-Patrick Cowley mix
Ritournelle(choked up)-Hypnolove mix
Stranger-Baron Von Luxxury mix
Lovestoned-Justice mix
Midnight Conversation-Chemical Brothers
Make My Day-Eyerer and Chopstick
Horses-Golden Bug
Ov Power-Psychic Tv


above photo :: Matt Hawthorne
mix photo :: Sally Glass



I Don't know much about this party but I do know that there will be free drinks! A good place to start your evening. Swing by the Samsung event and then head over to Fallout a little later to check out Select & Wanz doing there thing. Info for both events below.

Samsung Party
@ Gilley's
1135 S. Lamar St.

Lost Generation
@ Fallout Lounge
835 Exposition Park


Photo Flossin'

We snapped a few shots, night before last at the Floss & Kid Sister show. You can check them here. Don't forget, we have Yo Majesty @ The Loft on the 7th. Don't Sleep!



Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Party Pics.

Thanks to all of our people that came through Zubar on Friday to wild out with us. Our photos from the night are posted here, you can also check Sally's pics here. We will be rocking out with Floss and Kidsister Tuesday @ Suite. If you are interested in attending, hit us up...there is limited room on the RSVP list. thepartydfw@gmail



Thursday, August 23, 2007

Real Talk 6: You know your boy did that...

Yo, with the summer coming to a close it's gettin' real hectic; 50 vs. the whole game (seemingly), still no word from Cam'ron, new Common is already the year's MUST cop. The winter season is gonna be bringing plenty of heat though. It's been a minute so let's get into it...

Swizz Beatz - You Know Your Boy Did That
Now I been waitin' on this album for a minute, just for this track alone, Check the YouTube jumpoff here. Ever since I caught that video I've been flippin' over the beat, it's the hardest track on the album and it's not even produced by the man himself. A producer under the moniker "Snags" comes with a roaring synth line and pounding drums that'll destroy your aftermarket 6x9's in no time. So serious.

Big L - Da Graveyard (feat. Lord Finesse, Microphone Nut, Jay-Z, Party Arty & Y.U.)
DESTRUCTION. Ran across a copy of "The Big Picture" at a record shop this wekeend and it hasn't left the car since. Every time this comes in iTunes I gotta laugh 'cause it doesn't get ANY better. Everybody drops enough one liners to fill an entire album, but it's a toss up between L and Jay, who hasn't gotten as lyrical since.

Jim Jones - Looking At The Game (feat. Stack Bundles & Lil' Wayne)
Not quite ready to bet this is gonna be the next "We Fly High" but the tune is BIG. BIG BIG. Big drum hits, big synth line, ridiculous hook, even whistles to boot. Jones gettin' more lyrical, Stacks manages to stand out among the other two, and Wayne spaces out exactly like you'd expect. Koch is lookin' like anything but a "graveyard"...

50 Cent - Part Time Lover
...which brings us to (and you knew it had to happen) 50. Apologies for the radio rip, and you can think whatever you want, but he WILL outsell Kanye come September 11th, no doubt. 50's always managed a pretty decent diss track (Puffy) and this one doesn't disappoint. Bump this in the car and the chorus'll have you curb checkin' all over the place. Can't knock dude this time around, "I Get Money" IS the hottest track of the summer.

Antipop Consortium - Verses
We'll pull a quick classic out of the crate from one of the groups who's split I regret most. APC came from totally different angles on production and lyrics and a still managed to make it all flow. One of the most innovate groups to come out of New York.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I have been back from NY for about a week now and I finally got around to posting pictures up from the trip. I got a chance to check out Daft Punk's Amazing Coney Island show. I posted some pics from the show and a You Tube video that I dug up. This video has the best sound quality out of all the ones I checked. If and when Daft Punk tours again...GO! It was quiet possibly the best show I have ever seen, production level was NUTS! Big up to Sandira, Roxy, Morsy, Pase, Tahn and the rest of the NYC fam that made this TX boy feel welcome. Stay tuned for the Central Booking East Coast tour!




