Saturday, March 31, 2007

Real Talk!

Broadcasting live from the block, it's time for another edition of Real Talk!

UGK feat. Outkast - International Player's Anthem
HOT OFF THE PRESSES, Different Kitchen just dropped this track off the new UGK album. Soulful production with all 4 MC's going OFF. Andre killing it yet again by rapping about text messaging?! Bun even spells it out letter-for-letter in case you still don't know that this is the hottest shit on earth right now. So next time you see somebody who wasn't hollerin' "Free Pimp C!" for the past 3 years, remind 'em: "you ain't a pimp, you a fairy".

Rick Ross feat. Flo Rida - Birthday
Party. Anthem. Ross flips some weak shit but that doesn't mean he still can't wreck the track on occasion. The chorus does it, guaranteed crowd pleaser. Production by Florida's own The Runners (Jeezy's "Go Getta"), nice and loud.

Rich Boyz - Fitted Cap
So if "Birthday" is the crowd pleaser, this joint's the crowd killer. Not gonna lie, I found this on accident while searching for some Rich Boy tracks and it's nuts, sets it off for everybody rocking a fitted in the club and lets you get a laugh off all those kids who bought the all-over print Circa outfits with matching New Era last weekend.

Wale feat. TCB - Ice Cream Girl
This is my feel good party jam right now. Production is crazy good, some boom boom clap with that xylophone just gets me every time. Some killer lines about girls and ice cream never hurt either. Washington DC is blowin' up the game right now, be on the lookout for this dude...

Justin Timberlake feat. Chamillionaire - My Love (Remix)
I know I know, you're probably on some serious "WTF?! My Love is sooo over by now...", but believe me I wouldn't be posting this up if I didn't back it up 100%. Not sure who produced it (can't make out the vocal drop) but the tune flips HARD. Cham totally runs it over a chopped up version of the original, with the original chorus dropping back in to hold it down. Vicious.


Monday, March 26, 2007

En La Calle 15: March Madness...

It's warming up folks, so you better have the playlist to suit the forecast. Without further haste, we present:


Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone
Fujiya & Miyagi have been the talk of the town at waterloo for some
time now and I can see why they were on the tops of lists of must see
shows at last weeks SXSW. I like the album, but there are definite
jams on it, such as this one. I like that it sounds like a deleted
track from the first !!! record, but adds some freshness to it. Even
music nerds like to dance, and this is their track. Peep the limited
remix 12 inch too.

Natasha - Hey Hey Hey
I was introduced to Natasha a few months ago via a video broadcastingin a local sneaker shop and thought that the beat was ridiculous, plusshe was hot even though she was like 12 or something...anyway (toomuch info), This is going to be the new single off her record according to my guy at jive. It's got this outkast meets classic carmusic feel (what up sober)

Eric B & Rakim - I know you got soul (Smalltown Remix)
So these are my dudes! Hands down, they got the DJing, production, andfashion on lock. You know the track (if you don't, you're soft), justgrab it now and act like you've known about it forever...just like you have collected sneakers your whole life (sure).


Skepta, Wiley, JME, Jammer, Bearman, Footsie and Trim - Duppy
Now I'm willing to bet you don't know who the Roll Deep Crew is, but they gave us Dizzee Rascal (yeah you've heard of him, huh?) and are headed by the almighty (albiet semi-retired) Wiley, who is the kinda Jay-Z of grime. Sort of. Get me? Anyway the tune. Comes at you quick with a rowdy chorus, then slows it down a bit letting the MC's take the spotlight. Personal favorite is Bearman's verse, dude always comes correct and has a nice flow. YouTube jumpoff is also nuts, check it here 'cause you won't find it on MTV. Big up LDN!

S.Angello, S.Ingrosso, Axwell & Laidback Luke - Get Dumb
Crew tracks are the new thing. Not sure what the story is on these four, but the track is some killer electro, rave is back blah blah blah, you get it by now. Roaring synths and a funky drumline only accent the vocal samples. Do like it says.

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (DJ Assault Remix)
This 12" from Claude VonStroke just dropped with remixes by Diplo, DJ Assault, Jesse Rose, and I think one more. If you haven't caught wind of CVS, he's destroying the dancefloor with everything he touches these days, and DJ Assault should need NO introduction. Straight up Detroit, booty bass and hats tailor-made for you ladies, so start shaking the minute it drops. The title sample sorta makes you wish you'd learned to whistle too.


