Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bounce Rock Skateland

Flat out, not to jock our own party or nothing, but the Central Booking Saturday Night Skate Jam is holding party of the year status right now. It's a fact. If you were there, AND ALOT OF YOU WEREN'T (and were crying like little babies the next day when you found out it was hot, that's right, babies), but if you were, THEN YOU KNOW FIRST FUCKING HAND THAT IT WAS HOT TO DEATH!!!! The night was absolutely amazing. Everything really came together for this one. Thank you to each and every person who came out and kicked it with us. DALLAS IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!!! Extra special shouts to the Dallas Class Presidents RolanDro, Laura Leg, King Castro, Triffling, Rachel Davis, Rita Miranda, Five Stacks, Krunkstina, Shiny, Janet, and Upper Echelon.

Check the photos here....


and a little Observer look... Dallas Observer Blog

Quick onsite as well... Dallas Quick Blog

Nuff Respest due to Lissa Monét, Tommy Boy and crew, Gil and the Skate Land Crew, Picnic, Red Bull, Sour Grapes Family, and our onsite injury winner Crayton. Take care of that arm fam!!!!! We got Zubar this Friday with our dudes from Cultura Fina, and Houston on Saturday. The GEMINI Party at Boondocks. Un cumpleaños gigante con EV, Katrina, Dayta, y Sober!!! Get on our level.


Who Is Bozo Texino?

Itinerant filmmaker Bill Daniel is back on the road screening his hobo graffiti documentary Who is Bozo Texino? And launching his brand-new book, Mostly True, a depression-era pulp magazine-styled volume that explores the historic roots of railroad graffiti and folklore. Come check out the film, meet Bill and get a book signed!

Who is Bozo Texino? :: a film by Bill Daniel
Mostly True :: Bill's new book of enigmatic railroad folklore

Wednesday May 28th 7:30PM $5
Fort Worth Modern Museum of Art
32oo Darnell St.



Mostly True (Microcosm Publishing, 144 pages, $8) is the book companion to my 2005 movie, Who Is Bozo Texino? Styled like a 1930's pulp magazine, it's an enigmatic compilation of railroad ephemera — a ticket for time travel back to the roots of American rail folklore.

The book was created as a by-product of making the film and as a direct product of 25 years of asystematically collecting any scrap of material related to the ideas of tramping, trains, Depression-era culture and graffiti (with a small g).

The relationship between the 100-year-old form of traditional rail graffiti and contemporary aerosol graffiti is much closer than their radically different styles and scales would indicate. There is also a curious parallel between particular social patterns in the long-gone networks of hobos and the secret society of contemporary urban graffiti writers. The book doesn't address aerosol graffiti directly, but the historical similarities can be deduced from the odd evidence. By using the format of a 1930's adventure pulp serial mag, I figured I could relate these cultural practices without having to explicitly state the underlying connections.

The book is also a celebration of the popular written language of the day. I've excerpted 1930's railworker union newsletters by workers whose way of writing is so beautiful and so far removed from how we write now. This now-nostalgic style of letter writing is another folk form I'm playing with in the book, both in presenting vintage material and in styling my own contributions to blend with the things I've found. (Bill Daniel)


Who is Bozo Texino? is a film that chronicles the search for the source of a ubiquitous and mythic rail graffiti-- a simple sketch of a character with an infinity-shaped hat and the scrawled moniker, "Bozo Texino"-- a drawing seen on railcars for over 80 years. Daniel's gritty black and white film uncovers a secret society and it's underground universe of hobo and railworker graffiti. Shooting over a 16-year period, Daniel rode freights across the West carrying a Super-8 sound camera and a 16mm Bolex. During his quest he discovered the roots of a folkloric tradition that has gone mostly unnoticed for a century. Taking inspiration from Beat artists Robert Frank and Jack Kerouac, the film functions as both a sub-cultural documentary and a stylized fable on wanderlust and outsider identity. "I was drawn to the subject by the universal graffiti impulse and the
classic, corny notion of freight train blues escape." - BD