Tonight Ghosthustler & Nature will be teaming up with Gorilla vs Bear to rock their resedency at The Mohawk. This will be a guaranteed good time! If you live in Austin you have no excuse to miss this one, if you're in the DFW in tomorrow.

The Mohawk
912 Red River
Austin, TX



Our freind Tony Bones will be showing some of his new work at the Magnolia Gallery, Swing through and check it out! It all goes down this Thursday 8/23 from 8pm-10pm.

Magnolia Gallery
(inside Magnolia Theatre)
3699 McKinney


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


"Shake Dem Keys" shirts are hot of the press and ready to be rocked. My dude Michael Sieben from ATX laced the graphic work and I must say, It is off the chain...key chain to be exact. The decade side is under some construction and a new site will be up shortly, so If you are interested in one of these tees, hit me up.

A New "En la calle" colorway and "It's the party" shirt are on the way!


Friday, August 10, 2007


This SATURDAY "Hands Up" at Fallout Lounge on Exposition Ave....down the street from Minc. What can I say really ...The Party..a bunch of kids partying.....really .

and don't forget your royal duude. PRINCE MOTHER FUCKING KLASSEN will be up from Austin to play this night with us...

Go over to The Cavern EARLY in the night to go see FAUX FOX !!!!!! They are playing at 8 pm...then come over the Fallout lounge....also playing..ghosthustler and Wanz at the cavern.

stick em up.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

CTRL that shit....

Central Booking's young lion CTRL ALT DEL is gonna be nicing up the party at Wanz's Lost Generation this Thursday. Our guy's alllll swagger so look the fuck out. Might turn that LG into an all ReUp gang affair. Do yourself a favor and swing thru. They gotta little drink special too so it might be that night to take her to McDonalds early and then dust her off with those little 2 dollar joints at Fallout. Hazy...

Lost Generation is...
Thursday @ Fallout Lounge
Wanz / Ineka / CTRL ALT DEL



Whats really good this summer everyone! I hope you are getting your free tanning on and drinking way too much alcohol. You already know our girl Roxy is killing it in New york and WORLDWIDE!! Just got passed this new mixtape from the Queen of clubs! It's summetime heat.


Roxy's Summer Time Mix - TOTALLY DUDETTE 2007


Monday, August 06, 2007


Ok, so our guys Cultura Fina are working on a full line of tees that are scheduled to be released later this summer. They're dropping their NKOTB shirt pictured on the flier above, in conjunction with the release of the Nike Trainer pictured. These shoes are apparently kinda limited...Adikt was only able to score 18 pairs. You can swing through Adikt this Wednesday and pick one of these shirts up, buy some kicks and meet Talib Kweli. A-One will be djing the spot and Talib will be kicking it. It all goes down around noon.


3839 McKinney Ave Suite 140
Dallas, TX 75204
Open (11-7)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Simon Says!

For the Dallas heads, if you haven't heard about Rock The Bells then you're already miles behind. It sounds like a wack Christmas show and it IS at Smirnoff Music Center, but it might well be the only time you catch Wu and Nas on the same stage. So many rumors flying around this deal (Ghost won't be there?!?), but one we can confirm is that Pharoahe Monch will be playing along with UGK and other special guests.

The video jumpoff is "Stress" from '94 when Monch and Prince Poetry were Organized Konfusion and banging out classics. Real heads will know that the track and album share almost but not quite, similar names. If you haven't copped his new album "Desire" I said, miles behind. People magazine called it the sleeper hip-hop album of the year. If you're still in doubt, here's a jumpoff with Monch wrecking your girl's favorite KISS FM joint:

Amy Winehouse - Rehab Remix (feat. Pharoahe Monch)

The man himself will be at Spike after the show, and you're invited to come kick it courtesy of Universal/Def Jam. Doors at 9pm.


5321 E Mockingbird Ln # 100
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 288-8882