Ultramagnetic MC's - One, Two, One, Two
A classic track from Ultramagnetic's under rated "Four Horseman" LP, 1993. Kool Keith kills it solo on this one, futuristic echo steez from dude in his prime. "Eat your crew like a snack pack...", spoken like only Black Elvis could.

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
This is the first track from the new album that I stopped at and put in rotation immediately. This one just stuck out.. a perfect electro pop track good for that morning drive to work, if you are willing to give that Geto Boys album a rest. Just for one morning, trust me.

Young Buck, Game & Ludacris - Stomp (Ratatat Remix)
Ratatat. First of all, I am a fan of these dudes' music period. Take one of their well constructed tracks and add a little flavor from the dirty dirty and there you have it, even better than before. This is only the second track I have heard from the new remix album. So far so good.


Heavy D feat. Robin Thicke - Lost Without You
I’m on that pretty boy shit with this track. Polo shirt, fresh kicks, and some plaid shorts. This track is hot butta on bread….for real if this doesn’t get the panties off??? Come on??? I’m a fan of Thicke...I don’t care what you got to say. He’s got a good voice and the girls love the man. Doing a track with Robin Thicke can definately bring back your career if you ask me. Jam this with your girl in the car or at the spot with a bottle of wine.

Eazy E - Boyz In Tha Hood Remix
Eazy mother fuckin E. West coast crip walking and all that lowrider shit. Many have imitated this originator but none have done like tha' kid did. Just a classic brought to my attention...for new jacks, don’t forget the classics.

Mike Jones, Bun B, Snoop Dogg - My 6-4
You already know who it is. Mike Jones is taking the rap game by storm again. Then you team up with someone we worship in the south and Snoop!!????? Come on your killing me literally...this record is sure to blow down some buildings when played. I can’t get enough of this record especially with the flip up over the O.G. sample. Throw on ya locs and some Ben Davis gear.



Our friend John Kelso over at the Austin American Statesmen shed some light on the anti-party sweep across Austin this year, check it out here.

Save South By!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's The JB's

JB Classics and Sneaker Pimps have joined together to collaborate on a unique Sneaker Pimps shoe. The model is based on the original “Peddlers” model, a high top make up produced last season by JB Classics Lab. The shoe will don the celebrated Chain Link fence that Sneaker Pimps is known for. The chain link has become a symbol for Sneaker Pimps Internationally seen throughout their traveling footwear showcase of rare, exclusive and unique sneakers from all over the World. The JB & Sneaker Pimps shoe is limited to 144 pairs worldwide and PEG™ in Dallas, TX will be releasing 12 of the 144 pairs to the DFW marketplace. To celebrate this special release they are hosting a party FRIDAY MARCH 30th at the Dallas based Sneaker Boutique. JB Classics and PEG™ will be hosting the event together showcasing artwork from the world renown DAVE WHITE and JB Classics Lab. Rare shoes from JB Classics Lab will be showcased along with the attendance of Jason Bass of JB Classics and Peter Fahey, Founder of Sneaker Pimps will be attending the event with local DJ A.ONE and Genie G from San Francisco’s Bay Area. This will be a very special event for JB Classics, Sneaker Pimps and PEG™ (Passport Exhibit Gallery) and to commemorate the event the three have teamed up to release a limited edition tee shirt representing a traveling theme with an x-ray scanner shot of a brief case, holding a shoe hiding a glock 9. The back print logos replicate International airlines, PAN-AM as JB Classics, KLM as PEG™ and Australian Airlines as the Sneaker Pimps. The shirts are limited to 60 total, available in Men’s and Woman’s sizes. For more info on the event please call PEG™ at 214-443-5190 or visit Sneaker Pimps or Suite 2206

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


For more than a few reasons, SXSW was a little crazy this year, pushing into overwhelming actually. Tons of new music, sounds, styles, and players meeting up in one spot. Alot of people getting to know each other for the first time. Of course CB was in out in full swagger (come on...), mashing up the spots, up rooting baby trees ($elect), and generally causing a ruckus.