"Bill Daniel's homegrown epic is as kinetic and raggedly beautiful as the trains he hopped to make it. Using the search for the origin of a near mythical example of railroad graffiti as a point of departure, Bill made a film about freedom as literal passage across the land. Corporations brand things to say they own them, but there are ways in which humans have marked things to say they can't be owned."
- Jem Cohen

"Who Is Bozo Texino? is a great American movie, and its greatness is tied up very closely with its American-ness. With this brilliant experimental documentary, self-styled hobo film-maker Daniel places himself firmly in the bootprints of Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Walt Whitman, Woody Guthrie - a fine, long tradition of American artists who look for their inspiration to the marginal, the underclass, the vagabond and the outcast. Nominally a chronicle/survey/history of boxcar graffiti (a tradition as old as the railroad itself) and the men who create it, Who Is Bozo Texino? soon transcends its narrow subject-matter to become a gloriously rough-edged elegy for an America which is being swept away before our eyes.

Daniel's film manages a near-perfect union of radical form and radical content, And it does so in consistently accessible style: at first you're intrigued by the stunning monochrome images captured by his self-effacing, sensitively-handled camera(s); by the startling kineticism of his fluent editing style; by the sheer range of voices, music and sound-effects we hear as he tracks down a series of grizzled hobos and wisdom-dispensing graffiti-'markers.' Then you realize that, just as these men have always instinctively rejected authority and convention, Daniel has likewise embraced the unorthodox in his style of filmmaking. Indeed, in less than an hour Daniel manages to say more about life, art, America and the simple joy of filmmaking than most directors manage in decades."
- Neil Young, Neil Young's Film Lounge

"I am not going to hold back any enthusiasm… it is the best movie I
have ever seen."
-Josh from Edmonton

"Bill Daniel was my favorite Portland filmmaker until he moved to
rural Louisiana"
- Chas Bowie, Portland Mercury

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lissa Monét. Canada's flyest hits Texas!!!

So if you've been kicking it with us for the last couple weeks then you already know. The CENTRAL BOOKING SATURDAY NIGHT SKATE JAM is gonna jump the fuck off this weekend!!!! It all goes down this Saturday at RedBird Skateland. It's a 90's affair so get your tightest 90's gear together and come out looking fresh. We're gonna have actual trophies for Best Dressed guy and gal. We'll ALSO have trophies for Red Light Green Light, Limbo, Wheel Barrow race, and Best Skater. GET YOUR SKATE GAME UP!!!!

Party starts at 11:30 and it goes till 3:30 in the morning. It's all ages, so no stress at the door. BYOB for the drinks. (seriously). This one's going down in the "all time best shit ever" list. Get ready.

And because a skating party by itself just wasn't quite crazy enough we went that extra mile and flew in our girl Lissa Monét to handle all the 90's cut selecting. Hit her up on myspace and say hello if you haven't already done so. Our girl is FLLLLLLLYYYYYYY and about to set it on Texas in a big way. She'll be in Austin this Friday rocking with Prince Klassen and Krames at the Beauty Bar before making her way to Dallas for Saturday's Skate Jam. Get with us Atown!

I caught up with her Thursday via AIM and we took a min to talk about life in Toronto, immigration, canopy beds, and whatever else came to mind. Here's how it went down...

Nature: Pow!

Lissa Monét: yow rude boi!! *giggle*

N: da rudest. trust. So what's the deal ma, you ready for this weekend?

LM: You dont even know... I've been dying to get out of the "cold" and hit up TX man!

N: Yo, we can deliver on some heat. 99 degrados 2 days ago...

LM: Shut the hell up. * re packing *

N: So give me the 1,2 1,2 on Lissa Monet. Where you from? How long you been doing your thing?

LM: I've been Djing since 2000, waaaay before serato, spending $600 on records every two weeks... I stopped for about a year and a half cause it all started catching up to me... I just recently got back into the game like a year ago. As for where I'm from, I was born and bread in the t-dot. It's my heart, but im dying to get out... Maybe TX will be my new home. * smile * I hear the BBQ is poppin...

N: You heard right. A Texas move though? It's a big state, but you look like a little baller so you already know....

LM: hahaha! Not ballin, but making wise fashion investments... Thats what I'd like to call it.

8:50 PM

LM: Hey yo! I'm gonna need more than just "I'm going to TX to DJ at two parties" to cross the border lol... We have to have some history. lolz I'm a tell them I dated Nature, Select AND Sober during High School... You were ALL my high school sweet hearts.

N: "The Party". They really gonna trip though?

LM: Nah. It's all good. I have immigration on lock. They know me well.

N: Yeah, I heard you be getting stopped at the border on the regular though... Something about a plant business..?

LM: * one eye brow up *

N: Online seed sales or something?

LM: LMAO!!! A lady never tells...

N: So you got any heaters pulled for Texas? What kind stuff can we expect from a Lissa Monet 90's set?

LM: I'm a 80s baby, which means I grew up on some late 90s jams. That's everything from Geto Boys to Amy Grant. What u want? You want to take it back to when Bad Boy ruled the radio? I got you.. You want some hammer pants New jack swing? I got you.

N: You KNOW we want that Hype Williams shit!!! New Jack too?!? All day with that.

LM: Yeah a got a little Bobby Brown, maybe some BBD...

N: Si... Keith?

LM: I want her... Get outta here. U are making me SO hype right now... Can the rollerskating party be tomorrow?

N: I'm saying. What's ticket prices like? Could be tonight...

LM: hahahah. Look who's ballin...

N: Truuuue...

LM: Word is y'all got TX on lock.

N: You know I can't say we got it on lock, even if i think that we do... People already calling me an ego maniac...

LM: Don't try that reverse psychology on me.

9:00 PM

LM: I googled u...

N: And it said we got it on lock?

LM: U got girls blogging about your parties and shit. That's love...

N: We do our thing. Texas is alot of fun right now. YO, you gonna hold me down on some Blue Jays gear?

LM: Damn! Why didnt u tell me sooner? I was just at the New Era store today.

N: Dammmmn! I'll have to scoop em in person then...

LM: Yeah!!!

N: When I move in to your place next week...

LM: LMAO! You dont want to move into my place... It's too girly.

N: What is it like a dormitory or something?

LM: I got a princess bed.

N: I'll bet.

LM: With a canopy and hello kitty shit all over the place and I keep the toilet seat down and everything.

N: Holy Shit.


N: So can you give me a little Lissa Monét current top 5? Just whatever you're really fucking with right now...

LM: Hmmm. Ok then i gotta run to the club lol.

9:05 PM

LM: 1. Grindmode - I'm so high
2. Santogold - You're a joke
3. Lil Wayne & Kanye - Lollipop [rmx]

N: This is good... 2 more?

LM: 4. Day 26 - Dont fight the feeling
5. Jay-Z - Aint I

N: Killa.

LM: I like to keep it well rounded.

N: I'm seeing that. Anybody you wanna shout out real quick? Thank yous?

QM: Man right now just Central Booking. I appreciate you guys putting me on.

N: Nah. You making us look shiny. Really.

LM: AWWWW. YOO, my manager wants to know where I am. I have to get to the club! Call me in like 10? I'll be in a cab.

N: Dun deal. Thanks for this.

LM: No thank you.

djlissamonet has gone offline.

Lissa Monét will be doing it extra big at Central Booking's SATURDAY NIGHT SKATE JAM this Saturday in Duncanville. If you miss this, there's just no excuse for you...

11:30PM - 3:30AM

- Nature


Whats good everyone....there is a new spot that just opened in Carrollton TX. Just drive north on I-35 towards Denton...maybe 15 minute drive... But my dude Corey has got the fashions! I will be playing in the store for a PRE MEMORIAL DAY SALE!!! 40% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE FROM 1-4PM!!!!!!!



Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teenage Wolf :: Class Photos

Extra big thanks to everyone that jammed out with us at Hands Up last night. Teenage Wolf came through and wrecked it, Select kept it real nice outside with the patio vibe and everyone came through looking real fly...the proof is below. Photos are up and ready for the taking. Big big thanks to our dude Kiddrae for coming through and shooting!

Don't forget, next weekend we have our HUGE Saturday Night Skate Jam with guest Lissa Monet straight out of Canada. Dig out your 90's duds, take a practice run on those skates and prepare yourself for the party of the year!