I got into Austin late Thurs. night, linked up with Klassen & Mel, and rolled to the Burlesque Design showcase with Smalltown Djs nicing up the party. Truth be told, the bar was about to close when we showed up but we were rolling so deep they had to reup on some things. It turned into an nice little party, and a good start to the weekend (also no cops...). Not for nothing, The Smalltown boys killed it on the party rock tip...stay tuned for a guest Dallas appearance in the near future.

Next stop Amtrak station for a trackside renegade party. When we showed up the Pack had just gone on, the dudes were all on top of somebody's car rocking the party. When I rolled they had just finished tossing our CB photographer Fashion Josh off of the car for maybe the second or third time??? Yeah...This was probably the craziest shows I saw all weekend.

Friday $elect and I rocked sets at the Hot Freaks blogger show, put together by GvB, My Old Kentucky Blog, Chromewaves, Large Hearted Boy, Rock Insider, and You Ain't No Picasso. The Mohawk was a dope venue, perfect set up for the show. Big shout out to Gorilla Vs Bear the Mohawk staff and all of the other Blogs that showed us love. Friday night was the night of the IHeartComix party... which boasted the most insane line up of SXSW, if you ask me. I was really looking forward to checking out most of the acts on the bill. The Federation played first in the Mad Decent room and KILLED it Hyphy style!

Next up was our girl Roxy (fire). Well, she got about halfway through her 2nd song and in come the cops.... Austin 911 stopped the music and things kinda went downhill from there. Franki Chan came out from the back and announced that there was a "new" pemit that the city of Austin required them to have, probably called a "suitcasefullofmoney", and guess what.... They didn't have it. Needless to say, party over, on to Swoll...

Our dude Mel and Prince Klassen had the Swoll party already bumping just accross the way. The I Heart Comix shut down caused a nice little overflow of heads sraight to Swoll. This party was nuts people! Probably the highlight of the weekend. Everyone was in the house. The Cool Kids and Flosstradamus were killing it when we arrived. Then The Rub got on and murdered it, the place was on meltdown... Spankrock was in the place, Smalltown, Sour Grapes, Roxy, Queen Majesty, Motive 807, The Party.... NUTSO!

The second day of Hot Freaks was even better than the first..more people, more love for djs and more breakfast burritos. Don't want say the burritos were the best part of the show, but, wow... After we were done we packed up and prepaired for the evening. Rolled to the Canadian party for a while to check out Thunderheist, My Gay Husband, Scratch Bastard and Smalltown. Then we interluded for a quick trip to the Vice party, only to arrive and find out one of the walls at their venue collapsed...vice don't? Soooo, back to the Canadian joint and guess what, johnny law pulls the plug two songs into Smalltowns's set. F#@k the police!

Here's what it looked like.... SXSW 07


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

En La Calle 14: Black cards, good credit and such...

That time again, let's reup before everything gets live.

Tum Tum - Caprice Music (Remix Feat. E-40 & Rick Ross)
HOT OFF THE PRESSES! D-town yep yep, and you KNOW we rep that already bro. I mean really, what else do you need? Christmas comes late but March is now the new December so call up the only dude you know with a Caprice and hit the block.

Klaxons - Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Rework Extended)
So Klaxons are the champions of new rave, or whatever. Check their covers of classic electronic anthems, and speaking of covers they graced XLR8R a few issues back. One of their biggest hits remixed by Erol Alkan, who if you haven't heard of you NEED to check up on, his remixes/reworks/reedits are always on top of the game, named Mixmag's DJ of the Year for 2006.

4Hero - Mr Kirks Nightmare (DJ Ayres re-edit)
Classic hardcore track done up by Ayres for his new mix CD "The Rave" (check for more info), you mighta caught the intro drop on the Ayres & Titties mix CD. Bumping amen breaks and sirens to boot. Practically oozes rave nostalgia...

Collie Buddz - Come Around
This one got IM'd to me a couple months back, you should probably just search out the video for this joint on the world famous YouTube and get it over with. Long story short, this is a white kid from the islands that just landed a street heater in JA. Dude's story is crazy on a lot of levels. The tune???? Fuck off, it's gigantic. This has been Brooklyn fire for fucking months now. For some reason reggae takes awhile to get around the block outside of it's usual strong holds. Case in point, I was in San Juan last summer and some kid was steady rewinding Jamrock like 20 times. Son...

Rich Boy - Get To Poppin'(Remix feat. Pitbull)
Whoa...bang bang. I love it when I get to say i told you so. Rich Boy selling...If you read this thing on the regular I know goddamn well you were banging Throw Some D's in the whip WAAAY before Arlington High was singing along. Rich Boy is gunning big this year. Pitbull, who god only knows how the fuck this guy rose to the top. Culo!!!! Yo, that tune was not that good, even in Condado. But, Pitbull has been straight fire ever since. He's keeping the whole Latin rap thing afloat. Why is every beat a banger? Why does a Cuban from Miami sound good on it? Who cares. Rich Boy kills this, Pitbull kills it. This is another slap in the face to anybody who wants to say that commercial rap sucks. The beat is a hard rock flip on a South American classic called La Verdurga. Tons of corny versions of this original floating around. These guys flipped a proper one. Can't lie to you, this little Mexican bird put me on to the tune....Calle.

Ciara - Goodies (Richard X Remix Feat. MIA)
This dropped in like '04 I think? Whenever "Goodies" blew up, this one's off the UK CD single and is only finally getting spread on the 'net. SERIOUS SERIOUS business though, Richard X holds a lot of weight on the dancefloor and delivers a nice sorta Latin feel to the production with a bassline that's just too heavy. Maya wrecks the beat as expected putting this totally on blast for all the ladies. CLUB KILLER.

Natasha Ramos - So Sick (Feat. Clipse)
Oh yes. New fire right here. If she's to be believed, Natasha Ramos is a 17 year old R&B princess from New Jersey. Now I already warned you that I'd be coming hard with the Clipse tracks and that's exactly what's good, "I'm A Flirt" might be hot right now but Pusha & Malice are still gonna be' your girl in a week when that track is rinsed..."never met a bitch that's finer than me." Natasha's holds down an overpowering chorus basically just talking noise. Stripped down beat comes courtesy of Darkchild (you've heard his beats before, big money) some nice vocal drops and it goes hard, especially for the club. But please girls, no putting this on blast with your friends in your parents' whip on the way to Purgatory Thursday night.

Krames - Neva Eva Remix
Get on my level. Krames is a DJ out of Virginia Beach (here I go again), holding it down on some serious business. Dude's remixes are always top notch and is definitely on top of the Virginia DJ game. Check out or, and expect more on this dude...

Klever - Krypto Bounce
So if you've payed any attention at the Party last friday, you mighta picked up on this one. Our boy Klever comes correct here with a flip of the Purple All-Stars club anthem. Serious ATL business, juke snaps, roaring synthlines, and booty 808s, DO NOT miss the chance to catch him next time he's in town.

Lil' Peace - Get On The Dance Flo'
Yeah. First there was a "P.I.M.P.", then "Inside Peanut Butter Outside Jelly", and now we got this joint. Dallas' own Lil' Peace is next up with this joint, already on the radio so you better jump on it quick.

D.G. Yola - Ain't Gon' Let Up
A little gem dug up by Sober this past weekend from his journey to Atlanta. The chorus got BOUNCE, no word on production but the point here is STEEL DRUMS.. Grab this quick and be the first on the block to bang.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home Of The Braves

I just got back from the "A" and it was bananas, they definitely know how to keep it Crunk! I just wanted to shout out Caleb Gauge for bringing me out for the Sloppy seconds monthly and the Homies Klever and Crunk Prez for holding the party down. You can catch a glimpse of the crazyness that took place on The Midnightsocialite.

Purple Photos

The photos are up from last Friday's Purple Crush Party. Photos are still located to the right in the Fashion section-----------> Thanks to everyone who came out and got down... SHIT WAS OFF THE MAP!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh Snap!

Matt Hawthorne just launched his new website and I must say it's flavor. The site is broken down into five categories of photos, portraits, products, skateboarding, personal and atmosphere. Simple and effective, the site shows the diversity and progression of Matt's work. Peep game! -SOBER

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bigger Than The Sound

4duos goes hard with their latest montage installment. I just watched this one three times in a row, now I'm tempted dig my board out of the car trunk and put it to use. Pure Texas talant, give it up for these dudes...