Oh yeah, it's my Birthday weekend, so don't hesitate to show up bearing gifts.




Monday, May 12, 2008

Wolf In Teens Clothing

So, I'm sure you have seen the newest Hands Up flyer floating around the internet. Our guest this month is Teenage Wolf, coming live and direct from the Valley. This dude and his Cul N Sweet collective have been doing their thing for almost 4 years, throwing crazy parties, running the Tejano Bounce blog and pushing boundries with their music and art. We sat down for a little Q&A with the wolf man, or young wolf man (it's so hard to resist), and this what he had to say about The Valley, music, art, and the like. Dust off your letter jackets Dallas because the Teenage Wolf is about to set it on you!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well I am 21. I have been messing around with music and making music since I was about 15 but I fell in love with it at an even earlier age. My dad has a fucking huge collection of jazz records that are pretty much engraved in my brain for life. I also have an older brother who got me into punk, hip hop and house at like 10 or 11 years old. From that point it has been a pretty natural progression in my tastes of music. I love all sorts of shit and don't discriminate against any type of music.

What is the Valley like? Describe that whole scene.
The Valley is a really great place. With the beach and mexico being so close, it's a real tight place to chill out ! A large percentage of the people here speak spanish..so that is really cool. As far as nightlife is concerned, I can't lie this place is a few years behind in terms of current club music and so on, but its getting better!

I hear the parties in Mexico are really nuts! What is that all
about? Who is making major noise in Monterrey?

Yes the parties in mexico are amazing! Seriously, we need to step our game up over here in the states. I would have to say the people who are making major noise in Monterrey right now would have to be our good friends in the art collective MIAU. They throw pretty much the best party's over there and are a super talented group of photographers, artists and djs. Check them out right here!


Let us know about CulNSweet. How long has that been going? Who
all reps the crew?

Culnsweet has been going on for about 3 or 4 years We were all best friends at first just basically doing our own music/art. About 2 years ago we started throwing the first Culnsweet shows out of Dj Marrio Barrios Garage/House and real shitty cracked out hotels in Mcallen. It was a lot of fun but we knew we wanted to expand from there and do bigger shows with more artists that we love and so on. Culnsweet then expanded to Austin sometime last year with Dj Orion joining our group! The awesome people that support Culnsweet would have to be Lucia, Jessica, Cory, Jose, Tron, Charlie, Guppy, Jamal, Cait, Mat, Jorydyne, Fern, Gaby, Cheeks, Jordyne and tons of other great people.

How long have you guys been doing the Tejano Bounce blog?
Well tejano bounce started off originally as just culnsweet.blogspot.com but we wanted to go bigger and better! We started it last year on Christmas day and we have gotten really good feedback from tons of people... and sometimes the amount of downloads we get on our tracks freaks us out! Who are all you people?!?! We want to know! haha.

What projects do you currently have in the works?
As far as Culnsweet projects so far we have coming up launching our own online radio show for mexico with RadioGlobal. We are working on a Podcast For Vicious pop Digital that will be out by the end of may. We just finished a new mini mix for Austin based magazine BleachOnline. We plan on throwing amazing shows all over Austin, Monterrey, Dallas and NY (Cmj)! Plus I am planning on remixing Tummy Toast & The new Dj yay yay tracks that are being resealed through Vicious pop Digital during the summer. I am also working on some original production for some labels that I cant name yet ;]

+++ Culnsweet Vol 3 !!!

What are your current top 5 tracks?
This is actually an easy question!

fake blood- mars
pnau -baby ( ashton shuffle remix)
riva starr-la conga
voodoo chilli- street player
zombie disco squad- vie

Shout outs, smack talk, predictions.
Shout outs to CulnSweet, Dj Spin laden, Dj Marrio Barrio, The Skeleton, Dj yayay, Dj Orion, Jessica!, L.S.Dipset, Happy Sucky, Shiny kid, Mat Crossman, Tummy Toast, Famousish blog, Fern & Pony, Totally Wreck, HypeHeads, Juiceboxxx, Dre Skull, Acid Man!!, Lucia la Tejano!, Prince Klassen, Central Booking!, The Party, Dj Nature, Dj Sober, Dj Select, MIAU!! Da Cheeks & Gaby, RadioGlobal, Vicious Digital Pop, Tejanobounce, Bleachonline, Dan M, Stdjs, Outwithme.com, Jess Jubilee, Trash Menagerie and everyone that came out to the Culnsweet partys during SXSW! (Club Oriente)

shiny kid
hype headz
tummy toast
tejano bounce
7 inch.dk
Cul N Sweet Myspace

+++ everyone that has helped support Culnsweet in any way


Tracklist ::
marc houle - techno vocals
claude von stroke - are you afraid of detroit (tanner ross remix)
deadset - keep quiet
popof - alcoolic
worthy - copious
marshall jefferson - mushrooms (justin martin remix)
mowgli - mowgli comes to town
style of eye - the big kazoo
riva starr - jack my bell
santiago & bushido - head trick
larry te e- i luv u (the bulgarian remix)
geoff k - jack it up (heavy feet remix)


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mark Your Calendars

It's going to be nuts!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jack Moves

So, Nature and I swung through Buffalo Exchange earlier this evening to drop off some flyers. I was talking with someone while Nature was flipping through the shirt rack, when all of the sudden he came across the shirt pictured above. He showed it to me and laughed saying that the graphic looked REALLY familiar. I instantly knew where the graphic came from, because I drew it! I wrote down the info from the shirt tag and looked it up on the trusty Internet when I got home. Looks like LA's Deter Clothing straight jacked our Stunner Shades graphic we dropped almost 2 years back, and they didn't even do a good job! If you were searching for fashion forwardness...look no further.

P.S. Deter is short for Determined. Genius!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Chomp On Duos

4Duos newest montage "Chomp On Duos" pays homage to the local filmers and photographers, putting them on the other side of the lens. Peep the skills.

Excellent song choice! Geto Boys - "life In The Fast Lane"

What up PJ?!

Featuring :: Ryan Schorman, Nick Lavigne, Chris Sumers, Shaun Mefford, John Danielson, Josh Palmer, PJ Medrano, Dieter Galvan, Big O and Jeff Gilmer. Edited by Chris Sumers Graphic by Ryan Schorman


Monday, May 05, 2008

Change Of Plans

Sorry to announce the Barack Obama benifit show (posted below) has been postponed to a later date. I will post the updated venue and date when it is locked down.

On another note, ANNIE RAY'S photos from Saturday have been posted and are ready to be rocked on Myspace default status. Thanks Annie!

Get to it.


Brave Choice Tee

The Remixalone shirt I promised a while back, has been printed and turned out super FRESH! Remixalone came correct as always, with this four color Brave Choice design. All shirts are American Apparel and are printed with a discharge ink process. (really nice!)

If you need one of these in your life, which I think you do...holler at me and be the first to rock that French look at the summer BBQ! will@decadeclothing.com

If you're in Dallas you can scoop one at Centre

If you're in the Austin area you can get 'em at Complete


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Barack Obama Benefit Show

Our big homie Prince William and WSJR have teamed up to throw an event to help raise money for Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign. The show takes place this Thursday May 8th at the Neva Dug Disco loft, located at 3612 Commerce St. (just down the block from Doublewide). Check the line up below...

Lil Wil
Hawatha Hurd
(pictured above)
Johnny Moog
Prince William

$6 cover donated to Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign :: BYOB
(By the way, this benefit has absolutely no official connection with Barack Obama's presidential campaign)

I will post the flyer and door time as soon as I get it.


ATX Flicks :: 40 Deuce

Hot Damn! Austin gets buck again! Last night was crazy...the weather was perfect, the crowd was live and the sound was huge. Big thanks to Annie Ray, Sour Grapes, Darlene May, Da MiING, Complete, King Louie and of course the Wahoo's posse...always getting wild. Below are some photos I shot between playing records. We will link Annie's photos as soon as we get 'em.

Get ready for Hands Up on the 17th, we have Teenage Wolf in the spot all the way live from the Valley.

Austin, we will see you again on June 7th.