Cody McEntire, James Cooke, Sean Reyna, Logan McInnis, Wesley Cheng, Carter Lewis, Flint Brewer, Blaine Hatten, Josh Williams, Jake Nunn, Jon Eric Palmer, Jonathan Lopez, Adam Taylor, David Langston, Ryan Holloway, Andrew Gallagher, Coady Merryman, Bobby Davis, Jonathan Perez, Justin Batson, Dolen Smith, Chris Luhring, Cam Barrett, Josh Johnson, Derek Simon.
Edited by Dieter Galvan.


Friday, March 02, 2007


Here's a quick back and forth with our friends in Bklyn PURPLE CRUSH. If you're a regular reader of this thing then you already know what it is with these kids. Their tune "2ManyHypeBeasts" (see En La Calle 14) got a ton of shine out here in Dallas and put them deep in the game in Europe, JP, and the usual ahead of schedule spots. With a tune that tough in the streets, and a hilarious video to accompany it, the heat coming off of these kids was hard to ignore. I hit them up a few months back when I first started hearing their music and we've been chopping it up ever since.

Purple Crush is one of the groups responsible for a new genre of music called "Emo Club", covering 80s club hits and flipping their own new "Emo Club" tracks. Right now Brooklyn electro party kids are setting a new standard to what party music should be about. Here's a quick introduction to the thing...

We are two art school kids from the west coast who fell in love and moved to the east coast, brooklyn to b exact. can't really remember what made us start making music together, but once we got going, it became everything.

Songs are really important to us. beats are really important to us. we think that music is karma you can hear, so what comes around goes around.

Purple Haze + Purple Rain = Purple Crush.

After getting screwed by Akai over a commissioned job we entered a song into their contest. they didnt want to pay us for a demo they had asked us to make, so we took $10,000 worth of equipment home with us instead.

Pretty intense. we handle all booking and management ourselves, so there has been alot of lessons learned and knowledge gained. all that aside, touring is addictive and we love getting to connect with people all over the country.

SXSW, WMC, Europe, more touring in the US and Canada, an EP that gets released digitally on March 27th, tons of remixes, and probably another EP by the end of the summer.

"2 Many Hypebeasts" will b available on Itunes,, Juno, Beatport, and other major digital outlets on March 13th. The EP, "Welcome 2 Emoclub" will b available on the 27th. We have vinyl of older stuff, but the only way to get that is to hit us up on myspace.

Big up to texas for being one of our biggest supporters (witnes, dayta, mattsoreal, select, and sob3r), looking forward to some bbq! as far as NY homies, Probe dms, Nakia and the whole dmscountry fam, we'd b nowhere without ya'll.


IN THE MEAN TIME GRAB THIS: Purple Crush "2ManyHypeBeasts (break edit)"


Real Talk!

Aight CB readers, it's Friday, it's payday and I'm off work early so it's time get it gully. Here's a few bangers for the club parking lot this weekend.

Hell Rell - On My Block
Everybody's talkin' noise like the Diplomats is over, but ain't tryin' to hear none of that, just Hell Rell's "Streets Wanna Know" disc in my deck. Production..quality (dunno by who) and Hell's flow over the beat is just so mean.

Young Cash - Walk Like A G Talk Like A G
Ran across this on MySpace the other day, kinda wack but I'm 'bout the hook. "For them haters!". Goes hard all day and keeps bangin' in the club that night, drinks in the air like. Production is average for a southern demo but the novelty factor keeps it heated.

Clipse - Where You Been (feat. Jay-Z)
VA is my home away from home, and how this tune isn't blarin' off every corner and out every trunk still eludes me. Malice and Pusha destroying the meanest boom-boom-clap ever produced with Jigga on the hook?! Seriously the beat just rides, it's been my ringtone for about 3 months now. So many quotes in the song I'm not even gonna try. Play loud, play proud.

Chamillionaire - Not A Criminal (feat. Kelis)
In case you ain't reup'd on it already, 'cause everyone I play it for hasn't heard it yet. New Chamillionaire single. Kelis fans don't get too excited, all she does is back up the hook (weak). Production by Stylaz Fuego (dudes from Australia!?), crazy, but it does sound hella like "Ridin'". No word from Weird Al on the remix though.

Lost Boyz - Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless
Straight from cop killa' Queens, you got this one. My man did the entire thing front to back the other day and it brought this track back hard. No explanation needed.

New En La Calle soon! Promise!